WWF Heat 8/6/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 8/6/2000
From: Birmingham, AL

1.) Crash Holly defeated Big Bossman by disqualification
2.) Test & Albert defeated D’Lo Brown & Chaz
3.) WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Christian to retain the title
4.) Tazz defeated Eddie Guerrero

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Backstage, WWF Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian enter Mick Foley’s office. Christian says he had a great dream of being a double champion. Christian wants to add a second championship tonight. Christian says he ways 226lbs but the weight limit is 225 to go for the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship. Foley tells Christian he has one hour to lose one pound. Christian doesn’t know what he can do, but Foley will show him.

2.) Crash ducks under Bossman and delivers a jab to the ribs. Bossman stops Crash with a running clothesline and taunts the fans. Bossman tosses Crash into the corner, but Crash fires back with strikes and backs away into the middle of the ring. Bossman knee lifts Crash, but Crash fights back with more strikes. Bossman sends Crash chest first into the corner. Bossman nails Crash with a big boot and continues to taunt the fans. Bossman scoop slams Crash for a two count. Bossman plants Crash with a spinebuster for a one count as Bossman picked Crash up on the cover. Bossman connects with a Samoan Drop and wants the referee to count Crash out to a ten count. Crash staggers to his feet and wants some more. Crash jumps on Bossman’s back but gets yanked down. Bossman has had enough of this and decks Crash with the nightstick to lose the match by disqualification. After the match, Crash got up and is met with another nightstick shot. (*1/4. That was a little bizarre to have an unofficial last man standing kind of angle going on. Bossman seems to be a guy that they want to continue to give some momentum to and I’m not entirely sure why. It looks like Crash doesn’t have much value anymore.)

3.) Backstage, Christian is running the stairs trying to lose weight. Christian doesn’t want to continue, but Mick Foley suggests a rubber suit. He doesn’t have one but instead gives Christian a chicken suit. Mick tries to motivate Christian and it works.

4.) The Right To Censor are in the ring with Bull Buchanan trying to quiet the crowd. Bull says he’s a man of few words and says he hopes the people understand what they’re trying to do. Bull wants the fans to be grateful for what they’re doing. Goodfather chimes in and says they’re trying to do good and fight for just causes. Goodfather wants the fans to open their eyes and see what they believe in. Goodfather wants the fans to give Steven Richards a chance. Steven Richards says they can’t allow the filth to filter through the television and corrupt the fans. Richards believes they are winning the fight. Their work is far from being over with. Richards says they need the help of the fans. Richards needs the fans to to say no to violence, vulgarity, and scantly clad women. Richards knows they will make this place much better.

5.) Backstage, Test is going to shave Albert, but Albert doesn’t want to shave his fur. Just Joe enters the scene and Albert wants to get his opinion. Joe doesn’t mind the fur, but other people don’t like it. Joe says that D’Lo and Chaz have an issue with the fur. Joe says they thought Test couldn’t wrestle and they are an overrated tag team.

6.) Backstage, Christian is working out in the chicken suit trying to lose weight for a title match with Dean Malenko.

7.) Backstage, Lilian Garcia asks Tazz about his match with Eddie Guerrero. Tazz says he doesn’t deliver entertainment, but rather violence and rage. Tazz says that Guerrero is in his path of rage. Tazz will also take care of Chyna if she gets in his way.

8.) Test and Albert brawl with Brown and Chaz on the floor to start. Brown works over Test in the ring with a back elbow, but Test hits a full nelson slam. Albert tags in and Brown gets met with a double elbow strike. Albert throat thrusts Brown followed by a few kicks. Albert scoop slams Brown and leaps off the middle rope only to miss a leg drop. Chaz gets tagged in and jumps off Albert’s back to deck Test on the apron. Albert tosses Chaz to avoid a DDT attempt. Albert clubs Chaz over the back with a strike. Test continues to work over Chaz with stomps. Test chokes Chaz over the middle rope and Trish Stratus chokes Chaz over the ropes. Test works over Brown in the corner with right hands. Test runs into an elbow strike and Chaz beats on Test until Albert splashes Chaz. Test connects with a running big boot. Albert continues to beat on Chaz with strikes followed by a double under hook slam for a two count. Albert misses a splash in the corner and Chaz fires away on Albert with strikes and stomps. Albert catches Chaz with a back suplex. Chaz elbows and kicks Test in the corner followed by a tornado DDT!

Albert and Brown get the tag with Brown cleaning house with heel kicks. Brown stomps on Albert in the corner and Chaz works over Test. Albert is double teamed and sent into Test. Brown and Chaz leg drop Test and work over Albert with strikes until Test pulls Chaz to the floor and decks Chaz. Albert plants Brown with the Baldo Bomb to win the match. (*1/2. I feel like if D’Lo had worked the majority of the match I would have enjoyed this more than I did. There wasn’t much doubt as to who was going to win this match.)

9.) Backstage, Chyna is talking with Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero is getting frustrated with Chyna making him lose his focus. Guerrero is trying to find his edge and be serious. Guerrero wants to be like a tiger in the ring. Chyna promises to be serious and then makes a silly face to cause Guerrero to laugh.

10.) Backstage, Christian is vomiting to make weight for his match with Dean Malenko. Kurt Angle walked over to high-five Christian and smelled his hand, which didn’t smell great.

11.) Christian is acting as if he is exhausted and dehydrated from losing one pound for the title match with Dean Malenko.

12.) Malenko arm drags and hip tosses Christian to start the match. Malenko nearly wins with a dropkick. Malenko sends Christian back first into the corner a few times and stomps. Christian bails to the floor to regroup with Edge. Malenko goes to the floor, but Edge chokes Malenko and sends Malenko into the railing. Christian nearly pins Malenko in the ring. Christian fails to slam Malenko and is nearly pinned. Malenko surprises Christian with an inside cradle to win the match. After the match, Malenko blocks a chair shot from Edge. However, Christian whacks Malenko from behind with the chair to leave Malenko laid out. (*. Clearly the story here is that Christian was exhausted to make weight. Regardless, this is a huge win for Malenko.)

13.) Tazz and Guerrero trade right hands in the corner with Guerrero hitting a scoop slam and a slingshot senton from the apron. Tazz catches Guerrero in the corner with a double leg slam. Tazz continues to beat on Guerrero with right hands. Tazz stomps away on Guerrero in the corner followed by another slam. Tazz tries for the Tazz Mission, but Guerrero breaks free and is met with a clothesline for a two count. Guerrero drops Tazz with a back elbow strike and a few clotheslines. Guerrero connects with a back suplex and heads to the top rope. Trish Stratus runs out and grabs Guerrero by the foot. Chyna goes after Stratus to the backstage area. Val Venis runs into the ring and drops Guerreor over the top turnbuckle. Tazz had the referee distracted and makes Guerrero submit with the Tazz Mission for the win. (*1/2. This is a huge win for Tazz who has seemingly new life as a heel. Sure, Tazz didn’t win this cleanly by any means and the segment advances the issues between Val and Eddie, but it’s a key win for Tazz and I can appreciate that.)

Final Thoughts:
The main angle here lead to a comedy match with Christian and Malenko. There’s nothing bad on the show, but I’d say this was an underwhelming episode.

Thanks for reading.

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