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WWE RAW 11/11/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents RAW
From: Cincinnati, OH

Backstage, Shawn Michaels is reading a newspaper and JR wonders what Shawn Michaels will do tonight as we are six days away from Survivor Series.

Opening Contest: RAW Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Christian vs. Rob Van Dam & Kane: RVD and Jericho start off the title match with the crowd heavily behind RVD. They trade hammerlocks to start the match until Jericho gets a headlock. Jericho shoulder blocks RVD, but RVD comes back with a spin kick. RVD hammers away on Jericho in the corner and hits a monkey flip out of the corner and a standing moonsault for a two count. Kane tags into the match and kicks Jericho in the midsection. Kane clotheslines Jericho in the corner, but runs into a boot. Jericho leaps off the middle rope and is met with a right hand in midair. Kane lifts Jericho up into the air and drops Jericho to the mat. Kane clotheslines Christian over the top to the floor. Kane press slams Jericho over the top onto Christian on the floor. RVD takes both men out with a somersault dive to the floor! RVD rolls Jericho back into the ring and Kane signals for a chokeslam. Kane plants Jericho with a chokeslam, but there’s no referee! Christian slides back into the ring and low blows Kane as Jericho distracted the referee. Christian pummels Kane with right hands on the mat. Christian chokes Kane in the corner to keep control. