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WWE Smackdown 11/7/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: Manchester, NH

A video package promoting the feud between Big Show and Smackdown World Champion Brock Lesnar is shown to kickoff the show. Big Show has taken the Undertaker out of action and Heyman isn’t sure how much of a toll Hell In A Cell has taken on Lesnar. Heyman doesn’t believe that Lesnar can beat Show.

Opening Contest: WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble & Nidia vs. Billy Kidman & Torrie Wilson: Kidman and Noble start the match with Noble gaining control with a takedown and strikes. Kidman hits a hurricanrana coming off the ropes, but is met with an elbow in the corner. Noble catapults Kidman into the corner, but Kidman lands on the middle rope to dropkick Noble for a near fall. Noble tosses Kidman with a suplex for a near fall. Nidia tags into the match and kicks Kidman a few times. Kidman grabs Nidia and tags in Wilson. Wilson decks Nidia with a right hand followed by stomps. Wilson shoulder rams Nidia in the corner. Nidia yanks Wilson down by her hair and chokes her for a few moments. Nidia scoop slams Wilson for a near fall, because Nidia pulled her up. Wilson goes for a sunset flip, but Nidia sits down for a near fall. Wilson drives Nidia down with a neckbreaker. Wilson hits a dropkick for a two count. Nidia misses a splash in the corner and Wilson slaps Noble off the apron. Kidman tries to get involved allowing Noble to clothesline Wilson. Kidman gets tagged in and clotheslines Noble followed by a dropkick. Kidman backdrops Noble and drops Noble over his knee for a two count. Noble ducks a clothesline and plants Kidman with a DDT for a two count. Noble tries for a powerbomb, but Kidman hits a sit out powerbomb. Noble and Nidia are sent into each other and Kidman dropkicks Noble from behind. Kidman bulldogs Noble out of the corner. Kidman heads to the top rope while Wilson chokes Nidia. Kidman hits the Shooting Star Press on Noble to win the match. (**1/2. I really enjoyed the action between Kidman and Noble and the match flew by to start the show. This was far better than I was expecting, so that’s awesome. I’m interested in seeing a singles match between them for the title.)

Backstage, Big Show has arrived and threatens a security guy telling him to find Lesnar and tell him that Big Show has arrived.

Backstage, Torrie Wilson meets with her father, Al Wilson. Al asks if he’s been a good father to Torrie and says he’s done everything for her. Al admits he’s been lonely since the divorce. Al is going to do something for him and hopes she will understand. Torrie is confused by that.

Backstage, Funaki is with John Cena for an interview. Cena raps about his match and says he’s not going to lose to Rikishi. Rikishi enters the scene and provides his rap for the match. It’s safe to say Cena had a better rap.

Backstage, we see footage of Bischoff kissing Stephanie on a television once again. Stephanie McMahon is watching it on the television. Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Eddie Guerrero enter the scene to surprise Stephanie. Eddie says they were talking and they think they should be getting a tag title match and not Rey Mysterio and Edge. Eddie reminds Stephanie that he defeated Kurt Angle last week. Stephanie reminds them that Edge and Rey won the number one contenders match. Stephanie has a big announcement to make on Super Tuesday regarding the tag titles. Stephanie books Eddie into the main event against Smackdown World Champion Brock Lesnar in a non-title match. Eddie and Chavo don’t like that idea. Eddie says they will win, but Chavo doesn’t know what Eddie’s talking about. They leave with Eddie saying that Stephanie is probably in heat.

Second Contest: John Cena vs. Rikishi: Cena takes Rikishi down but doesn’t followup on the advantage. Rikishi seems to respect that move. Cena tries for a go behind, but can’t connect his hands. Rikishi uses his backside to bounce Cena away. Rikishi shoulder blocks Cena through the ropes to the floor. Cena returns to the ring and gets in Rikishi’s face until a throat thrust knocks him down. Cena tries to punch Rikishi’s ass and sells it as if he just broke his hand. Cena dropkicks Rikishi on the knee and hits a back suplex. Cena hammers away on Rikishi, but is shoved away in the corner. Cena clotheslines Rikishi from behind and heads to the top rope. Cena missile dropkicks Rikishi for a near fall. Cena keeps control with a chin lock on the mat, but doesn’t get a submission. Rikishi elbows free and hits a Samoan Drop. Rikishi waits in the corner hitting a running back splash. Cena drops down in the corner. Rikishi delivers the Stink Face and Cena is furious. Rikishi slams Cena to the mat and hits a Bonzai Drop for the win. (*. It figures that Cena has a memorable moment last week and is then used here to lose to Rikishi cleanly. The bizarre desire to give Rikishi constant momentum is mind blowing to me at this point. I’m sure in a few weeks Rikishi will be losing to someone important on the show.)

Backstage, Matt Hardy is with Shannon Moore and tells him it’s very important to watch the tapes he gives him. Hardy gets mad at Moore putting sugar in his coffee. Hardy says that Moore is his first student and his first M-Fer. Hardy is going to Brock Lesnar’s locker room to settle some issues.

Backstage, Dawn Marie is putting lotion on her body when Al Wilson walks up and Dawn wonders if he’s okay with doing this tonight. Dawn says it’s a big step and asks about Torrie Wilson. Al is going to ask Dawn the question in the ring and nobody will stop him. He knows what is right in his heart.

Backstage, Matt Hardy walks up to Paul Heyman in the hallway. Hardy says that Show is looking for Brock Lesnar. Hardy brags about beating Undertaker twice and takes credit for Lesnar winning at No Mercy. Hardy is going to Stephanie McMahon’s office to demand a match against Big Show so that Lesnar will defeat Show easily at Survivor Series. Heyman appreciates this offer by Hardy. Heyman walks into Brock’s locker room where Lesnar is pacing back and forth. Heyman is giddy. Lesnar wants a piece of Big Show. Heyman says that Lesnar defends the title when he sets it up. Heyman wants Lesnar to focus on Eddie Guerrero tonight. Heyman asks Lesnar to let him do his job and unleash the animal.

Al Wilson makes his way down to the ring to ask an important question to Dawn Marie. Al knows that Torrie wants him to be happy. Al met another angel a few weeks ago and her name is Dawn Marie. Al calls out Dawn to join him in the ring. Of course, Dawn makes her way down to the ring. Al says that Dawn has made him feel strong and sexy. He’s been feeling like a man because of her. Al has to do what he has to do at this point. Al gets down on bended knee and asks Dawn to marry him. Dawn takes a few moments and Al appears to be a little worried. Al promises to kill himself if Dawn doesn’t say yes. Dawn says yes and Al is thrilled. Al puts a ring on her finger. They walk off happy.

Backstage, Marc Lloyd tries to get a comment from Torrie Wilson, but she runs off in tears.

Third Contest: Big Show vs. Matt Hardy: Hardy hammers away on Big Show and tries for a Side Effect, but Show avoids it and clotheslines Hardy. Show sends Hardy into the ring post on the apron. Show rolls Hardy into the ring to continue the match. We see Brock Lesnar watching the match backstage. Show clotheslines Hardy in the corner and continues with a backbreaker. Show puts a bearhug on Hardy to control the contest. Hardy fights his way out by biting Show. Show misses a splash in the corner and Hardy continues with right hands. Hardy boots Show and leaps off the middle rope only to be caught and chokeslammed to the mat. (1/2*. I understand why they’d use Hardy here to continue the story, but I’m bummed that he’d be destroyed so quickly. Hardy’s been entertaining in his role and being jobbed out so quickly doesn’t really benefit him.)

Big Show grabs a microphone to cut a promo. Show says he was the next big thing long before Brock Lesnar ever was. Show promises that he will be the next champion at Survivor Series. Lesnar throws the television down because he’s pissed about that.

Fourth Contest: Smackdown Tag Team Champions Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. & Edge in a best two out of three falls match: Angle and Mysterio kickoff the title match with Angle taking Mysterio down to the mat. Mysterio kicks Angle in the corner and drop toe holds Angle to the mat. Mysterio arm drags Angle across the ring and runs away sending Angle through the middle rope to the floor. Angle drops Mysterio with a short arm clothesline, but Mysterio hits a head scissors and tags in Edge. Benoit tags into the match and is shoulder blocked by Edge followed by arm drags and a dropkick. Edge rams Benoit into the corner to deliver a few chops and strikes to knock Benoit down to the mat. Edge kicks Benoit, but is grabbed by Angle. Edge knocks Angle off the apron, but Benoit sends Edge chest first into the corner and hits a back suplex before tagging in Angle. Angle stomps on Edge to maintain control of the contest. Angle chokes Edge over the middle rope after punching Mysterio. Angle takes Edge over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Benoit tags into the match and kicks Edge in the ribs. Benoit continues with chops in the corner. Edge elbows Benoit in the corner and elbows out of a suplex attempt. Edge plants Benoit with a facebuster and both men are down.

Mysterio gets the tag and hits a springboard leg drop onto Benoit for a near fall. Mysterio forearms Benoit a few times and drop toe holds Benoit into the corner. Edge sends Angle into the corner and spears both men. Mysterio dropkicks Angle to the floor. Edge catapults Mysterio into the corner to hurricanrana Benoit off the top rope for a near fall. Edge clotheslines Angle over the top to the floor. Edge holds Benoit in a powerbomb position to allow Mysterio to hit a springboard Thez Press leading to a three count! Edge & Rey: 1 – Angle & Benoit: 0

Angle doesn’t waste any time and tosses Mysterio with an overhead suplex. Angle tries for a cover, but Mysterio kicks out at two. Angle drives Mysterio down with a back suplex for another near fall. Benoit tags into the match and kicks Mysterio in the ribs. Benoit drives Mysterio down with a gut buster. Benoit sends Mysterio chest first into the corner followed by knee lifts. Benoit has Mysterio on his shoulders on the middle rope, but Mysterio counters with a top rope bulldog. Angle and Edge are tagged in with Edge clotheslining Angle a couple of times. Edge backdrops Angle and sends Benoit to the floor. Edge tosses Angle with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Edge waits for the spear, but Angle sidesteps and Benoit nails Edge with the tag championship. Angle takes advantage by locking in the ankle lock. Benoit shoves Mysterio off the top rope. Edge is forced to submit. Edge & Rey: 1 – Angle & Benoit: 1

The tag champs shove each other and argue as the show went to commercial. Mysterio is tripped by Benoit from the floor allowing Angle to get a two count. Angle hammers away on Mysterio in the corner followed by stomps. Angle sends Mysterio through the ropes to the floor. Benoit rams Mysterio into the guard railing back first. Angle taunts Edge causing the referee to be distracted. Mysterio takes Angle over with a suplex and a spinning heel kick. Edge tags in and works over Angle in the corner with stomps. Edge works over Angle with chops to maintain control. Edge boots Angle in the corner, but Angle tosses Edge overhead with a suplex. Benoit backdrops Edge coming off the ropes. Benoit delivers a backbreaker for a two count on Edge. Benoit goes for a half Boston Crab, but Edge doesn’t give in. Edge kicks Benoit away and Angle tags in decking Mysterio off the apron. Angle stomps on Edge followed by a short arm clothesline for a two count. Benoit tags into the match and stomps on Edge to keep control of the contest. Benoit knee lifts Edge a few times against the ropes. Edge elbows Benoit charging into the corner. Benoit punches Edge on the middle rope and hits a back suplex off the middle rope.

Angle and Mysterio get hot tags with Mysterio hitting a dropkick. Angle misses a spear and hits the ring post. Mysterio hits the bronco buster on Angle until Benoit tosses Mysterio with a German suplex. Mysterio sends Angle into Benoit causing Benoit to fall to the floor. Mysterio drop toe holds Angle over the middle rope and misses the 619. Mysterio counters a powerbomb with a sunset flip rollup to pin Angle and win the titles. However, Angle appeared to have the bottom rope. Benoit is arguing with the referee. During the break, the match has been restarted.

