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WWF Heat 1/27/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 1/27/2002
From: North Carolina, SC

1.) The Godfather defeated Lance Storm
2.) Billy & Chuck defeated Funaki & Crash Holly
3.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated WWF European Champion Christian in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Storm attacks from behind to attack Godfather with strikes in the corner. Godfather delivers a big boot and a back elbow strike. Storm avoids the Ho Train by rolling to the floor. Storm pulls Godfather out of the ring and sends Godfather shoulder first into the ring steps. Storm nearly wins following a springboard forearm shot. Storm hits the post shoulder first and is met with the Ho Train. Godfather grabs Storm and finishes him off with a reverse shoulder breaker. (*1/2. Well, that was constant action for three minutes. There is no doubt that the Godfather gimmick isn’t connecting nearly as well with crowds like it had a few years ago. Storm doing the job here can’t be a good sign for his singles career.)

2.) Val Venis comes out to cut a promo and says it is fitting to be on MTV tonight. Once he gets unplugged and undressed he will fill their total request live. He’s so cool he mentioned MTV shows on MTV. Venis looks for a female in the crowd and picks a girl wearing a black shirt. The woman removes the towel and acts like she liked it. Venis proceeds to make out with the woman.

3.) Stacy Keibler is the special guest for the show and has been dancing at WWF New York.

4.) Chuck and Crash start the match with Chuck shoving Crash to the mat out of a lockup position. Crash decks Billy off the apron and is punched by Chuck. Crash grabs Chuck’s butt and is met with a back elbow. Funaki comes off the top to hit a crossbody and a head scissors. Billy gets tagged in to try his luck with Funaki. Billy drives Funaki down to the mat gut first. Chuck returns to the match and stomps away on Funaki. Billy tries to cover Funaki several times, but can’t keep him down. Funaki fights back with strikes but Chuck takes Funaki over with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Chuck pulls Funaki up at the count of two and tries for a running powerslam, but Funaki wiggles free and plants Chuck with a tornado DDT. Billy and Crash get tagged in with Crash cleaning house. Crash gets elbowed by Chuck in the corner and Billy hits the Fame-Asser for the win. (**. The spots by Funaki were good as he looked crisp in there and hit his moves really well. There was never a doubt and the fans never bought into Crash and Funaki. It’s obvious that Billy and Chuck are being elevated to being a top heel team.)

5.) Christian eye pokes DDP in the corner and delivers a few stomps in the corner. Christian mocks DDP’s smile but gets worked over with several stomps in the corner. DDP clotheslines Christian and plants the champ with a tilt a whirl slam. DDP clotheslines Christian over the top to the floor. DDP tries for the Diamond Cutter, but Christian holds onto the ropes to block it. Christian knocks DDP off the apron to send DDP into the guard railing. Christian sends DDP shoulder first into the ring post. Christian keeps control with an abdominal stretch. DDP elbows free but Christian drives DDP down with a backbreaker for a two count. Christian has a temper tantrum. DDP clotheslines Christian out of the corner. Christian avoids a clothesline to hit a reverse DDT for a near fall. DDP avoids a slam but can’t hit the cutter. DDP comes off the ropes and counters a hip toss to hit the Diamond Cutter for the win. (**1/2. A competitive match that was an enjoyable main event for Heat. The crowd was invested in the action as it wasn’t obvious as to who would win. It’s amazing to me how DDP went from being so popular in WCW to becoming a lower midcard act in WWF within two years.)

Final Thoughts:
A solid episode of Heat this week with a few enjoyable matches that put focus on some lower level feuds and also help establish a new heel tag team.

Thanks for reading.

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