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Rebooking The WWF: Week 52, 1994

WWF RAW 12/26/1994
1. WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner defeated Crush in 7:19 following a double under hook power bomb.
2. WWF World Tag Team Champions Tatanka & Carlos Vega defeated AJ Fatal & Damien Wolf in 2:43 when Vega pinned Wolf following a spinning heel kick.
3. Kings Court w/ Randy Savage: Jerry Lawler introduces a wrestler that “the world has forgotten about” since Survivor Series, Randy Savage. Savage comes out and plays to the crowd before Lawler asks where Savage has been since he hasn’t been in the spotlight. Savage says he has been gone for all of a week and Lawler wants to say he is forgotten about. Savage talks about the Royal Rumble and how that is his chance to get the WWF World Championship back around his waist for the first time since 1992. As Savage is speaking, Bam-Bam Bigelow comes down and is shaking his head. Bigelow enters the ring and tells Savage to go away and get out of delusion. Bigelow says that Savage’s time in the ring is over with and that he will never be the WWF World Champion. 1995 is the year that the Beast from the East wins the WWF World Championship and sets the WWF a blaze with his dominance. Bigelow notes that Savage hasn’t won a major match in quite some time and suggests that Savage isn’t the “Macho Mana anymore, but more of a whipping boy.” Savage snaps and takes Bigelow down mounting Bigelow with right hands. Lawler pulls Savage off and gets decked for his involvement. Savage turns around and Bigelow drops Savage with a leaping kick to the head knocking Savage out. Bigelow pummels Savage some more until officials pull Bigelow off. Bigelow screams out “it’s my time” as the segment comes to an end.
4. Diesel defeated Scott Taylor in 1:33 following a Jackknife Powerbomb. After the match, Diesel signals that the WWF World Championship is coming around his waist.
5. Hakushi Vignette: A vignette promoting the “greatest Japanese star” coming to the WWF is aired. The wrestler, Hakushi, doesn’t say a word, but performs some martial arts. He appears to have his entire upper body tattooed with symbols.
6. The Smoking Gunns defeated Bart Starr & Rhino Richards in 3:44 when Billy pinned Richards after the Sidewinder.
7. Shawn Michaels wrestled Ron Simmons to a no contest in 7:04 when Tatanka, Carlos Vega and Diesel all got involved in the match. The Movement knocked Michaels and Diesel down and stood tall holding the WWF World Tag Team Championships over them. John Bradshaw ran down with a steel chair to run the heels off and checked on Michaels and Diesel.
8. Rick Steiner Interview: A video of Rick Steiner explaining himself is aired. Steiner knows that a lot of peopler think that Scott Steiner is the better wrestler, and that may very well be true. However, when they fight Scott is going to have to fight and Rick has always been the better fighter. Rick says he is tired of Scott getting accomplishment after accomplishment and it’s time for Rick Steiner to be the recognition he has always deserved and that will happen when he wins the WWF Intercontinental Championship at the Royal Rumble.
9. The British Bulldog defeated Ludvig Borga in 1:45 following a running power slam. After the match, the British Bulldog was interviewed and said that he is determined to get another shot at the WWF World Championship.
10. The Undertaker & Paul Bearer Segment: Paul Bearer and The Undertaker were at a cemetery in the rain where Undertaker is digging a grave. Bearer says that Scott Norton’s new home is being created for him. Taker stops shoveling and says that at the Royal Rumble the Dynasty will begin to crumble and Scott Norton will Rest in Peace.
11. Razor Ramon defeated Arn Anderson by disqualification in 6:25 when Jeff Jarrett got involved. After the match, Anderson managed to tie Ramon into the ropes and Jarrett grabbed a guitar from the under the ring. Jarrett proceeded to smash the guitar over Ramon’s head and taunted a lifeless Ramon afterward.
12. Tamara & Rick Martel Confrontation: Tamara asks Rick Martel to come to the ring and talk to her. Martel comes down and seems to be questioning Tamara’s motives. Tamara tells Martel this is a tough moment for her. She has seen how Martel has been competing with a new found fire and attitude and that’s the Rick Martel she fell in love with. Tamara apologizes to Martel and wants to be back by his side because she realized that Martel is the man for her. Martel doesn’t know what to do and goes in for a hug after a moment, but Tamara drops to her knees and low blows Martel. Martel looks up to her on his knees asking “why?” Tamara tells Martel to turnaround and Martel stumble to his feet, turns around, and is met with a big boot from a tall blonde man with a beard. The mysterious man proceeds to put Martel over his shoulder and drops down to his knees for a devastating back breaker! Tamara grabs the microphone and says “You’re still the stupid man I left. I’ve met the man who is ready for primetime and is ready to rule the WWF with a powerful woman. You’re looking at “Primetime” Brian Lee!” Lee and Tamara kiss over the fallen Martel to end the segment.
13. The Headshrinkers defeated The Heavenly Bodies in 6:09 when Fatu pinned Del Ray after a big splash from the top. After the match, it was announced that on next weeks episode of RAW the Headshrinkers would get a WWF World Tag Team Championship match with the Movement.
14. WWF World Champion King Yokozuna defeated Mr. Perfect in 7:44 to retain the title following the Bonzai Drop

WWF Superstars 12/31/1994
1. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Tim Howard in 2:56 following a diving head butt.
2. John Bradshaw defeated Chris Kanyon in 2:45 following a lariat
3. Jeff Jarrett defeated Greg Price in 2:43 following a jumping double arm DDT.
4. Bret Hart defeated IRS in 5:32 with the Sharpshooter


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