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WWE Smackdown 10/10/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: Phoenix, AZ

In the parking lot, the Undertaker is waiting for Brock Lesnar. Taker’s right hand is in a cast as he has a broken hand.

Matt Hardy makes his way out to cut a promo. Hardy says times are great for him, version one. Hardy says that he’s been getting a lot of fan mail since he beat Taker for the second time last week. Hardy brags about beating Undertaker in a falls count anywhere match. Hardy claims he had dominance over Taker. Hardy proceeds to show footage of his victory. Of course, Hardy leaves out the F5 by Lesnar. Undertaker is seen walking towards the ring backstage. Hardy is unaware of this. Hardy finally sees Taker and suggests Taker not come down to the ring. Hardy goes on the attack with right hands using the microphone and rams Taker’s hand on the turnbuckle. Taker nails Hardy with the cast a couple of times and Hardy bails to the floor. Taker knee lifts Hardy on the floor and sends Hardy into the ring steps. Taker sends Hardy into the timekeepers position. Taker continues to pummel Hardy with the cast and Hardy has been busted wide open. Taker scares off a few officials. Hardy fights back with right hands, but Taker knee lifts Hardy several times. Hardy low blows Taker to avoid the Last Ride. Taker fights back with strikes to send Hardy to the floor. Hardy gets a chair and nails Taker over the back with a chair shot. Taker punches the chair and continues to hammer away on Hardy. Taker elbows Hardy against the ring post. Taker misses a right hand and hits the ring post. Hardy manages to crawl away and escape further punishment.

Backstage, Undertaker is being checked by the doctor who is saying that Taker’s hand could be broken in another spot and they need to get x-rays.

Opening Contest: Rikishi vs. Eddie Guerrero: Rikishi starts off with a shoulder block, but Guerrero hammers away on Rikishi. Rikishi shoulder blocks Guerrero again and locks in a bearhug. Guerrero breaks free and avoids a sit down splash. Guerrero connects with a seated dropkick and beats on Rikishi against the ropes with strikes and stomps. Guerrero stomps on Rikishi some more and hammers away on Rikishi in the corner. Rikishi backdrops Guerrero followed by a spinebuster. Rikishi misses a back splash in the corner and Guerrero dropkicks Rikishi on the knee. Guerrero hits a slingshot senton from the apron into the ring. Guerrero misses a top rope frog splash. Rikishi hits a Samoan Drop and a clothesline in the corner. Guerrero falls down in the corner. Rikishi tosses Chavo into the ring and delivers a savant kick. Rikishi back splashes both Eddie and Chavo and they drop down in the corner. Rikishi hits a double stink face! Guerrero grabs a chair and tries to use it, but Rikishi punches Eddie down. Rikishi kicks Chavo to the floor allowing Eddie to smash Rikishi on the ankle with a chair shot. Guerrero locks in the El Paso Lasso for the submission victory. (*1/2. I like the finish and the idea that the Guerrero’s are going to smash ankles allowing them to win matches. It’s a fine start to the show for in-ring action.)

Backstage, Torrie Wilson is trying to figure out what to wear in her lingerie contest against Dawn Marie. Al Wilson, her father, comes up and surprises Torrie. She wants to show Al something in her locker room.

Backstage, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit are staring at each other while Stephanie McMahon is pacing behind them. Stephanie needs them to work together tonight and get along. She puts them over as being two of the best that the brand has to offer. Stephanie will have to suspend them if they don’t get along. Angle is thrilled to be part of the tournament and says he’s going to win the tournament no matter who his partner is. Benoit laughs off some insults by Angle. Benoit thinks that Angle is jealous that he lost at Unforgiven. Benoit wants Angle to follow his lead since Angle has never been a tag champion before. They argue over who leaves first and they stay in the office in a stand still.

Backstage, Funaki is with Rey Mysterio Jr. for an interview. Mysterio is teaming with Edge against Jamie Noble and Tajiri in a tournament match. Nidia comes over and begins to seduce Mysterio in Spanish. Mysterio apparently insults Nidia and she flips out. Nidia walks into Noble and storms off because Noble wasn’t there for her. Noble demands respect from Nidia and tells her to calm down. Security comes over and asks if everything is okay, but they kick Noble and Nidia out of the arena.

Backstage, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero are standing outside the GM office and they are happy with their recent actions. Chavo thinks they are going to win the tag titles at No Mercy. Chris Benoit exits the room and Eddie asks if Benoit saw what they did to Rikishi. Benoit tells Eddie that he will be damned if he sits at home for another year. Chavo and Eddie say there’s been a rumor that Angle has been wanting to take time off to train for the Olympics. This news doesn’t sit well with Benoit. Eddie and Chavo are stirring trouble between Benoit and Angle. Angle exits the room and the Guerrero’s leave. Angle wonders if they were just walking about him. Angle wants to know what they were talking about and threatens to beat up Benoit, but Benoit laughs and walks off.

