WWF Heat 5/28/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 5/28/2000
From: Evansville, IN

1.) WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero fought Davey Boy Smith to a double disqualification
2.) Perry Saturn & D’Lo Brown defeated WWF Lightweight Champion Dean Malenko & The Godfather
3.) Rikishi defeated Gangrel
4.) Chris Jericho defeated Test & Albert in a handicap match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) WWF Women’s Champion Stephanie McMahon says that Chris Jericho is going down tonight. She’s talking to Trish Stratus and wants Albert and Test to wrestle Jericho in a handicap match. Test gets up and tells Trish that he doesn’t want to help out Stephanie because she hates her. Trish tells Test that it isn’t about her and assures him that she knows what she’s doing. Test still isn’t sold on helping someone that left him at the altar.

2.) Earlier today, WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero and Chyna were playing Twister when Davey Boy Smith comes into the room. Smith says that Guerrero has brought disgrace to the championship he brought to the WWF. Smith challenges Guerrero to a match tonight and tops them both over to end the game.

3.) Smith shoves Guerrero to the mat after being backed against the ropes. Smith takes Guerrero down to the mat but Guerrero quickly comes back to take Smith down as well. Smith catches Guerrero with a snap powerslam. Smith slams Guerrero down to the mat by his hair. Smith works over Guerrero with right hands in the corner. Guerrero monkey flips Smith, but Smith lands on his feet. Smith drops Guerrero face first over the top turnbuckle followed by a press slam for a two count. Smith lifts Guerrero up and hits a delayed vertical suplex. Smith clotheslines Guerrero for a near fall. Smith scoop slams Guerrero and goes to the top rope but Guerrero cuts him off. Guerrero hits a top rope hurricanrana. Guerrero heads to the top rope but Smith cuts him off with right hands. Smith grabs Guerrero but Guerrero counters a superplex and lands on top for a near fall. Smith plants Guerrero with a powerbomb. Smith lifts Guerrero up for a press slam and they both fall over the top to the floor. Guerrero and Smith hammer away on each other and the referee gets shoved away by both men. That leads to a double disqualification. (**. I thought it was actually a perfectly solid match. The finish allows them to wrestle again and I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing it again. I’m rather surprised I’m saying that about Davey Boy Smith in 2000.)

4.) Backstage, Chris Jericho runs into Stephanie McMahon who tells Jericho that the joke is on him tonight. She tells him that tonight he’s wrestling Test and Albert in a handicap match.

5.) Backstage, D’Lo Brown is talking to Perry Saturn and mentions that Saturn doesn’t have any gold while his buddies do. Brown doesn’t want to be anything like the Godfather. Tonight, they are going to show their former friends what they are going to do. Saturn tells Brown to follow him to the ring to see what he’s all about.

6.) Backstage, Godfather is doing some math while Dean Malenko is enjoying the hoes and says, “woah, that is radical.”

7.) Malenko and Brown start off the tag match. Brown shoulder blocks Malenko but Malenko comes back with a side Russian leg sweep. Malenko works over Brown with a right hand in the corner. Brown catches Malenko in the corner to hit a running powerslam. Brown connects with a leg drop and tags in Saturn. Malenko drop toe holds Saturn followed by a spinning heel kick. Saturn runs into a boot in the corner but is able to drop Malenko gut first to the mat. Saturn continues to work over Malenko in the corner with several strikes. Saturn sends Malenko chest first into the corner and follows up with a back suplex. Brown and Godfather get tagged in with Godfather connecting with a series of clotheslines and backdrop. Godfather connects with a leg drop and sends Saturn into a corner. Godfather attempts the Ho Train but Brown spears Godfather! Saturn tags in and hammers away on Godfather. Brown tags back in and collides with Godfather as they both attempted clotheslines. Malenko and Saturn get tagged back into the match. Malenko hammers away on Saturn followed by a backdrop and dropkick. Godfather punches Brown but the referee is distracted. Malenko goes for the Texas Cloverleaf on Saturn, but Brown plants Malenko with the Sky High. Saturn hits the brainbuster and wins the match. (**. A fine tag match and an important win for Saturn and Brown since they sure do need momentum. The crowd was reacting to Malenko positively since he’s aligned with Godfather, so I think he could be a successful lower card face for the WWF if they wanted to go that direction.)

8.) Backstage, Chris Jericho is interviewed about his upcoming handicap match. Jericho isn’t happy about wrestling Test and Albert. He doesn’t know what he said that was so rude. He recalls the words and says they are positive words. The truth hurts.

9.) Gangrel spits some blood into Rikishi’s face and gets the cheap advantage with strikes and stomps in the corner. Gangrel comes out of the corner with clothesline Rikishi followed by an elbow drop. Rikishi shoves Gangrel out of the corner but Gangrel continues to be on the attack. Rikishi fights back with right hands and a superkick. Rikishi hits a running back splash in the corner. Gangrel drops down in the corner and Rikishi wants to go for the Stink Face. Rikishi takes his time getting over there and manages to execute the Stink Face. Rikishi finishes off Gangrel with the Rikishi Driver. (*. I thought it was humorous that Gangrel could have easily avoided the Stink Face, but he just stayed there to get a butt to his face. The match pretty much went exactly as I expected it to go.)

10.) Jericho dropkicks Test to the floor and chops away on Albert. Test gets knocked off the apron and Albert runs into a back elbow. Jericho comes off the middle rope with a dropkick to knock Albert to the floor. Jericho elbow strikes Test to the mat. Trish Stratus trips Jericho on a springboard attempt. Test and Albert drive Jericho gut first down to the mat. Albert continues to work over Jericho with right hands and Test gets a few shots in as well. Stephanie McMahon is watching the match from the top of the aisle way. Jericho gets tossed across the ring by both Test and Albert. Albert press slams Jericho. Albert slams Test onto Jericho. Jericho avoids Albert in the corner and nails Albert with a spinning heel kick. Jericho bulldogs Test and dropkicks Albert off the apron. Test kicks Jericho but Jericho counters a powerbomb and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Trish Stratus gets in the ring and Jericho grabs her. Jericho puts the Walls of Jericho on Stratus! Albert saves Trish and knocks Jericho into the corner. Albert plants Jericho with the Baldo Bomb. Test goes to the top rope but the Hardy Boys come out and Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb on Albert! Jericho hits a Lionsault and pins Albert. Stephanie is pissed. (*1/2. I don’t normally enjoy handicap matches, but at least the Hardy Boys came out to justify Jericho winning the match. I’m sure the Hardy Boys will get punished for helping out Jericho.)

Final Thoughts:
There were a couple of solid matches and they had an angle on the show involving Jericho and Stephanie. Again, I can’t believe I want to see Davey Boy Smith have a rematch with Eddie Guerrero, but that’s life, I guess. Anyway, I enjoyed the show this week.

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