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WWF Superstars 12/9/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Salisbury, MD

1.) Diesel defeated Rad Radford
2.) Davey Boy Smith defeated Al Phillips
3.) Yokozuna defeated John Crystal
4.) Dean Douglas defeated Tony Williams
5.) Bob Backlund fought Savio Vega to a double count-out

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Todd Pettengill promotes the Savio Vega vs. Bob Backlund showdown for this week. Vega cut a pre-tape promo saying that he’s the spice that Backlund chicken wing can’t handle.

2.) Radford delivers a few strikes, but Diesel pummels Radford in the corner with elbows and strikes. Diesel clotheslines Radford in the corner followed by a big boot. Diesel plants Radford with the jackknife to win the match easily. (NR. Obviously just a showcase for Diesel.)

3.) Vince McMahon tries to interview Diesel after his victory. Diesel walks off ignoring McMahon’s questions.

4.) Hunter Hearst Helmsley cut a promo from the pig farm promoting his hog pen match against Henry Godwinn. Helmsley doesn’t think even animals deserve to live in such conditions. Helmsley tells Godwinn that he’s mistaken to think he’ll get near the pigs again. Henry Godwinn cuts a promo feeding his pigs saying that Helmsley is going to look funny acting just like the pigs.

5.) Mr. Bob Backlund is in the ring to cut a promo. Backlund is proud to introduce Dean Douglas for his upcoming enhancement match. Backlund presents Douglas the board of education, which is essentially a paddle for Douglas.

6.) Ahmed Johnson cut a promo during Dean Douglas’ match and Johnson says that at IYH the class will have begun because he’s wrestling Douglas at the event. After Douglas won the match, he hit Tony Williams with the paddle over the back.

7.) Backlund stalls to start the main event yelling at fans and proceeds to trip over the middle rope upon returning to the ring. Backlund bails to the floor to avoid Vega again. Backlund takes Vega down to the mat and proceeds to taunt the fans. Vega takes Backlund down and taunts him. Backlund and Vega trade hammerlocks until Backlund bails to the floor and the show goes to commercial.

Backlund offers a hand, but Vega is not interested. Vega almost wins with a rollup and Backlund goes back to offering a handshake. Backlund bails to the floor to stall some more. Backlund walks up the aisle acting as if he’s going to leave. Vega turns around and is nearly attacked by Backlund. Backlund sends Vega to the floor and locks in the chicken wing on the floor. The referee ends up counting both men out. (DUD. This may have been the most pointless and boring match I’ve seen in a long time. Backlund did nothing but stall and literally did just the chicken wing. I hated this a lot.)

8.) We hear from Dr. Jeffrey R. Unger, who is Shawn Michaels’ physician. Unger thinks that Michaels will be out longer than initially thought. Unger would have to be sure that Michaels wouldn’t injure himself again. Unger suggests that Michaels may never be able to compete again.

Final Thoughts:
I hated this episode. Bob Backlund just hurts the programming and shouldn’t be on at this point whatsoever. There was some promotion for IYH, but the episode was just boring overall.

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