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WWE Smackdown 7/11/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
Date: 7/11/2002
From: Atlantic City, NJ

A video explaining the recent happenings regarding the WWE Undisputed Championship as it will now be a triple threat match between the champion Undertaker, Kurt Angle and the Rock. By the way, the Rock returns tonight on Smackdown.

Opening Contest: WWE Tag Team Champions Hulk Hogan & Edge vs. Billy & Chuck: Edge and Chuck start off the title match with Chuck delivering a few right hands, but Edge hits a forearm. Edge hits a spinning heel kick and sends Billy into Hogan for a right hand. Billy plants Edge with a tilt a whirl slam. Chuck shoulder rams Edge in the corner several times as the fans want Hogan. Chuck stomps on Edge in the corner, but Edge battles back with strikes. Chuck tosses Edge with an overhead suplex for a two count. Billy jabs Edge several times along with stomps on the mat. Chuck slams Edge and comes off the ropes for an elbow drop managing a two count. Rico spin kicks Edge on the floor. Chuck keeps control with a chin lock, but doesn’t get a submission. Chuck elbows Edge to stop his momentum. Edge blocks a discus punch to hit a lifting DDT and both men are down. Edge crawls towards Hogan, but can’t make the tag. Edge drives Billy down with a facebuster and Hogan gets tagged in. Hogan hammers away on Billy and Chuck. Hogan boots Billy and gets tripped by Rico. Edge spears Rico off the apron. Billy hits the Fame-Asser on Hogan for a near fall. Hogan gets up and is Hulking Up. Hogan delivers a big boot and signals for the leg drop. Edge spears Chuck to the floor and Hulk hits the leg drop to pin Billy. (*1/2. It was quite clear to me that Billy and Chuck as a top heel team is over. This felt like an extended squash for Edge and Hogan.)

In the parking lot, Undertaker is waiting for the Rock to arrive. John Cena enters the scene. Taker asks if Cena has ever met the Rock and Cena says he hasn’t. Taker calls Rock a punk and is going to show him what he does to punks. Cena thanks Taker for being his partner tonight and he’s looking forward to the tag match in the main event. Taker is determined to kick Rock’s ass tonight and tells Cena to leave before he gets his ass kicked.

Torrie Wilson had a photo shoot at the beach and looked terrific doing so. WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly shows up and says she should be the focus because she’s the champion. Molly challenged Torrie to a match tonight for the championship and Torrie accepts. Torrie has a special pose for Molly and unhooks her top.

Back to the parking lot, a few producers are trying to get the Undertaker into the arena. A limo drives up and Taker opens the door, but it’s Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. Angle says that Taker is holding his championship. Angle asks when was the last time Taker had tapped out and that was just last week. Taker dismisses that saying that Angle was pinned. Jericho thinks Taker’s name should be Undertapper. Taker punches Jericho leading to a short brawl. Vince McMahon enters the scene to stop things.

Backstage, Undertaker tosses a chair in the locker room that has Val Venis, Hardcore Holly and John Cena. Taker is pissed that John Cena wasn’t there to help. Cena reminds Taker that he told him to leave. Taker tells Cena to get his head straight or he’s not going to last long.

Second Contest: WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly vs. Torrie Wilson: Torrie slaps Molly and follows up with a few slams. Torrie kicks Molly to the floor and rams the champ face first onto the apron. Molly chops Torrie and gets kicked on a backdrop attempt. Molly drop toe holds Torrie over the bottom rope and delivers a backbreaker. Molly misses an elbow drop. Torrie catapults Molly into the corner chest first followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Molly knee lifts Torrie and hits a fisherman suplex for a two count. Molly tries for a handspring in the corner, but is kicked by Torrie. Torrie beats on Molly with kicks in the corner. Molly powerbombs Torrie out of the corner and has rollup on Torrie for the win. (1/2*. Honestly, Torrie wasn’t horrible in there and she did some fun offense.)

Backstage, the Rock has arrived and grabs a water before walking off.

Earlier tonight, Randy Orton talked to Mark Henry saying that he can’t lose with Henry unlike his other partners.

Third Contest: Rev. D-Von & Batista vs. Randy Orton & Mark Henry: Orton and D-Von start with D-Von getting the cheap advantage thanks to Batista causing a distraction. Orton delivers a forearm and dropkick to D-Von. Orton punches Batista on the apron, but Batista is able to drop Orton over the top rope. Orton is tossed over the turnbuckle and ring post crashing to the floor. Batista tags into the match and kicks Orton in the midsection. Batista continues with a choke in the corner. Batista drives Orton down to the mat with a slam and misses an elbow drop. Orton kicks Batista in the corner, but Batista hammers away on Orton. Batista misses a spear in the corner and tags in D-Von. Henry tags in as well and hammers away on D-Von followed by a backdrop. Henry powerslams D-Von and kicks Batista leading to a clothesline to the floor with Orton. Henry splashes D-Von in the corner. Orton hits a nice top rope crossbody on D-Von. Batista tags in, but Henry clotheslines both men. Henry gets picked up by Batista for a rolling fireman’s carry for a two count. Batista argues with the referee, Henry delivers a boot. Batista recovers to deliver a spinebuster for the win. (*1/2. That wasn’t too bad at all with both Orton and Batista being impressive. I’m thinking that Orton is going to be turning heel at some point if his partners keep losing matches for him.)