Mysterio hits a springboard dropkick to the champs. Benoit sends Mysterio chest first into the corner. Benoit plants Mysterio with a back suplex followed by a snap suplex and almost wins. The champs drive Mysterio down to the mat knees first. Angle stomps on Mysterio to keep the advantage. Angle chokes Mysterio in the corner and Benoit tags into the match to dropkick a seated Mysterio. Benoit chops Mysterio to the mat and connects with a gut wrench slam for a near fall. Angle tags into the match and kicks Mysterio in the ribs. Angle tosses Mysterio with a gut wrench throw for a two count as Edge made the save. Mysterio spikes Angle with a DDT out of a wheelbarrow position. Edge is waiting for the tag on the apron. Edge gets the tag and goes to the top rope hitting a flying clothesline. Edge flapjacks Benoit and nails Angle with a spinning heel kick. Edge clotheslines Benoit to the floor and almost pins Angle with a go behind takedown. Angle puts the ankle lock on Edge, but Edge sends Angle into the corner. Mysterio hits the 619 from the floor! Edge spears Angle, but Benoit leaps off the top missing a diving headbutt and hits Angle. Edge covers Angle and wins the match. We have new champions. (****. I thought it was a great tag match with amazing action throughout. It really shouldn’t be a surprised that these four absolutely killed it. The only thing I didn’t like was the dusty finish leading to an overtime fall. I think doing that kind of killed the pop for the true title change. Regardless of that, it’s a really fun match and worth viewing.)

Backstage, Marc Lloyd asks Big Show who will the main event. Big Show says he’s going to win the match and tells Lloyd to stick around and he’ll understand.

Backstage, Eddie and Chavo are walking when they bump into Paul Heyman. Eddie says they’ve been talking and they have something in common. Eddie says that he doesn’t think Lesnar can beat Show at Survivor Series. Eddie also doesn’t think Lesnar can beat him, but Lesnar storms out of the locker room causing the Guerrero’s to runaway. Heyman loses his patience and tells Lesnar to listen to him and calm down. Heyman tells Lesnar that he came up with the catchphrase and literally everything that has happened for Lesnar is because of Heyman. Heyman cares for Lesnar and gives a damn. Heyman tells Lesnar to go wrestle Eddie Guerrero without him at ringside to see what it is like. Heyman wants to see how he does without the brains with him.

Main Event: Smackdown World Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero in a non-title match: Lesnar knocks down Chavo to avoid a cheap attack and rams Eddie into the apron back first before rolling into the ring. Eddie tries to deliver strikes, but is met with a knee lift and strikes to the back. Lesnar shoulder rams Eddie in the corner several times to keep control of the contest. Lesnar has Eddie over his shoulder and drops Eddie face first over the top turnbuckle. Lesnar backdrops Eddie coming off the ropes and locks in a bearhug before tossing Eddie down to the mat. Lesnar kicks Eddie before lifting Eddie over his shoulder and tries for a submission, but Eddie refuses to give in. Lesnar slams Guerrero to the mat and Guerrero rolls to the apron. Lesnar tosses Guerrero overhead from the apron into the ring followed by a clothesline to Chavo. Eddie low blows Lesnar while the referee was distracted. Eddie hammers away on Lesnar with several strikes. Guerrero dropkicks Lesnar followed by more stomps on the mat. Eddie keeps Lesnar on the mat and locks in the Lasso From El Passo. Lesnar is able to break free from the submission. Guerrero dropkicks Lesnar on the knee and goes for a cover managing a two count. Guerrero gouges Lesnar’s eyes and Chavo chokes Lesnar while the referee is distracted yet again. Guerrero dropkicks Lesnar after being lifted into the air, but Lesnar fights back with a few clotheslines and a spear in the corner. Lesnar tosses Guerrero overhead with a suplex. Lesnar shoulder rams Guerrero several times in the corner. Chavo pulls Eddie out of the way in the corner causing Lesnar to hit the ring post. Eddie focuses his attack on the left arm of Lesnar. Chavo tries to get involved, but Eddie is sent into the corner crotching Chavo. Lesnar plants Eddie with the F5 and wins the match. (**. Clearly there was never any doubt, but it was still a decent main event. I liked the vibe of the match that had some hard hitting strikes and Eddie not really backing down at all. I kinda wish that Chavo wasn’t there as it took away from the match. Despite that, I enjoyed it.)

Brock Lesnar stands tall on the stage until Big Show attacks from behind. Show lifts Lesnar up and press slams Lesnar off the stage through a table on the side of the stage! Big Show stares down at Lesnar while Heyman is there checking on Lesnar.

Final Thoughts:
I didn’t like a couple of booking decisions (Hardy & Cena jobbing), but it’s an enjoyable show and far better than anything RAW has produced in recent weeks. I’m not sure if having another wedding angle so quickly after a memorable one is a good idea either. Smackdown continues to entertain more times than not.

Thanks for reading.


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