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WWF Superstars 10/7/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Valparaiso, IN

1.) Dean Douglas defeated Barry Horowitz
2.) Savio Vega defeated Tom Knox
3.) Isaac Yankeem DDS defeated Tom Torres
4.) Psycho Sid & Kama defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow & Henry Godwinn
5.) Marty Jannetty defeated the Brooklyn Brawler

Angle Developments/Notes:

1.) Ahmed Johnson cut a promo about role models and saying that there aren’t a lot of role models because they care about money. He’s met people who care about the people and he’s met a lot of role models in the WWF.

2.) Vince McMahon conducted an interview with WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michales in the ring. Michaels focuses on Dean Douglas, who he will be wrestling at IYH. Michaels doesn’t think that Douglas has made the grade. Michaels admits he was not a brain surgeon and had a teacher keep him after class. Michaels hints at sleeping with his teacher. Dean Douglas makes his way down to the ring to confront Michaels. Douglas says that Michaels can joke around all he wants, but Douglas has prepared for this for a long time. Douglas is confident that Michaels final grade will be an F and he’ll lose the championship at IYH. Michaels says that Douglas will fail at the Heartbreak University.

3.) Godwinn and Kama start off the tag match. Godwinn holds onto the ropes to avoid a savant kick and dumps Kama over the top to the floor. Kama attacks from behind as Sid distracted Godwinn. Kama kicks Godwinn in the midsection and continues his offense in the corner. Sid tags into the contest yanking Godwinn down to the mat with Kama. Sid tries for a sunset flip, but Godwinn sits down. Sid is punched by Godwinn and Bigelow, but stops Godwinn with a kick. Bigelow tags in and Sid is met with a double clothesline. Sid boots a charging Bigelow in the corner, but Bigelow comes back with a clothesline for a near fall. Sid avoids a splash in the corner and clotheslines Bigelow. Sid big boots Bigelow over the top to the floor. Kama rams Bigelow into the ring post back first while the referee is distracted. Sid hammers away on Bigelow in the corner before tagging in Kama. Kama drops Bigelow after several right hands and shoves Godwinn off the apron. Bigelow shoulder blocks Kama and tries for a crossbody, but Kama delivers a slam before tagging in Sid. Sid nails Bigelow with a running boot to the midsection and continues with strikes to the back. We go to commercial.

Bigelow and Kama collide on a double clothesline knocking each other down. Sid tags into the contest and works over Bigelow with strikes. Bigelow takes Sid over with a snap suplex. Sid eye rakes Bigelow on the mat and chokes Bigelow over the middle rope. Sid misses a splash in the corner. Bigelow drives Sid down to the mat with a Samoan Drop. Bigelow is distracted by DiBiase allowing Sid to hit a middle rope chokeslam. Sid signals for a powerbomb, but Bigelow counters with a backdrop. Godwinn gets the hot tag and cleans house with right hands. DiBiase cheap shots Bigelow on the floor. Godwinn ducks a clothesline as Bigelow is sent into the post. Godwinn plants Sid with the Slop Drop, but the referee is distracted. Kama comes off the top with an elbow drop to allow Sid to pin Godwinn for the win. (**. That top rope elbow drop by Kama did not look very graceful at all. This was a decent tag match and I’m just glad that Sid and Kama managed to win. The fall of Bigelow continues since his high profile Mania match.)

4.) Goldust provided a pre-tape promo during Marty Jannetty’s enhancement match. Goldust quotes Hannibal Lector.

Final Thoughts:
A decent show this week as the featured tag match was a better than expected match. I’m looking forward to Ahmed Johnson and Goldust arriving in the WWF as they will give the WWF much more depth.

Thanks for reading.


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