WWF Heat 7/16/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 7/16/2000
From: Oakland, CA

1.) The Godfather defeated Bull Buchanan by disqualification
2.) Perry Saturn defeated Essa Rios
3.) D’Lo Brown & Chaz defeated Funaki & Taka Michinoku
4.) Bradshaw defeated Gangrel
5.) WWF Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian defeated Dudley Boys in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Godfather tries for a shoulder block, but Bull doesn’t budge a few times. Godfather misses a clothesline and Bull avoids a savant kick. Godfather pulls Bull to the floor and hammers away on Bull. Bull drops Godfather with a clothesline on the floor and rams Godfather face first into the ring steps. Bull heads to the top rope and hits a double axe handle for a two count. Bull big boots Godfather and controls Godfather on the mat. Bull works over Godfather with strikes in the corner but misses a big boot. Godfather clotheslines Bull a few times and hits a savant kick. Godfather sends Bull into the corner and goes for the Ho Train, but Bull puts the referee in the way and hits the Pimp Drop! The referee is knocked down, but Tazz runs down and locks in the Taz Mission! Godfather is out cold as Bull goes to the top and leaps off to hit a leg drop However, the referee calls for the bell and awards the match to Godfather by disqualification. (*. Nothing much of a match here as the main goal was to seemingly get Tazz over in his new role of just beating up people at random it appears.)

2.) Backstage, Edge and Christian are thinking of a way to get out of their match with the Dudley Boys later tonight.

3.) Saturn attacks Rios as soon as Rios enter the ring and delivers several strikes in the corner. Saturn runs into a boot in the corner as Terri makes her way out. Rios hits a top rope moonsault for a two count. Saturn kicks Rios and drops Rios gut first over the top turnbuckle. Saturn tosses Rios off the middle rope with a fallaway slam. Saturn sees Terri and double stomps Rios. Saturn press slams Rios to the mat followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Saturn drops Rios with a clothesline. Rios staggers Saturn with a jawbreaker and hits a couple of spinning heel kicks. Rios springboards off the ropes to get an inside cradle for a two count. Rios comes off the ropes to hit a DDT for a two count. Saturn catches Rios and drives Essa down to the mat gut first for a near fall. Rios snap powerslams Saturn and heads to the top rope. Rios misses a moonsault and Saturn connects with a savant kick. Saturn plants Rios with a powerslam and goes to the top rope. Saturn hits an elbow drop and wins the match. (**1/2. Man, Saturn looks really good when he’s just destroying guys. Rios had a few moments to shine and it came across really well. Saturn’s elbow drop off the top looks vicious. Seems Essa Rios is an MVP for Heat at this point putting on entertaining matches on a regular basis.)

4.) Backstage, Just Joe chats with Funaki and Taka Michinoku. Joe says that D’Lo and Chaz told him that they think Taka and Funaki are awful. Joe tells them what they said in Japanese and they aren’t happy at all.

5.) Taka and Funaki run into the ring and go after Chaz and D’Lo with strikes sending Chaz to the floor. Brown forearms Taka as Chaz clotheslines Funaki on the floor. Taka tries to hip toss Brown, but is met with a heel kick. Brown tags in Chaz and Chaz jumps onto Taka’s back over the middle rope. Brown decks Taka with a right hand from the floor. Taka elbows Chaz in the corner to hit a top rope moonsault. Funaki enters but is worked over by Chaz in the corner. Chaz splashes Funaki in the corner followed by a clothesline. Funaki kicks Chaz allowing Taka to hit a missile dropkick. Taka tags in Funaki and Taka dropkicks Chaz while in a chin lock. Funaki keeps control on Chaz with a kick to the head and chokes Chaz over the middle rope. Taka kicks Chaz over the head but Chaz fights back with strikes. Funaki returns to the match and stomps away on Chaz. Funaki misses a splash in the corner and Chaz hits a back suplex. D’Lo enters and side slams Taka to the mat. Brown backdrops Taka to the mat followed by a flapjack to send Funaki onto Taka. Brown hits a double leg drop. Chaz puts Taka on the top turnbuckle while Funaki tossed Brown over the apron. Chaz sends Fuanki into the corner and crotches Taka. Funaki is powerbombed by Chaz and D’Lo. Chaz hits a superplex and D’Lo hits a frog splash to win the match. (**. Not a bad match by any means. Chaz and D’Lo seem to team rather well together and their finishing move here was a nice visual. They just need to execute it a little better.)

6.) Backstage, Christian talks with Bubba Dudley suggesting that Bubba doesn’t bring out any tables in their non-title match tonight. Bubba stands up and tells Christian to relax. Bubba says that Edge and Christian remind him of the Dudley Boys back when they were pissing people off. Bubba promises to not put Christian through a table because he doesn’t want the fans to not get the five second pose. Christian is happy about this development and walks off.

7.) Bradshaw works over Gangrel with several strikes for the early advantage followed by strikes in the corner. Bradshaw takes Gangrel over with a back suplex. Gangrel ducks a clothesline and back elbows Bradshaw. Gangrel comes off the ropes to hit a clothesline. Bradshaw misses a clothesline but hits a fallaway slam. Bradshaw clotheslines Gangrel in the corner. Bradshaw boots a charging Gangrel and then destroys Gangrel with the Clothesline From Hell. (*. If they ever decided to put Bradshaw in a singles role and push him as a face you can sign me up for that.)

8.) Backstage, Edge talks with D-Von Dudley suggesting that there not be any hardcore action tonight and there shouldn’t be a 3D tonight. Edge shakes D-Von hand and leaves happy with how that went.

9.) Backstage, Dudley Boys are talking about their match. D-Von reminds Bubba about their match. Bubba tells D-Von he promised Christian to not use a table. D-Von promised to not use the 3D. They agree that Christian will have to get a 3D and Edge go through a table.

10.) Christian hammers away on D-Von to start the match but is met with a few elbows. D-Von elbows Christian to the mat and tags in Bubba. Christian is met with a double shoulder block and D-Von works over Christian with right hands. Bubba misses a splash in the corner and Edge runs into another elbow strike. Bubba scoop slams Edge and decks Christian on the apron. D-Von comes off the top to hit What’s Up! Christian gets the same treatment. Bubba calls for the tables. They play to the crowd and they get the table kicked into their faces. Steven Richards runs out and steals the table to the backstage area. Edge stomps away on D-Von and chokes D-Von over the middle rope. Christian sends D-Von into the corner and gets a boot to the face. D-Von hits a middle rope clothesline and tags in Bubba. Bubba clotheslines Edge and backdrops Christian. Bubba hits a cutter on Edge followed by a back suplex on Christian. Bubba has Edge on his shoulders and D-Von hits a top rope clothesline. Bubba has the cover, but Christian breaks it up. D-Von decks Christian on the floor. Christian sends D-Von into the ring steps. Christian holds Edge to prevent a superplex and Bubba hits the mat. Edge uses the ropes for leverage and pins Bubba! After the match, Bubba decks Edge to the floor. Dudley Boys hit the 3D on Christian! Bubba grabs a table from under the ring. Bubba puts Edge through the table with a middle rope powerbomb! (*3/4. I’m not sure I like that the Dudley Boys lost here. Sure, they ended up delivering their promises and the crowd it at up. But, it’s a non-title match. If the Dudley’s win, it gives them more of a reason to challenge Edge and Christian down the line.)

Final Thoughts:
Not too bad of an episode as we once again got some decent action thrown in.

Thanks for reading.

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