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WCW Worldwide 6/30/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Fire & Ice defeated Blue Bloods (Earl Robert Eaton & Dave Taylor)
2.) Alex Wright defeated Kurasawa
3.) Rough & Ready defeated Bill Payne & Cobra
4.) Booty Man defeated The Gambler
5.) WCW World Champion The Giant defeated Kensuke Sasaki
6.) WCW Television Champion Lex Luger defeated Hugh Morrus

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Train and Taylor kickoff the tag match. Train shoves Taylor away towards the corner. Taylor tries for a shoulder block, but Train doesn’t budge. Taylor dropkicks Train followed by a few uppercuts to knock Train off his feet. Train hip tosses Taylor coming off the ropes and Taylor regroups on the floor with Regal. Eaton tags into the match and Train is double teamed in the corner. Eaton takes Train down to the mat and heads to the top rope missing an elbow drop. Train hits a snap suplex and tags in Norton. Norton headbutts Eaton and delivers a few strikes against the ropes. Norton backdrops Eaton coming off the ropes. Taylor decks Norton from behind with a few strikes. Eaton sends Train through the ropes to the floor. Train decks Regal on the floor. Norton drives Eaton down with a shoulder breaker and Train hits a big splash to pin Eaton. (*1/2. Fire & Ice continue to be a lot of fun for me and I’m glad they won this match cleanly. Norton delivered a hell of a shoulder breaker and Eaton took it very well.) After the match, Regal and Taylor are not happy with Eaton losing the match.

2.) Rough and Ready is the team of Dick Slater and The Mauler (Mike Enos) managed by Col. Robert Parker. Mauler earned the win following a powerslam on Payne.

3.) Giant no sells a forearm shot to start the match with Sasaki. Sasaki kicks Giant a few times, but still nothing bothering Giant. Sasaki avoids Giant and delivers a few strikes. Sasaki tries to clothesline Giant, but the champ responds with a big boot and the chokeslam to win the match. (NR. Complete domination by Giant as it probably should be.)

4.) Morrus arm drags Luger to start the main event. Morrus scoop slams Luger and taunts the crowd. Luger hammers away on Morrus to gain the advantage. Luger hip tosses Morrus out of the corner followed by a scoop slam. Luger kicks Morrus and hits a vertical suplex. Morrus tries to shake hands with Luger, but Luger doesn’t trust Morrus. They do a test of strength with Luger getting the advantage against the ropes. Morrus nails Luger with a right hand to get control of the contest. Morrus headbutts Luger to the mat and taunts the crowd. Luger fires back with right hands out of the corner. Morrus hits a springboard twisting crossbody for a near fall. Morrus keeps a sleeper on Luger on the mat. Luger elbows free from a headlock, but is met with a knee to the midsection. Morrus chokes Luger on the mat. Morrus stands on Luger while taunting the crowd. Luger clotheslines Morrus a few times. Morrus avoids a backdrop with a kick to the chest and a clothesline. Morrus misses a top rope moonsault as Luger rolled out of the way. Luger tries for the Torture Rack, but Morrus pokes free. Luger plants Morrus with a powerslam off the ropes for the win. (*1/4. A boring match between these two, which is a shame as I have enjoyed Luger’s 96 run thus far and I usually enjoy Morrus. They just didn’t click for whatever reason.)

Final Thoughts:
A subpar episode this week for Worldwide as it lacked a enjoyable feature match or anything of interest for the most part.

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