Backstage, Edge tells Hogan that they are going to the casino. Edge says being a tag champion with Hogan is a dream come true. Hogan says that these moments remind him of a match with the Rock at WrestleMania. Rock is standing behind them. Rock is happy for both men and says he’ll go to the casino with them. Rock has to take care of some business before he goes out. Hogan tells Edge that he could have beaten Rock and isn’t aware that Rock was behind him.

The Rock makes his way out to the ring to cut a promo and gets a huge ovation. Rock says that he’s back on his show, Smackdown. Rock wanted to sing a song for Atlantic City. Rock reveals there’s a better singer than him and brings out Busta Rhymes from the crowd. Rock puts over Busta’s album and new movie coming out. Rock asks if Rhymes gets killed, and Busta says he doesn’t. Rhymes says he’s putting the Smackdown on their ass. Rock wants to sing a song with Rhymes. Rhymes starts to do a rap, but Rock quickly stops him. Rock turns his attention to the Undertaker and says that Taker is going to have some problems when he wins the title. Rock tells Taker to just bring it.

Instead, Kurt Angle makes his way out. Angle says that Rock doesn’t have to worry about Taker at Vengeance, but he needs to be worry about him instead. Angle says he’s been on a roll himself. Angle brags about making Hogan submit at King of the Ring and did the same to Undertaker last week. Angle says it would be his pleasure to make Rock submit, too. Angle says he’ll make Busta submit. Rock asks Angle who the hell he is. Rock is acting like he doesn’t know who he is because he’s bald now. Rock smells him wondering if its a new cologne. Rock wonders what the A on his tights stand for and the crowd chants for “asshole.” Rock knows what is different and mocks Angle for getting a haircut. Angle says he’s the number one man and declares that Smackdown is his show now. Angle doesn’t see the big deal that Rock won a Teens Choice Award. Angle says that his autograph goes for a big price. Angle calls Rock a child and says he’s lucky that Angle has a match. Angle challenges Rock to a singles match next week on Smackdown. Angle is going to make Rock tap out next week on Smackdown. Rock accepts the challenge for next week. Rock thinks they should wrestle tonight. Angle says that’s too bad, and Rock attacks with right hands and a clothesline. Rock puts an ankle lock on Angle and is making Angle submit. Taker comes out and decks Rock. Taker chokeslams Angle. Rock staggers around and walks into a chokeslam from Taker, too. Taker stands tall to end the segment.

A video package promoting Lance Storm, Christian and Test cutting off Lilian Garcia singing.

Fourth Contest: Test vs. Rikishi: Rikishi goes after Test on the floor sending him into the ring steps. Test turns Rikishi inside out with a clothesline in the ring. Test clotheslines Rikishi in the corner and tries for a sunset flip, but Rikishi sits down. Rikishi plants Test with a belly to belly suplex. Rikishi waits for Test to get up in the corner and delivers a back splash. Test drops down in the corner and Rikishi superkicks Lance Storm as Christian distracted the referee. Test hits a pump handle slam and nearly wins the match. Test misses a big boot and is nailed by a superkick. Rikishi knocks Christian off the apron and tries for a sit down splash, but Test got hsi knees up. Rikishi recovers to hit a Samoan Drop for a three count. After the match, Rikishi fights off the trio until a big boot by Test ends that. Edge runs out and so does Hulk Hogan to make the save. Hogan big boots Storm and hammers away on Test by delivering a big boot. Christian is nailed by a double big boot to end the segment. (*1/2. I’m a little baffled by the decision to have Test lose cleanly here. If you’re trying to get the heel trio over as viable threats they need to be winning these kinds of matches. I’d imagine there’s a six man tag coming our way soon.)

Backstage, Vince McMahon is with Stacy Keibler and she starts to undress McMahon. They are teasing getting naked. Chris Jericho enters the room and asks if McMahon saw what was going on with Hogan and Edge. McMahon notes that Edge has a match with Jericho at Vengeance, but if Jericho steps aside at the PPV then Lance Storm and Christian get a tag title shot. Jericho agrees to step aside at the PPV.

Earlier today, Jamie Noble and Nidia enjoyed a meal at the casino. Tajiri is with them and he shared a piece of spaghetti with Nidia before she made out with Noble. Noble says the WWE Cruiserweight Championship prevents him from being poor and allows them to live this lifestyle.

