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WWF Heat 1/3/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 1/3/1999
From: Worcester, MA

1.) George Steele defeated Headbanger Mosh
2.) Triple H defeated Mark Henry
3.) Val Venis defeated Christian
4.) Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman in a non-title match
5.) WWF Hardcore Champion Road Dogg defeated Test by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The New Age Outlaws make their way down to the ring to start the program. Billy Gunn has something to say about Ken Shamrock. Gunn assures Shamrock that he will hound Shamrock until he gets a shot at the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Road Dogg talks about the Rock and mentions defending the title against Mankind where Rock got involved. So, Dogg wants to kick Rock’s ass now. Dogg challenges The Rock to a hardcore match with his championship on the line. That brings out WWF World Champion The Rock, Test, WWF Intercontinental Champion/WWF Tag Team Champion Ken Shamrock and WWF Tag Team Champion Big Bossman. Shamrock tells Gunn that he’s already whooped Gunn’s ass once and reminds Gunn that he’s a UFC champion and is world class while Gunn is just trash. Shamrock tells Gunn that he’ll never get a shot at the title because he has no class.

Rock tells Road Dogg that he clearly wants to be famous. Rock admits to screwing Mankind out of the WWF Hardcore Championship and sees that as “tough luck”. Rock doesn’t think Dogg is ready to face him in a singles match and is certainly not worthy of such a match. Rock instead says that Road Dogg will have to wrestle Test tonight.

2.) Backstage, Michael Cole interviews WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock. Shamrock tosses Cole down for suggesting he’s ducking Gunn. Gunn jumps into the scene and attacks Shamrock until several officials get involved.

3.) George Steele challenges Mosh for his replica tag team championship. They are fighting for a fake championship.

4.) Steele wants to eat the turnbuckle but the referee is preventing that from happening. Mosh clotheslines Steele and Steele rips apart a turnbuckle pad. Mosh runs around the ring to avoid Steele. Mosh gets thrown back into the ring and Steele hits Mosh with a pair of brass knuckles to win the match. (NR. There was no reason for this to take place.) After the match, Mosh decks Steele and grabs the weapon that Steele used. The referee declines to change his official decision.

5.) We go to San Antonio where Shawn Michaels was interviewed. Michaels tells the interviewer that he’s young and doesn’t know who he is. Michaels isn’t afraid of Vince McMahon. Michaels guarantees to be at RAW tomorrow night. Michaels thinks that McMahon might get a kick out of it.

6.) Henry shoves HHH to the mat early on for the early advantage. HHH avoids a wild strike in the corner and taunts Henry. HHH delivers a boot to the midsection followed by an eye rake. Henry shoulder blocks HHH and gets distracted by Chyna on the aisle way. Chyna has someone with her and that allows HHH to hit the Pedigree to win the match. (NR. Just an angle advancement for Henry and his obsession with Chyna, I guess.)

7.) Vince McMahon has been training for the Royal Rumble and we get a video package of such training.

8.) Christian hammers away on Venis with strikes and stomps in the corner for the early advantage. Christian chops Venis against the ropes, but Venis comes back with a spinebuster and mounts Christian with right hands. Venis runs into a back elbow in the corner. Christian plants Venis with a powerbomb for a two count. Christian kicks Venis on the back to maintain control. Venis fights back with a few knee lifts against the ropes followed by a side Russian leg sweep and plays to the crowd. Venis pummels Christian with right hands on the mat. Venis gets dropkicked on the top turnbuckle. Christian tries for a superplex, but Venis shoves Christian off. Venis proceeds to the Money Shot for the win. (**. For a quick match, I thought that was actually rather solid.) After the match, the Brood enters the ring and attacks Venis tossing Venis to the floor. When the lights come back on, Venis is seen covered in “blood”. Venis freaks out about this as he heads backstage.

9.) Owen and Shamrock start off the tag match with both men getting wrist control. Shamrock plants Owen with a snap powerslam for a two count. Owen counters a hurricanrana with a powerbomb for a two count. Jarrett is tagged in and Shamrock delivers an elbow drop on the mat. Bossman tags in and works over Jarrett with a few strikes. Owen knee lifts Bossman from the apron allowing Jarrett to hit a single arm DDT. Bossman powerslams Jarrett on a crossbody attempt. Bossman tries for a backdrop, but Jarrett kicks him. Bossman hits the sidewalk slam for a two count. Debra gets on the apron to distract Bossman. Debra puts Bossman’s hand on her ass and that allows Jarrett to rollup Bossman from behind to win the match. (1/2*. That was a rather lame finish as I think these two teams could actually have a solid match if given time. However, a heel vs. heel team kind of match isn’t likely to connect with the fans.)

10.) Backstage, Owen and Jarrett believe they got screwed because it wasn’t a title match. Jarrett is pissed it wasn’t a title match but says they have the best secret in the business and that’s Debra.

11.) Mankind makes his way down to the ringside area to be on commentary. Road Dogg brings Mankind into the ring and offers to give Mankind a rematch at any point. Dogg wants Mankind to play the role of Billy Gunn tonight. They proceed to do the catchphrase.

12.) Test works over Dogg with a few strikes early on. Dogg ducks an elbow and delivers a few jabs to stagger Test. Dogg drops Test with a standing dropkick and hits a knee drop for a two count. Test forearms Dogg and hits a Falcon Arrow. Test taunts Mankind at the commentary table. Test knee lifts Dogg in the corner several times but runs into a big boot. Test nails Dogg with a big boot of his own. Test plants Dogg with a side slam for a near fall. Test connects with a neckbreaker. Test tries for a pump handle slam, but Dogg wiggles free. Dogg beats on Test in the corner with a few strikes and chops. Dogg comes off the middle rope with a strike. Dogg hits a pump handle slam, but Rock enters the ring and attacks Dogg. Mankind enters the ring and brawls with Rock while Dogg pummels Test to end the show. (*1/4. Well, if that was for the hardcore championship they didn’t do much of anything to play into the stipulation. I would’ve liked to see Rock vs. Dogg, but I’m thinking we might see a tag match at some point.)

Final Thoughts:
It was an easy hour of television to watch, but it didn’t have a lot of entertainment attached to it.

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