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WWF Heat 10/11/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 10/11/1998
From: East Lansing, MI

1.) WWF Women’s Champion Jacqueline defeated Starla Sexton
2.) Kaientai defeated Brian Christopher, Scotty Taylor, Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy
3.) Edge defeated Vader
4.) Al Snow defeated Ken Shamrock by disqualification
5.) Jeff Jarrett defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Road Dogg by disqualification
6.) Steve Austin defeated WWF European Champion D’Lo Brown in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Starla Sexton would be known later on as Molly Holly. Jacqueline as some of Sable’s hair attached to her hair since she cut Sable’s hair on RAW. Sexton takes Jacqueline down with a hip toss to shockingly get the early advantage. Jacqueline cuts off Sexton with a heel kick. Jacqueline takes Sexton over with a double underhook suplex. Jacqueline tosses Sexton across the ring by her hair. Jacqueline collides with Marc Mero and Sexton nearly wins the match. Jacqueline clotheslines Sexton but Sexton fights back with strikes. Sexton nearly wins with a suplex. Jacqueline wins the match following a float over DDT. (**1/2. That was a productive women’s match and Sexton looked really good in there for her WWF debut. I enjoyed what they did quite a bit, actually.) After the match, Sable saves Sexton from being attacked by Jacqueline some more.

2.) Taka and Taylor kick off the eight man tag match. Taylor kicks Taka in the midsection and hits an overhead suplex from a pumphandle position. Taylor tags in Christopher after faking out Matt Hardy. Christopher plants Taka with a reverse side Russian leg sweep. Jeff Hardy tags in and keeps control of the match with a splash. Teio is taking all this punishment as the Hardy Boys hit a Poetry in Motion in the corner. Well, the match breaks loose as all eight men are brawling in the ring. Christopher plants Funaki with a powerbomb. Too Much hit a top rope legdrop on Teio. Funaki comes off the top seemingly missing a headbutt but Kaientai steal the victory. (*. I wish these guys got six minutes to just go nuts, and instead they didn’t even get half that time. There’s no doubt they would have had an awesome match.) After the match, Too Much attakcs the Hardy Boys blaming them for the loss, I’d assume.

3.) Vader backs Edge into a corner and delivers several strikes to get the early advantage. Vader continues his offense with a short arm clothesline. Vader splashes Edge in the corner and drops an elbow to Edge’s back. Vader plants Edge with a powerbomb for a two count. Vader has dominated the match as he clotheslines Edge again. They go to the floor where they brawl for a few moments. Edge sends Vader shoulder first into the ring steps. Edge wanted to use the steps, but the referee stopped him. They get back in the ring where Edge hits a spinning heel kick. Edge goes to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline for a two count. Edge again goes to the top but is caught in midair with a powerslam from Vader for a near fall. Vader misses a sit down splash attempting to counter a sunset flip. Edge plants Vader with the Downward Spiral, and gets the three count. (***. That was a fun, entertaining three minute match. Vader had moments looking like a monster, but couldn’t beat Edge at the end of the day. Sure, Vader hasn’t been presented strong on TV as of late, but he looked good in this match and I’d consider it a quality win for Edge.)

4.) Shamrock starts off with strikes on Snow, but Snow quickly comes back with a clothesline. Shamrock connects with a belly to belly suplex and locks in the ankle lock. Snow reaches the ropes and bites the ropes. Snow is laughing while Shamrock hasn’t let go of the hold. The bell sounds and the match is over quickly. After the match, Scorpio enters and is met with a suplex. Mankind comes in and tries to hit Shamrock with a chair, but Shamrock must have sensed it and bails to the floor.

5.) WWF Tag Team Champion Road Dogg is interviewed about Billy Gunn, and says that Michael Cole can talk to him if he wants to. Dogg has some payback coming for Jeff Jarrett. He’s going to whip Jarrett’s *beep*. Dogg actually said beep.

6.) A vignette promoting the debut of Steven Regal is aired. He’s a real man’s man.

7.) Dogg hip tosses Jarrett and comes off the ropes with a knee drop for a two count. Dogg decks Jarrett with a forearm strike and avoids Jarrett in the corner with an atomic drop. Dogg hammers away on Jarrett in the corner several times. Jarrett dropkicks Dogg to the floor and follows to keep control of the match. Jarrett rams Dogg face first onto the ring steps. Jarrett heads to the top rope hitting a flying crossbody. Dogg jabs Jarrett several times and drops Jarrett with a forearm strike. Jarrett nails Dogg with a clothesline as well. Jarrett misses a splash onto the ropes and Dogg smashes Jarrett over the head with his guitar to cause a DQ. Well, that was mostly just a revenge angle and not really much of a match.

8.) Austin goes right after Brown with right hands and rams him into the corner face first. Brown is sent hard back first into the corner and falls to the mat face first. Austin continues with a vertical suplex. Brown kicks Austin to avoid a backdrop and drops Austin with a right hand. Austin comes off the ropes with a Thez Press and pummels Brown with right hands. Austin takes Brown over with a snap suplex. Austin comes off the middle rope with a forearm drop and nearly pins Brown. Austin misses a splash and hits the middle rope. Austin clotheslines brown and finishes Brown off with the Stunner. (*1/2. Well, this was basically just an extended squash match. I was hoping for a more competitive match as I enjoy D’Lo Brown. I suppose Austin is just too big of a star at this point.) After the match, Austin hits Mark Henry with a Stunner and stares down Shane McMahon at the commentary table.

Final Thoughts:
A good episode of Heat this week as there was a lot of in-ring action and I enjoyed most of what was going on.

Thanks for reading.


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