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WWF Heat 10/18/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 10/18/1998
From: Chicago, IL

1.) Steve Blackman defeated Bradshaw
2.) The Giant Silva, Kurrgan & Golga defeated Jose Estrada, Miguel Perez & Jesus Castillo
3.) The Godfather defeated Faarooq
4.) Scorpio defeated Jeff Jarrett

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) A video promoting the issues between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon is aired and so is Vince McMahon getting his leg broken by Undertaker and Kane. Austin attacking McMahon in the hospital, as well. Oh, and Austin putting concrete in McMahon’s car.

2.) Bradshaw works over Blackman with strikes in the corner to start the match. Blackman quickly comes back with a dropkick and a slam. Blackman savant kicks Bradshaw to the floor. Bradshaw quickly returns but misses a clothesline. Blackman tries for a crossbody, but Bradshaw catches Blackman with a fallaway slam. Bradshaw big boots Blackman. Bradshaw tries for a powerbomb, but Blackman counters with a backdrop. Bradshaw comes out of the corner and Blackman nearly wins with a snap suplex. Bradshaw misses a big boot and Blackman hits a leaping shoulder block. Blackman connects with a bicycle kick for the win. After the match, Blue Blazer runs into the ring and attacks Blackman. Blazer covers his face before walking backstage. (*1/2. This wasn’t too bad, actually. There were a few sluggish parts, but it came across as a fight and I can appreciate that.)

3.) Earlier in the week, the Oddities tried to train the Insane Clown Posse, but the ICP decided to cheat instead.

4.) Golga shoulder blocks Perez to start the match, but Golga gets triple teamed. Perez and Castillo plant Golga with a back suplex. Golga clotheslines Perez and Castillo. Kurrgan enters to side slam Estrada, but misses an elbow drop. Kurrgan is triple teamed. Perez hits a standing moonsault. Kurrgan cleans house with strikes. Kurrgan big boots Estrada and Giant Silva plants Estrada with a powerbomb. Golga runs the ropes to hits a sit down splash on Estrada for the win. After the match, the Headbangers brawl with ICP on the floor. The New Age Outlaws come out to attack the Headbangers. (1/2*. For a filler match it wasn’t too bad. I liked the angle advancement for the PPV match, too.)

5.) Paul Bearer was at the arena earlier and was seen eating a bunch of food at catering.

6.) Godfather tells Faarooq that Faarooq knows what he is and that he is a pimp. Godfather says that Faarooq doesn’t know that Chicago has some of the best hoes around. Godfather handpicked two hoes for Faarooq. Godfather offers a deal to Faarooq. Either they can wrestle and Godfather kick his ass. Or, for a small fee, Faarooq can pick one of the hoes. Faarooq has the girls turn around and checks them out. Faarooq picks a smaller blonde… but decks Godfather.

7.) Faarooq sends Godfather face first into the ring steps and here comes D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry. Faarooq works over Godfather in the corner but runs into a big boot. Godfather clotheslines Faarooq and works over Faarooq with several strikes in the corner. Faarooq back elbows Godfather in the corner and connects with a scoop slam. Godfather powerslams Faarooq for a two count. Godfather misses an elbow drop and Faarooq heads to the top rope, but Godfather crotches Faarooq on the top. Godfather nails Faarooq with a kick to the chest and wins the match. After the match, D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry send Faarooq into the ring post. Brown plants Godfather with the Sky High and Henry splashes Godfather. The Rock runs into the ring and chases off both Brown and Henry to the backstage area. (*. Faarooq’s creditability isn’t too high, but Godfather earned a good win and it was clean.)

8. During a commercial, the Jackyl appeared and whispered something to Faarooq, which seemed to be something Faarooq liked.

9.) Val Venis says that tonight Goldust’s final credits will roll. This whole feud is based on Goldust kicking Venis in the nuts and almost ending his porn career. Val is joining commentary for the Jarrett/Scorpio main event.

10.) Michael Cole interviewed Paul Bearer, who said he’s just there to hangout with some friends and watch the show. Bearer is just here to watch the show. Cole thinks it has something to do with Kane and Undertaker going for the WWF World Championship.

11.) Jarrett back elbows Scorpio and hammers away on Scorpio in the corner. Scorpio dropkicks Jarrett and we see an usher giving Venis a gold package during the match. Venis doesn’t give the usher a tip. Scorpio misses a middle rope crossbody. Jarrett clotheslines Scorpio over the top to the floor. Venis opens the box and its a gold cup, the kind of cup to protect your nuts. Venis leaves the table to go backstage. Jarrett nearly pins Scorpio with a top rope crossbody. Jarrett keeps a sleeper hold on Scorpio for a few moments. Jarrett knee lifts Scorpio to stop his momentum. Scorpio comes off the ropes to nail Jarrett with a spinning kick. Jarrett sends Scorpio into the referee and hits a back suplex. Al Snow rolls the referee back into the ring. Snow put Head into the referee’s pocket. Jarrett is distracted and Scorpio pins Jarrett with a rollup. (*. I was actually quite intrigued to see how this match could have played out. It turns out to be an angle driven match with the focus seemingly on Snow/Jarrett. Regardless, Scorpio winning is fine by me.)

12.) Steve Austin has arrived to Chicago and is told he can’t head to the wrestlers locker room because he’s a referee so he has a different room. Pat Paterson and Briscoe escort Austin to the referee’s locker room, which is essentially a closet.

13.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Triple H and Ken Shamrock head down to the ring. Triple H has been ordered to handover the championship to Shamrock. Shamrock won a tournament to win the championship, which took place due to Triple H being injured. X-Pac and Chyna are with Triple H. Shamrock has Sgt. Slaughter, Patterson and Briscoe. Sgt. Slaughter orders both Pac and Chyna to go backstage. Slaughter is thrilled to announce the first WWF Intercontinental Champion, Pat Patterson. Patterson is honored to be here to crown a new champion. Patterson says that Shamrock reminds him a lot of himself. Patterson says that Triple H stole the belt at WrestleMania, but Triple H reminds Patterson it was SummerSlam. Patterson says that Triple H has been a disgrace and Patterson is happy to crown a new champion. Patterson says that Steve Austin is going to be humbled tonight, which is what Vince McMahon wants to have happen. Triple H, who is on crutches, gives the belt to Shamrock. Shamrock walks around the ring and celebrates the win. Triple H leaves the ring and tells Shamrock to “suck it.” Naturally, that pisses off Shamrock.

14.) Ken Shamrock is talking with Sgt. Slaughter, Pat Patterson and Briscoe. Shamrock saw Triple H getting into a car and slammed the car door on Triple H’s knee.

15.) Vince McMahon cuts a promo on the aisle way saying that Steve Austin will crown a new WWF World Champion or Austin will be fired. Big Bossman is standing behind McMahon with a ski mask over his head. McMahon believes that everyone in the building has done a favor for a teacher, boss or a dominating family member. He also claims that people have “sucked up” to their bosses. McMahon also knows that people have kissed ass to their superiors. McMahon is asking Austin to slightly bend his values. He’s not asking any thing more than what other people have done for their bosses. Vince says if Austin screws him, it will be Austin screwing Austin. Austin is just like everyone else in that neither of them have the guys to defy Vince McMahon. One way or another Austin will be humbled because McMahon said so. We see Austin backstage destroying a monitor.

Final Thoughts:
The final segment by McMahon was a little uncomfortable, but I get what Vince was trying to do. I thought this was a solid overall go-home show and did a good job of promoting the PPV that took place in the next hour.

Thanks for reading.

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