WWF Heat 4/28/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: St. Louis, MO

1.) Big Bossman defeated Crash Holly
2.) Tommy Dreamer defeated Justin Credible
3.) Raven defeated Steven Richards
4.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero defeated D’Lo Brown

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bossman shoves Crash towards the corner and delivers a throat thrust to avoid a slam attempt by Crash. Crash walks the ropes, but is tossed off the middle rope. Bossman slides to the floor and decks Crash with a right hand. Bossman splashes Crash in the corner leading to another two count. Crash tries for another slam after a few right hands, but Bossman counters with a slam of his own before missing an elbow drop. Crash runs into a big boot. Bossman hip tosses Crash and gouges Crash’s mouth. Bossman continues to beat on Crash with right hands. Crash battles back with right hands, but runs into a boot. Crash manages to scoop slam Bossman and he’s fired up. Crash delivers a forearm smash and a dropkick. Bossman plants Crash with the Bossman Slam to win the match. (*1/4. I wouldn’t have had Crash win the match two weeks ago against Jacqueline if Crash is going to be an enhancement guy. Bossman clearly still has some sort of value as a heel even if he remains on secondary show.)

2.) Dreamer shoulder blocks Credible and takes Credible over with a hip toss. Credible bails to the floor to regroup. Dreamer decks Credible on the floor with a right hand. Dreamer kicks Credible over the top turnbuckle and shakes the ropes. Dreamer takes Credible over with a snap suplex for a two count. Dreamer has Credible over the shoulder, but Credible breaks free and sends Dreamer intro the ring post. Credible powerbombs Dreamer out of the corner for a two count. Credible wraps Dreamer’s arm around the ring post and slams Dreamer’s hand on the ring steps. Dreamer elbows Credible, but Credible takes Dreamer down to the mat. Dreamer fights back with strikes, but Credible hits a spinning DDT for a near fall. Dreamer clotheslines Credible over the top to the floor. Credible drops Dreamer over the top rope, but runs into a sit out spinebuster. Dreamer delivers a swinging neckbreaker and another powerslam for a two count. Dreamer spikes Credible with a DDT for a near fall. Dreamer leaps off the middle rope and is met with a superkick in midair for a two count. Dreamer blocks a superkick and spikes Credible with a Death Valley Driver for the win. (**. These two obviously have chemistry and put together a fun match in limited time. Credible looked good in there, but doesn’t appear to be someone that the WWF has any interest in pushing.)

3.) Backstage, Lilian Garcia interviews the returning D’Lo Brown. D’Lo says he’s excited to be back in the WWF. Being gone for so long is a pain he doesn’t want to feel again. Brown is going to take the opportunity tonight against WWF Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero to prove he’s back. D’Lo has a catchphrase of “what’s my name” and after Lilian responds he says “you’re damn right.”

4.) Steven Richards comes out and cuts a promo saying that Raven called him wacko. Richards tells Raven that his mind and body are the best they have been in his career. Richards issues a challenge to Raven to a match tonight.

5.) Raven slides into the ring and Richards hammers away on Raven in the corner. Raven clotheslines Richards followed by a bulldog out of the corner. Richards kicks Raven, but Raven decks Richards with a clothesline for a near fall. Raven works over Richards with chops in the corner. Richards kicks Raven and clotheslines them both over the top to the floor. Richards tries for a cover, but Raven kicks out at two. Richards takes Raven over with a snap suplex. Richards plants Raven with a side slam for a near fall. Richards delivers a strike to the gut and tries for a rollup, but Raven escapes. Raven backdrops Richards and decks Richards with a right hand. Raven clotheslines Richards and nearly wins after a knee lift. Raven tries for a DDT, but Richards rams Raven into the corner. Richards sends Raven into the corner chest first and misses a superkick. Raven plants Richards with a DDT for the win. (**. I liked the pace and the energy these two had. Raven played the face role this time around and connected well with the crowd.)

6.) Guerrero controls Brown with a headlock early into the match followed by a shoulder block. Brown arm drags Guerrero and taunts Guerrero. Guerrero delivers a few strikes in the corner. Brown elbows Guerrero and hits a middle rope clothesline for a near fall. Brown plants Guerrero with a swinging slam for a two count. D’Lo is met with a back elbow strike and Guerrero maintains control with right hands in the corner. Guerrero drives Brown down with a back suplex and hits a slingshot senton splash for a two count. Guerrero locks in an abdominal stretch. Brown manages to break free with a hip toss. Guerrero regains the advantage with a right hand, but Brown hits a snap powerslam for a two count. Guerrero eye rakes Brown followed by several chops and a clothesline. Guerrero dropkicks a seated Brown for a two count. Brown heel kicks Guerrero and backdrops Guerrero. Brown slams Guerrero before hitting his trademark leg drop for a two count. Guerrero shoves Brown off the middle rope, but rolls through on a frog splash attempt. Guerrero spikes Brown with a tornado DDT. Guerrero goes to the top and hits a frog splash for the win. (**. I’m glad that D’Lo is back on TV and he could be a useful talent for shows like Heat. The action was fine throughout and they worked well together. An enjoyable main event to end the program.)

Final Thoughts:
An enjoyable show with a few matches involving long standing issues stemming from ECW. I’m looking forward to more D’Lo matches on Heat.

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