Fifth Contest: WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri & Jamie Noble vs. Billy Kidman & The Hurricane: Noble decks Hurricane off the apron and Kidman hit a head scissors. Hurricane tags in and powerbombs Noble after Kidman lifted him into the air. Hurricane nails Noble with a shining wizard for a two count, but Tajiri makes the save. Noble tosses Hurricane overhead with a suplex. Tajiri tags into the match and puts Hurricane in a tree of woe. Tajiri nails Hurricane with a baseball slide dropkick. Tajiri chops Hurricane several times against the ropes. Hurricane superkicks Tajiri on a handspring attempt. Hurricane tags in Kidman and Kidman cleans house with dropkicks. Kidman kicks Tajiri on the head and drops Noble over his knee for a two count. Tajiri goes for a tarantula, but Kidman sends Tajiri to the floor. Noble tries for a suicide dive and takes Tajiri out on accident. Hurricane hits a somersault dive to the floor! Kidman rolls Noble into the ring and is crotched by Nidia on the top rope. Noble looks for a move, but Kidman hits a middle rope sit out spinebuster to win the match clean. (**. A fine match that was quick, but they did a lot and kept a fast pace. I’d assume that Kidman is going to be getting a title shot. I’ve been digging the Cruiserweight division and it helps Smackdown quite a bit.)

Backstage, Marc Lloyd walks up to a pacing Rock asking that he’s still here. Rock says that Coach has changed making fun of Lloyd. Rock has no idea who Marc Lloyd is. Rock shoves Lloyd out of the scene and cuts a promo on Taker and Angle. Rock is going to stay here as long as Taker and Angle are in the building. Rock says he found a slot machine and it said that he’s going to win at Vengeance. Rock says he’s not going anywhere.

A vignette promoting the eventual debut of Rey Mysterio is shown. He’ll be on Smackdown in two weeks.

Main Event: WWE Undisputed Champion the Undertaker & John Cena vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho: Taker and Jericho start the main event. Taker gets distracted by Angle allowing Jericho to deliver several strikes in the corner. Taker runs into a boot in the corner and drops Jericho with a clothesline. Taker elbows Jericho a few times in the corner. Cena tags into the match and keeps control with right hands. Angle decks Cena from the apron and is punched by Cena. Jericho and Angle double team Cena in the corner. Angle misses a spear and hits the ring post. Cena plants Jericho with a DDT and backdrops Jericho. Cena sends Jericho to the floor and hammers away on Angle in the corner. Jericho nails Cena with a missile dropkick for a two count. Angle decks Cena with a few right hands and a snap suplex. Angle tries for a cover, but Cena kicks out at two. Cena hammers away on Angle in the corner. Cena boots Angle in the corner, but Angle tosses Cena overhead with a suplex. Jericho tags into the match and chops Cena followed by kicks in the corner. Jericho dropkicks a seated Cena to maintain the advantage. Angle takes Cena down to the mat with a back suplex. Jericho kicks Cena in the ribs.

Angle controls Cena on the mat with a front face lock. Cena fights out with a few right hands, but a knee lift stops his momentum. Cena powerslams Angle, but can’t followup on the advantage. Cena tags out to Taker. Taker cleans house with right hands and tosses Jericho into the corner. Taker clotheslines both men in opposite corners. Taker drops Jericho over the top turnbuckle and tries for a chokeslam, but Jericho knocks the referee and Angle down. Taker big boots Jericho, but Angle enters and hits the Angle Slam! Jericho gets the cover on Taker, but can’t get a three count. Taker clotheslines both men. Cena gets the tag and clotheslines Angle to the floor. Cena plants Jericho with a spinebuster for a near fall. Jericho boots Cena and connects with a bulldog out of the corner. Taker decks Jericho on a springboard attempt. Cena gets a rollup on Jericho and gets a clean win! (**1/2. An average main event to close the show and a big win for Cena even if it was off of Taker’s assistance. I can get behind the WWE trying to elevate Cena quickly as it’s always important to have fresh characters in the main event.)

After the match, Jericho attacks Cena and hits a sleeper hold slam. Jericho tosses Cena over the top to the floor. Taker nails Jericho with a big boot. Angle comes in and hits a German suplex on Taker. Angle tries for the ankle lock, but Taker breaks free. Taker tries for the Last Ride, but Angle counters. Taker locks in the dragon sleeper and Angle is tapping out. The Rock runs down to the ring and attacks Taker. Rock plants Taker with the Rock Bottom. Angle decks Rock from behind and stomps away on the People’s Champ. Angle continues with right hands and Rock fights back with strikes. Rock drops Angle with a right hand and the Rock Bottom to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
The Rock’s return was effective and provided a fun segment. The show as a whole is a mostly average one with none of the matches standing out. They were able to advance the feuds properly and they’ve done a good job at promoting Vengeance, which is ten days away. Next weeks show has a strong main event on paper between Rock and Angle.

Thanks for reading.

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