Second Contest: Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs. Billy Kidman & John Cena in the Smackdown Tag Title Tournament: Benoit and Kidman start off the match with Benoit delivering chops. Kidman hits a hurricanrana to gain control and tags in Cena. Cena gets a two count following a double back elbow. Angle enters and Cena hip tosses Angle followed by right hands. Cena forearm smashes Angle for a two count. Kidman dropkicks Angle for a two count. Kidman kicks Angle, but is tossed over the top with a belly to belly suplex. Benoit follows to the floor and pulls Kidman to his feet and rolls him back into the ring allowing Angle to keep control of the contest. Angle plants Kidman with a back suplex. Angle tosses Kidman with another overhead belly to belly suplex. Benoit tags into the match and stomps on Kidman followed by strikes. Benoit takes Kidman over with a series of German suplexs. Benoit drives Kidman down to the mat with a backbreaker. Benoit slams Kidman and locks in a half Boston Crab, but Kidman doesn’t submit. Kidman almost pins Benoit with an inside cradle. Angle tags in and argues with Benoit. Angle keeps control by stomping on Kidman followed by a backbreaker for a two count.

Angle hammers away on Kidman in the corner and runs into a boot in the corner. Cena gets the tag, but the referee didn’t see it. Angle slams Kidman to the mat to keep control. Angle hits a snap suplex to keep control on Kidman. Angle misses a spear and hits the post. Kidman nails Benoit with a kick to the head. Kidman crawls to the corner and tags in Cena. Cena clotheslines Benoit a few times followed by a backdrop and a spinebuster to Angle. Cena plants Benoit with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Angle is tossed to the floor by Cena. Cena clotheslines Benoit and Kidman hits the Shooting Star Press, but Angle makes the save. Cena clotheslines Angle over the top to the floor. Benoit back suplexs Cena over the top to the floor. Benoit tries for a powerbomb, but Kidman hits a facebuster for a two count. Kidman tries for a bulldog, but Angle counters with the Angle Slam and locks in the ankle lock. Cena knocks Angle to the floor and Benoit sends Cena to the floor. Benoit puts the Crossface on Kidman to win the match by submission. After the match, Angle argues with Benoit. (**1/2. Give me more of Kidman against the Smackdown Six. Cena was fine in his brief role, but Kidman was a lot of fun and the action held my interest. The finish continues the repetitive nature of the feud so it’s lacking depth. I’m thinking Angle and Benoit win the tag titles to continue their bickering.)

Backstage, Smackdown Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and a mystery woman arrive. Heyman tells a guy to make sure that the entrance to the ring is clear because they are going to the ring.

A video promoting Matt Hardy and his Matt-attitude is shown. Hardy explains that it means he knows he’s the best. Nobody else can be Matt Hardy.

Smackdown Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and the unknown woman make their way down to the ring for a promo. Heyman says they are here tonight to talk about the Undertaker. Heyman reminds us that Taker has a broken hand because of the Undertaker. Heyman asks what kind of man wants to enter the Hell In The Cell with the champion. Heyman reveals the woman’s name is Traci. Traci grabs the microphone, but Undertaker’s music hits and Taker makes his way down to the ring. Taker scares Lesnar from the ring. Traci asks if Taker is going to hit her and she asks “how could you, Mark?” She claims that Taker has lied to her and slept with her. Traci didn’t know Taker was married and his wife was pregnant. She calls Taker a bastard. She never watched wrestling and didn’t care who he was. Traci promised to never take the relationship public. Taker is acting confused. Traci hopes that Sara is watching and she apologizes for her having to find out like this. Traci says that Taker lied to her just as he’s lying to Sara. Traci wonders how many other women Taker sleeps with. Taker tells Traci he has no idea who she is and Traci slaps Taker before leaving the ring.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon stops Lesnar, Heyman and Traci from leaving because Lesnar has a match tonight. Stephanie says that Jamie Noble never returned and thus Lesnar will be teaming with Tajiri against Rey Mysterio Jr. and Edge tonight. Heyman doesn’t like the sound of this and tries to reason with Stephanie, but she’s not going to change her mind. Stephanie says the tag title tournament is important and says that Lesnar will team with Tajiri. Stephanie announces that if the Undertaker interferes in the main event then Taker won’t get the match at No Mercy.

Third Contest: Billy Gunn vs. Rev. D-Von: D-Von decks Billy in the corner for the early advantage. Billy shoulder blocks D-Von followed by a suplex for a two count. Billy tries for a cobra clutch slam, but D-Von breaks free and hammers away on Gunn. D-Von runs into a hip toss/neckbreaker for a two count. D-Von bails to the floor to regroup. Ron Simmons clotheslines Gunn on the floor while the referee was distracted by Chuck. D-Von sends Gunn into the ring steps. D-Von connects with a spinning elbow strike and chokes Gunn. D-Von drops Gunn with a right hand and locks in a chin lock on the mat. Billy elbows free and D-Von hits a flapjack. D-Von tries for a cover and nearly pins Billy. D-Von scoop slams Billy leading to a two count. Gunn plants D-Von with the cobra clutch slam, but both men are down. Gunn decks D-Von with a few forearms and a dropkick. Gunn plays to the crowd and splashes D-Von in the corner. Gunn signals for the Fame-Asser, but Simmons trips Gunn. Chuck Palumbo superkicks Simmons. Gunn counters the Saving Grace and hits the cobra clutch slam for the win. (*1/4. I’m just not getting into Billy and Chuck as faces. I’m more interested in the team of Simmons/D-Von as a heel duo. The match here was okay, but just wasn’t invested in it.)

