WCW Main Event 9/4/1994

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Dustin Rhodes & WCW United States Champion Ricky Steamboat defeated Arn Anderson & Bunkhouse Buck via reverse decision

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Col. Robert Parker, Meng, Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater cut a promo regarding Fall Brawl. Arn Anderson isn’t there to be funny and knows how serious War Games truly is. Anderson recalls the history he’s had in War Games and the injuries he’s suffered. Anderson took a year to recover from those injuries. Anderson says they need to be prepared to bleed and get hurt inside the two cages. Anderson tells Dusty Rhodes to go for broke because they are going into hell together.

2.) Dusty, Dustin and the Nasty Boys cut a promo. Knobbs says nobody can escape and that is when the fun begins. Dustin chimes in and says it has never been a pretty sight inside the steel cage. Dusty finishes off talking about the cage be lowered and they will then find out who the nastiest men in WCW truly are.

3.) Mean Gene interviewed WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan on the beach. Gene has been looking for Hogan for two weeks since Clash of the Champions. Gene says that their hotline has been ringing off the hook after Hogan suffered a knee injury at the Clash. Hogan tells Gene that they are boxed in a little bit and assures that doctors are getting his knee back together. Hogan is happy to have the Clash behind him. Hogan promised the kids that Hulkamania would run forever. Hogan thought things would be different in WCW, but nobody has a handle on Ric Flair in the company. Hogan knows that Heenan and Flair are working together and trying to set him up. Hogan keeps on mentioning that he’s boxed in by Flair. Hogan knows that Flair can’t pin him. Hogan will get into the ring no matter and suggests boxing Flair into the ring. Hogan wants a fair playing field to see who the best is between himself and Flair. Hogan wants Gene to find Flair and put the microphone in Flair’s face similar to when Hogan isn’t ready. Hogan is getting a little feisty and thinks that Gene is associated with Flair, too. Hogan goes back to tossing a football on the beach.

4.) Anderson and Steamboat kickoff the tag team main event. Anderson backs Steamboat into a corner and delivers several strikes to control Steamboat. Steamboat fires back with a series of chops. Anderson back elbows Steamboat in the corner and heads to the top, but Steamboat dropkicks Anderson to the floor. Steamboat hits a crossbody to the floor and decks Buck on the floor. Steamboat axe handles Anderson from the top rope. Anderson is rammed into Rhodes boot on the apron. Anderson bails to the floor to regroup. Dustin has his left shoulder taped up. Buck and Rhodes trade right hands until Rhodes delivers an atomic drop and clothesline. Rhodes backdrops Buck coming off the ropes and Buck begs off against the ropes. Steamboat comes back into the match with a strike off the top to knock Buck to the mat for a two count. Steamboat keeps arm control, but Anderson gets tagged in. Steamboat knocks Anderson to the mat and keeps control on the mat. Anderson forearms Steamboat a few times. Anderson tries for a DDT, but Steamboat held the ropes, but Buck knocks Steamboat down from the apron. Buck tags in when Steamboat sunset flips Anderson. Buck stomps on Steamboat to keep control of the match. Buck controls Steamboat with a front face lock. Steamboat tries to tag in Rhodes, but Anderson gets in the ring to distract the referee.

Steamboat is rammed back first into the corner by both Anderson and Buck. Anderson slams Steamboat and delivers a knee drop for a two count. Buck kicks Steamboat in the ribs follows by a strike before locking in a bearhug. Steamboat breaks free and runs the ropes before colliding with Buck. Anderson can’t prevent a tag and Rhodes enters decking Anderson with strikes and an elbow strike. Terry Funk comes down to ringside looking to get involved in the match. Rhodes elbows Anderson and delivers a clothesline. Steamboat and Buck fall over the ropes to the floor. Funk trips Rhodes to prevent a bulldog. Anderson takes advantage and pins Rhodes for the win. After the match, Sting comes out and tells the referee what happened. The referee ends up reversing the decision. (**1/2. It’s a formula tag match, but it’s an enjoyable formula match. They worked a solid bout with some good timing. The finish would have been better if the heels just won instead of a reverse decision. There’s no harm in giving the heel stable a little momentum. Considering Sting got involved at the end, I’m sure a six man tag is coming our way making it even more important that the heels should have won here anyway.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s a good episode of Main Event with a solid featured match and they had some good hype for Fall Brawl. Testy Hulk Hogan is entertaining, too.

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