Rebooking The WWF: Week 10, 1995

WWF RAW 3/6/1995
1. The Undertaker defeated Greg Valentine in 3:05 following the tombstone piledriver. During the match, Ric Flair was on commentary for the match downplaying the darkness and the Undertaker in general. After the match, Taker dropped to a knee and taunted Flair, who back peddled up the aisle way to the backstage area.
2. Jeff Jarrett defeated Mike Williams in 2:44 following a jumping DDT. After the match, Jarrett tore up a Razor Ramon sign that a fan had and taunted to the camera that Ramon is “done” at WrestleMania.
3. Kings Cort w/Lex Luger: Jerry Lawler gives credit to Lex Luger for what he did to Shawn Michaels las tweak seemingly breaking his face like Luger had happen to him. Luger tells Lawler and the fans that he was tired of Michaels taunting his facial injury and believes that Michaels will suffer the same pain that he has dealt with for many months now. Luger thinks that the female fans will no longer scream and cheer for what Michaels surely looks like. Lex believes that there will not be a WrestleMania match now as Shawn’s career is likely over. We will never see Shawn Michaels ever again. He’ll never show his face in the WWF ever again. Luger tells the fans that they will always see the greatest man and greatest body to ever exist… Lex Luger. Soon enough, he’ll get the WWF World Championship back around his waist and the crowd will have a champion to be proud of and look up to.
4. Hakushi defeated Bob Holly in 6:45 following a top rope moonsault. After the match, Hakushi’s translator says that Hakushi will dominate the WWF in a short time.
5. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Tim Woods in 2:11 following a top rope head butt. After the match, Doink and Hughie ran down and whacked Bigelow over the back with a crutch. Randy Savage sprinted down to the ring and ran the clowns off with a chair. Jerry Lawler appeared on the aisle way patting the clowns on the back for a job well done.
6. Legion Of Doom Video Package: The video highlights the history the LOD has had in the WWF, including their run as WWF Tag Team Champions during the 1991/1992 year.
7. WWF Tag Team Champions Tatanka & Carlos Vega defeated Barry Horowitz & Mike Sharpe in 3:15 when Vega pinned Sharpe following a spinning heel kick.
8. Scott Norton defeated Bret Hart by count-out in 6:03 when Chris Benoit and Owen Hart attacked Bret on the floor. British Bulldog ran down and chased both men to the floor before getting slammed on the floor by Norton who stood over Bulldog.
9. Mr. Perfect/Hunter Hearst Helmsley Video Package: The video highlights the long running feud between the two.
10. Psycho Sid defeated Vito Lograsso in 1:33 following a power bomb. After the match, Sid promotes his match with John Bradshaw at WrestleMania saying that Bradshaw won’t get up after the power bomb at the biggest event of the year.
11. Men on a Mission defeated Paul Lee & George South in 2:44 when Mabel pinned South following a middle rope big splash. After the match, MOM cut a promo saying they are the guys to end the Movements reign.
12. Ron Simmons/The Movement Video Package: A video promoting the recent domination of Ron Simmons and the Movement in the WWF, which includes the recent feud with Hogan and the return of the Legion of Doom.
13. Mr. Perfect defeated Tim Horner in 3:26 following the Perfect Plex. During the match, Hunter Hearst Helmsley came out on the microphone claiming that Perfect should get ready for retirement and had some retirement papers with him to taunt Perfect, who was still victorious.
14. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Steiner defeated Marty Jannetty in a non-title match in 7:44 following a top rope bulldog. After the match, Scott Steiner came down the entrance way but was stopped by officials while Rick teased Scott to get in the ring with him.

WWF Superstars 3/11/1995
1. Diesel defeated Chris Kanyon in 1:44 following a power bomb
2. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Samu in 3:17 following a Pedigree.
3. Arn Anderson defeated Duke Droese in 5:12 following a spine buster.
4. Scott Steiner defeated IRS in 7:53 following a sit down power bomb.

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