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Rebooking The WWF: Week 42, 1994

WWF RAW 10/17/1994
1. Mabel defeated Quebecer Jacques in 5:11 following a big splash.
2. Hughie The Clown defeated Jim Neidhart in 4:23 following a top rope moonsault.
3. Kings Court w/mini John Bradshaw: Jerry Lawler returned with his talk segment saying that his guest tonight is someone he despises but will put aside his hatred to conduct a professional interview. Lawler brings out John Bradshaw, but instead of the actual Bradshaw we are greeted with the dwarf version of the Texan. A dwarf comes down to the ring with a bull rope and a hat that is too big for his head. Lawler knew Bradshaw was a small man on the inside, but he wasn’t expecting this. Lawler tells Bradshaw that he is shameful to be in the WWF and isn’t near his level of royalty and asks the dwarf if he agrees. The dwarf asks how can he change his ways for Lawler to respect him. Lawler suggests he shine his boots up and the dwarf gets down on his knees to accommodate royalty. Lawler says he is sicken by the coward dwarf and kicks him to the floor with his newly shined boots. Lawler gets on the microphone and tells the world that John Bradshaw will fall down to royalty on October 30th.
4. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Paul Williams in 3:15 following a top rope diving head butt. After the match, Bigelow told the fans that if they are dumb enough to vote for him that he would be winning the WWF Intercontinental Championship on 10/30.
5. The Kamikaze Kid & Marty Jannetty defeated the Headshrinkers in 10:55 when Kid pinned Samu following a springboard moonsault.
6. Scott Steiner Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Scott Steiner regarding the pay per view in two weeks where he doesn’t know who he will be wrestling until the day of the event. Steiner says that he doesn’t care about that and that he has the talent and ability to overcome the obstacles put in his way. Steiner has heard Bigelow talking smack about winning the title and admits it would be a tough match, but the only fire Bigelow has is on his head and not in his heart to win the title. Steiner thinks Jarrett is the weak link of the Dynasty and Helmsley has more things to worry about in Mr. Perfect then try and steal the championship away from him. Ross asks Scott about Rick’s return and if they will go for the tag titles like Rick had stated. Scott says that when that time comes they will discuss their future but his focus is defending the WWF Intercontinental Championship every night.
7. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Boo Bradley in 2:16 following the Pedigree.
8. Bob Holly defeated Chris Kanyon in 3:04 following a missile dropkick.
9. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Norton Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with the Dynasty members as Jarrett will have a non-title match against Scott Steiner on October 22nd and Norton meets Undertaker in singles action at the Boston Gardens on the same date. Jarrett says that his victory on 10/22 will make him the number one contender and he will have no problem beating Steiner for the championship because greatness never fails. Jarrett also puts over Norton for being the strongest man in the WWF and the Undertaker will not rise again. Norton chimes in saying he will break the Undertaker and his manager Paul Bearer ending the super natural freak career in Boston once and for all.
10. Arn Anderson defeated Mo in 3:44 following a spine buster.
11. Mr. Perfect defeated Crush by disqualification in 5:09 when Helmsley came out and attacked Perfect as he was setting up for the Perfect Plex. Helmsley hit the Pedigree and stood over Perfect to end the segment.
12. In Your House Hype Video: A video promoting the mysterious title matches to take place on October 30th. Will there be shocking title wins? What kind of surprises are we in for on October 30th?
13. WWF World Champion King Yokozuna defeated Razor Ramon in 8:13 following the Bonzai Drop. After the match, the British Bulldog and Bret Hart ran down to save Ramon from a beating by Yokozuna, Crush and Borga. As King Yokozuna was heading up the ramp, the Undertaker appeared and scared Yokozuna into the crowd as Yokozuna has been confronted by the three challengers fans can vote for at IYH on October 30th.

WWF Superstars 10/22/1994
1. Chris Benoit defeated Bobby Walker in 2:40 with a Crossface. After the match, Benoit continued to state that he is going to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship.
2. The British Bulldog defeated Roadblock in 2:45 following a running power slam.
3. The Heavenly Bodies Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies who talk about dominating the South for years and now they are finding their groove in the WWF which will lead them to WWF World Tag Team Championships on October 30th. Prichard says that the WWF is witnessing the best tag team going today and when they get the Smoking Gunns in the ring those title belts will be around their waist in very short time. Cornette finishes off saying the Heavenly Bodies are expanding their dominance to all over the United States and beyond and it starts with the Smoking Gunns.
4. Jerry Lawler defeated Chad Quick in 2:06 following a piledriver.
5. Diesel Interview: Diesel shared some thoughts about Lex Luger in a pre-tape interview saying that he had always been annoyed by Luger and his self absorbed attitude. Diesel thinks a jackknife power bomb will bring Luger back to reality and the Narcissist will have to admit that Big Daddy Cool is the top dog in the WWF.
6. Bret Hart defeated Ludvig Borga in 12:24 with the Sharpshooter.

WWF Boston Gardens
Date: 10/22/1994
From: Boston, MA
Announcers: Jim Ross & Bobby Heenan

Opening Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner vs. Jeff Jarrett: Early on, Jarrett worked over Steiner with strikes and arm drags. Jeff maintained his offense with a standing dropkick and a middle rope knee drop. Steiner took Jarrett over with an overhead belly to belly suplex but Jarrett quickly put a stop to his offense with an eye rake followed by swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Jarrett gets crotched on the top rope and Steiner hits a superplex to cause both men to be on the canvas. Steiner hits a tilt a whirl back breaker and a double under hook power bomb. Steiner manages to get the victory after hitting the Frankensteiner. (Scott Steiner over Jeff Jarrett, 11:48, ***1/4)

Second Contest: Jerry Lawler vs. John Bradshaw:
Bradshaw pummels Lawler in the corner with right hands until Lawler sneaks in a low blow to drop Bradshaw to his knees. Lawler delivers a running knee strike and delivers a fist drop for a near fall. Lawler continues to work over Bradshaw with basic strikes and a nerve hold. Lawler attempts a backdrop but Bradshaw blocks it with a big boot and hit a side slam for a near fall of his own. Bradshaw attempts a clothesline but Lawler ducks and nails Bradshaw with a jaw breaker. Lawler with a kick to the gut and attempts a piledriver but Bradshaw backdrops Lawler and hits a lariat for the win. (John Bradshaw over Jerry Lawler, 8:15, **1/2)

Third Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions The Smoking Gunns vs. Doink The Clown & Hughie The Clown:
Billy and Hughie kicked off the contest with Hughie working over Billy with power holds hitting a snap power slam and swinging side slam. Hughie continues his offense with a back breaker and nearly won the match. Billy fights back with right hands and clotheslines Hughie before coming off the middle rope to dropkick Hughie and tag in Bart who cleans house with left hands. Bart nearly pins Hughie after a power slam but is dropped throat first across the top by Doink on the apron. Doink gets the tag and hit a top rope cross body for a near fall on Bart. Doink gets cocky and Bart plants Doink with a press slam and tags in Billy who works over Doink, as well. Billy hits a face buster on Doink for a near fall, which causes Hughie to enter the ring and a brawl occurs. Late in the match, The Gunns hit the side slam/top rope leg drop combo on Doink but Hughie enters to whack Billy over the back with one of the championships to cause a disqualification. (Smoking Gunns over Hughie & Doink The Clown by disqualification, 10:13, **3/4)

Fourth Contest: Diesel vs. Crush:
A powerful match as both men displayed their size. Crush impressed the crowd managing to hit a side slam and a middle rope flying head butt, but was unable to get a three count on Diesel. Crush had a nerve hold on Diesel, but Diesel was able to get out of the hold and hit a leaping clothesline. Diesel played to the crowd and hit a big boot on Crush followed by the jackknife to win the contest in short order. (Diesel over Crush, 5:29, *1/2)

Fifth Contest: Marty Jannetty vs. Ron Simmons:
Jannetty had the early advantage using his speed to get the better of Simmons hitting a dropkick to send Simmons over the top to the floor. Marty followed up with a slingshot cross body over the top to take Simmons out. Ron stopped Jannetty by ramming Marty back first into the ring post and drops Jannetty chest first across the guard railing. Simmons continued to work over Jannetty with a gut buster and a back suplex for a near fall. Jannetty battles back with a German suplex but Simmons kicks out at two. Jannetty leaps off the middle rope and hits an impressive somersault neck breaker but Simmons gets his boot on the bottom rope to break the cover. Late in the match, Jannetty attempts the Rocker Dropper, but Simmons counters by hitting a snap power slam and holds on for the three count. (Ron Simmons over Marty Jannetty, 8:53, **)

Sixth Contest: Mr. Perfect vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley:
Perfect wastes no time as he tackles Helmsley on the apron and they start brawling on the floor. Helmsley rams Perfect into the guard railing but Perfect manages to backdrop Helmsley on the floor! Perfect rolls Hunter into the ring and leaps off the top rope to hit a double axe handle for a near fall. Hunter stops Perfect by dropping him throat first across the top rope and hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Helmsley continues his offense with a lifting reverse DDT but only gets a two count on a pin attempt. Helmsley attempts the Pedigree but Perfect counters with a rollup and nearly gets a victory but Hunter regains control with a high knee lift. Helmsley works over Perfect in the corner but it seemingly wakes Perfect up and he goes on a rampage with right hands and a knee lift of his own. Perfect sets Helmsley up and hits the Perfect Plex, but Helmsley gets his feet in the ropes and bails to the floor deciding against competing as Perfect is fired up. Perfect chases after Helmsley and brawls with Hunter on the floor eventually leading to a double count-out. Perfect ended up hitting the Perfect Plex on the floor until officials came out to keep them apart. (Mr. Perfect fought Hunter Hearst Helmsley to a double count-out, 12:15, ***)

Main Event: The Undertaker vs. Scott Norton:
Norton quickly went on the attack once the lights came back on hammering away on Taker in the corner with strikes and shoulder rams. Taker comes charging out of the corner to clothesline Norton a couple of times and attempts a choke slam but Norton rakes Taker’s eyes to break the hold. Norton locks in a bear hug but Taker is able to eventually fight his way out of the hold and hits a leaping clothesline for a two count. Norton catches Taker on a second clothesline attempt and drives Taker down to the canvas with a spine buster for a near fall. Norton attempts a power bomb but Taker slides off the back of Norton and goes for a choke slam but Jeff Jarrett runs into the ring and whacks Taker over the back with a steel chair to cause a disqualification. After the match, Taker clotheslines Norton to the floor and choke slams Jeff Jarrett. Taker isn’t done as he grabs Jarrett and spikes Jarrett with a tombstone piledriver to send the fans home happy. (The Undertaker over Scott Norton, 7:33, **)

WWF Wrestling Challenge 10/23/1994
1. Doink the Clown defeated Kevin Hall in 2:17 following the Whoopee Cushion.
2. WWF World Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated Barry Horowitz & Reno Riggins
3. Carlos Vega defeated Owen Hart in 6:09 following a spinning heel kick.


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