Rebooking The WWF: Week 15, 1995

WWF RAW 4/10/1995
1. Pretty Models (Rick Martel & Paul Roma) defeated AJ Fatal & Damien Wolf in 3:09 when Roma pinned Fatal after a top rope elbow drop. After the match, Roma and Martel look into the camera and say, “Aren’t we just so pretty?”
2. Fatu defeated Chris Kanyon in 3:56 following a top rope big splash. During the match, it is mentioned that Samu has departed from the WWF and that Fatu is moving on into a singles career.
3. Kings Court w/ Owen Hart & Chris Benoit: Jerry Lawler puts over the team of Chris Benoit and Owen Hart prior to them coming out for an interview. Owen makes it clear that they aren’t happy despite having won their match at WrestleMania XI. Owen says they aren’t happy because the night after their victory they aren’t on television. He overcame Bret Hart and the British Bulldog to show that they are the best of the Hart Family and they were subjected to being forgotten about. Benoit chimes in and says that one thing they’ll not forget is making Bulldog submit to the Crossface. Bret couldn’t save him and the poor puppy and to tap the mat to end the misery. Benoit claims that himself and Owen are a dominating force in the WWF and they should be getting the spotlight that Bret and Bulldog had previously held. They finish off by saying that whether it be singles or tag team matches, they’d be more than happy to kick their butts again.
4. Men on a Mission defeated Greg Valentine & Barry Horowitz in 3:22 when Mabel pinned Horowitz after a big splash. During the match, it is announced that Men on a Mission will be getting a tag title shot at the May 15th In Your House pay per view.
5. WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner defeated Chris Hamrick in 3:27 following the Steiner Screwdriver. During the match, Rick Steiner shared pre-tape promos saying that he was happy to see his brother show some fight and make him bleed. He isn’t done with Scotty and wants him locked inside a steel cage at In Your House on May 14th.
6. Adam Bomb Vignette: The vignette promotes Adam Bomb as he is making his debut soon for the WWF. The vignette is focusing on Bomb’s discolored eyes and he’s focusing on guys like Yokozuna, Sid, and other top guys. Bomb is looking to explode into the WWF and nobody is going to survive his path of destruction.
7. WWF World Champion Diesel defeated Tom Lewis ion 2:49 following a Jackknife powerbomb.
8. King Yokozuna defeated Virgil & Scotty Anton in 2:16 when Yokozuna pinned Anton and Virgil following a double Bonzai Drop. Prior to the match, Jim Cornette walked by Diesel after the previous match and motioned that the WWF World Championship would be leaving his waist at the next In Your House pay per view.
9. Bam-Bam Bigelow Attacked: The commentators are talking about an upcoming enhancement match for Bigelow when they are informed that something has happened backstage. The cameras go backstage to see that Hughie The Clown has attacked Bigelow with a shovel. Bigelow is laid out and Hughie says, “I’m going to bury your career, Bigelow!” and lets out a loud laugh.
10. Shawn Michaels defeated Paul Diamond in 4:05 following a superkick. During the match, a mysterious man with a wheelbarrow full of gold letters comes down to ringside and leaves them at ringside. It’s revealed that it is compiled fan mail from one person, but a name isn’t given.
11. Ron Simmons & The Undertaker Confrontation: Vince McMahon is in the ring and he brings out The Undertaker and Paul Bearer for an interview. Ron Simmons comes out first and talks about his big WrestleMania XI victory against Hulk Hogan. Simmons told everyone that he would end Hulkamania and that’s exactly what happened. Simmons says he wasn’t here on RAW last week because he’s been seen as a hero and was in great need all over the country. McMahon dismisses that notion, but Simmons assures him that’s the case. Simmons talks about how everyone thought he’d be scared to enter in the ring with a legend like Hulk Hogan, but he has no fear of any man. He is better than any man. He is the leader of the Movement, and they will not be stopped. At that moment, the lights go out and Paul Bearer slowly makes his way to the ring with the Undertaker. Simmons doesn’t leave the ring and steps up to the Undertaker showing zero fear. Simmons speaks into the microphone and says, “I’m not afraid of the dark and I’m sure as hell not afraid of the Deadman.” Bearer rubs his urn and nods leading to the Undertaker grabbing Simmons by the throat and hitting a chokeslam. Simmons rolls to the floor where Carlos Vega and Tatanka are there to bring Simmons to the backstage area. Simmons is heard saying that he’ll take care of the Undertaker.
12. Randy Savage defeated Brian Lee in 6:44 following a top rope elbow drop.
13. Kama Vignette: The vignette focus on Kama hitting a punching bag and focusing his attention on the likes of the Undertaker, Bret Hart and WWF World Champion Diesel.
14. Psycho Sid defeated Razor Ramon by count-out in 7:19 when Jarrett came out and hit Ramon with a chain. Jarrett also sent Ramon into the ring post shoulder first leading to the count-out. After the match, Diesel comes into the ring and saves Ramon from further beating from Jarrett and Sid.

WWF Superstars 4/16/1995
1. Brian Lee defeated Scott Taylor in 2:03 following a top rope knee drop.
2. The British Bulldog defeated John Paul in 2:59 following a running powerslam.
3. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Bill Towers in 3:04 following a diving headbutt.
4. Scott Norton defeated Marty Jannetty in 6:48 following a shoulder breaker.

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