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WWF Heat 10/4/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 10/4/1998
From: East Lansing, MI

1.) WWF European Champion X-Pac defeated Owen Hart in a non-title match
2.) Sho Funaki defeated Matt Hardy
3.) Kurrgan & Golga defeated The Headbangers
4.) Skull & 8-Ball defeated Ken Shamrock & Mankind
5.) The Rock fought Jeff Jarrett to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Triple H is in a wheelchair recovering from a knee injury. Thus, DX had to do their in-ring introduction from the floor since HHH couldn’t get in the ring. Billy Gunn wasn’t with them due to recent tension and Road Dogg said he didn’t have anything to say. D’Lo Brown is on commentary for the Pac/Owen match.

2.) Owen backs Pac into a corner but backs away. Pac shoulder blocks Owen followed by a dropkick to send Owen to the floor. Pac decks Owen from behind and delivers a scoop slam. Pac continues with a quick legdrop. Pac works over Owen with strikes in the corner but misses a splash in the corner. Owen goes to the floor after striking Pac and he doesn’t look very happy since the accident to Dan Severn on RAW. Pac rolls Owen into the ring and drives Owen into the turnbuckles. Owen boots Pac and tries to leave but Pac gets a three count with a rollup. (*. This wasn’t even a match, folks. The whole point here is to drive home that Owen is distraught about spiking Severn on the mat with a dangerous tombstone. Obviously these two are capable of having great matches against each other.)

3.) Michael Cole interviews Triple H and asks where Billy Gunn is at. HHH tells Cole that Gunn isn’t here, obviously.

4.) Vince McMahon is in the hospital with his left foot wrapped up. We see a video highlighting why McMahon is in the hospital. On RAW, McMahon was going to give the WWF World Championship to Kane and the Undertaker but Austin came out on zamboni and attacked McMahon. Austin would be arrested and McMahon continued the presentation. However, McMahon said he wasn’t going to live up to his deal with them because Kane and Undertaker didn’t keep their end of the deal. Thus, Kane and Undertaker will wrestle at Judgment Day for the WWF World Championship and Steve Austin will be the special referee. Undertaker threatens McMahon that he will be handicapped the next time messing with them. McMahon gave Taker the middle finger from behind but was caught and then viciously attackd. Taker wrenched on McMahon’s leg and they dropped the ring steps on McMahon’s leg.

5.) Vince McMahon is interviewed from his hospital bed and says he’d much rather be at the arena. He’s in a lot of pain. He’ll never forgive Undertaker and Kane for what they did to his leg. Vince blames Steve Austin for this happening. All the pain he is suffering from will be worth it if Steve Austin has to crown either Taker or Kane as the next WWF World Champion. McMahon will be having a further exam on his leg and promises to get out of the hospital.

6.) Matt comes off the ropes and is met with a dropkick from Funaki. Hardy continues with a swinging side slam and a suicide dive to the floor. Hardy drives Funaki down with a reverse slam but misses a middle rope elbow drop. Matt is able to battle back with a sit down Razors Edge! Funaki blocks a top rope moonsault managing to get his knees up and hits a fisherman suplex. Funaki heads to the top and connects with a diving headubtt for the win. (**. I mean, it’s a really fast match but they did a lot of stuff and they both looked great. I really enjoyed this quick showcase.)

7.) Mosh hammers away on Kurrgan to start the match but Kurrgan hits a backdrop and big boot to stop Mosh in his tracks. Thrasher legally tags into the match and trades dance moves with Kurrgan. Golga gets tagged in and works over the left arm of Thrasher with strikes. Golga splashes Thrasher in the corner and comes off the ropes to deliver an elbow drop and legdrop for a near fall. Golga misses a splash in the corner and Thrasher drops Golga over the top rope. Headbangers double team Golga in the corner with several strikes but Kurrgan gets in the ring only to distract the referee. ICP crotch Thrasher on the top and Golga splashes Mosh for the win. (*. ICP seem to be really over with the crowd as a weirdo act, and I can’t say they aren’t entertaining. This was fine for what it was intended to be.)

8.) Steve Austin has an axe in hand and is walking somewhere outside.

9.) A vignette promoting Steve Regal, a real man’s man.

10.) Skull and 8-Ball waste no time working over Shamrock. Ball and Shamrock legally start the match with Ball connecting with a side slam for a two count. Skull and Ball drop a few elbows onto Shamrock to keep the advantage. Shamrock comes off the ropes with a crossbody and a heel kick. Shamrock tags in Mankind by chopping him on the shoulder. Skull and Ball double team Mankind in the corner for a few moments choking Mankind. Mankind fights out of the corner with right hands. Mankind comes off the ropes to hit a neckbreaker, I’d assume. Because, Steve Austin is seen going into the production room. Mankind continues to be worked over by Skull. Mankind boots Skull in the corner followed by a running clothesline. Mankind continues to be pummeled in the corner. Ball misses a clothesline and Mankind hits a double arm DDT. Paul Ellering grabs Mankind from the floor. Mankind puts the Mandible Claw on Ellering but Shamrock whacks Mankind with a steel chair leading to Mankind being pinned. (*1/4. Clearly continuing an angle between Shamrock and Mankind here instead of having a great match or anything. I’d say this is a huge victory for DOA, who haven’t been up to a whole lot by this point.)

11.) Steve Austin is in the production truck and wants the crew to show him the wire to cut off Vince McMahon’s feed from the hospital. Austin ends up coming out to be on the commentary table and Shane McMahon tells Austin that he doesn’t want to be involved.

12.) Rock avoids Jarrett at the start and delivers a few right hands. Jarrett kicks Rock but is met with a quick clothesline. Rock plants Jarrett with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Rock rams Jarrett face first into the corner and misses a splash. Jarrett comes off the middle rope with a clothesline and continues to beat on Rock with right hands. Jarrett attempts a dropkick but Rock holds onto the ropes and pummels Jarrett with right hands in the corner. Rock misses a clothesline and Jarrett comes back with a swinging neckbreaker. Vince McMahon has now called into the show and is pissed that Steve Austin is at the arena. Jarrett splashes Rock over the middle rope. On the floor, Rock is clotheslined by Dennis Knight. Jarrett baseball slides Rock to the floor. Jarrett drives Rock face first onto the ring steps and they return to the ring. Jarrett hits a top rope crossbody but Rock rolls through and nearly wins the match. Jarrett stops Rock with a quick clothesline for a two count. Rock comes off the ropes but is met with an elbow strike and Jarrett nearly wins the match. Rock takes Jarrett over with a vertical suplex. Rock slowly goes for the cover but Jarrett powers out at two. Rock comes charging out of the corner with a clothesline and plants Jarrett with a DDT. Rock low blows Jarrett as the referee was distracted. Rock scoop slams Jeff and hits the People’s Elbow. Dennis Knight attacks the referee and attacks Rock causing the match to be thrown as Steve Austin leaves the commentary table and attacks Jarrett and Knight hitting Stunners. Rock gets up and has a standoff with Austin. Officials get in the ring to keep them apart. (**. Mostly a match that was based around brawling. Jarrett kept up in the match and felt like he belonged in there. Looks like they are teasing Rock/Austin very early.)

Final Thoughts:
Heat continues to be a rather quick hour of television as the matches are usually pretty quick and to the point. I enjoyed the show this week and it’s a nice B-level show.

Thanks for reading.


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