Backstage, Undertaker is on the phone and is arguing with Sara trying to explain that he’s never seen Traci in his life. Sara hung up on him and Taker flipped out.

Backstage, Chavo is screaming for Benoit needing help and holds his eyes. Chavo leads Benoit into the room where Angle is at. However, Chavo holds the door shut and there’s brawling in the room. Chavo opens the door and asks if Eddie’s okay. Eddie exits the room with a chair and reveals a dent. They leave suggesting that Benoit will think it was Angle and not them.

Backstage, Torrie Wilson feels weird that Al Wilson will see her in her lingerie. Apparently, Al doesn’t watch Smackdown. Torrie promises to have dinner later. Dawn Marie walks over and asks for Al’s opinion on her lingerie. Dawn seduces Al with her breasts and kisses Al on the cheek before walking off.

Fourth Contest: Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson in a lingerie contest: In a shocking turn of events, Torrie wins the contest.

Backstage, Dawn Marie meets up with Al Wilson and wanted to give Torrie props for winning. Al was watching and thought Dawn looked great. Dawn shows Al a magazine with her hotel room key and says she’s in room 604 before walking off.

Backstage, Brock Lesnar wants Paul Heyman’s phone and proceeds to make a call. Lesnar asks if the person is okay and is offended that they don’t know who he is. Lesnar identifies himself and says he’s happy they could spend another moment together… Lesnar called Sara. Heyman laughs that off.

Main Event: Edge & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Smackdown World Champion Brock Lesnar & Tajiri in the Smackdown Tag Title Tournament: Edge and Lesnar kickoff the main event. Lesnar shoves Edge to the mat and taunts the crowd. Lesnar shoves Edge to the mat a second time and taunts Edge some more. Lesnar shoulder blocks Edge and misses an elbow drop. Edge drop toe holds Lesnar and taunts the champ. Edge dumps Lesnar over the top to the floor. Lesnar is livid. Edge hammers away on Lesnar, but Lesnar stops Edge with a knee lift. Lesnar misses a clothesline and Edge tries for a crossbody, but Mysterio tagged in and hits a crossbody for a two count after Lesnar caught Edge. Mysterio kicks Lesnar away in the corner, but can’t escape Lesnar. Lesnar stops Mysterio on a crawl to drive Mysterio down to the mat gut first. Lesnar press slams Mysterio gut first to the mat and Tajiri tags in. Tajiri savant kicks Mysterio for a two count. Tajiri keeps Mysterio on the mat with a headlock. Tajiri works over Mysterio with strikes, but Mysterio dumps Tajiri to the apron. Tajiri goes for the tarantula and has it locked in, but has to let go.

Tajiri misses a kick, but dropkicks Mysterio for a two count. Tajiri grabs Mysterio on the apron, but Mysterio hits a head scissors and tries to tag in Edge. Tajiri rams Mysterio into the corner back first. Tajiri decks Mysterio on the top turnbuckle and is shoved off the ropes. Edge gets tagged in and cleans house with strikes on Tajiri. Edge plants Tajiri with a flapjack and a facebuster. Edge nails Lesnar off the apron. Edge almost pins Tajiri, but Lesnar gets involved. Lesnar misses a spear hitting the post. Lesnar doesn’t budge on a clothesline. Edge forearms Lesnar off his feet. Tajiri accidentally kicks Lesnar in the face. Mysterio and Edge dropkick Lesnar to the floor. Edge drop toe holds Tajiri allowing Mysterio to hit the 619. Edge spears Tajiri to win the match. (**1/2. Obviously there wasn’t going to be a Lesnar/Tajiri victory here. The action was good, though.) After the match, Lesnar tosses Edge with a suplex and hits a backbreaker on Mysterio before tossing Mysterio into the ring. Lesnar grabs Tajiri and hits the F5! The Undertaker comes out and nails Lesnar with the cast. Lesnar rolls to the floor and bails up the aisle to get away from Taker.

Final Thoughts:
This week felt like it was more focused on angle developments than having standout matches. There were a couple of decent matches, but nothing memorable. Matt Hardy continues to excel in his role and is getting some great heat. Lesnar continuing the mind games with Taker is going well, but the usage of an affair storyline seems a bit repetitive. I’d rather they just keep to their mutual hatred for each other instead of adding nonsense like that. I’ll give this weeks Smackdown an average rating.

Thanks for reading.


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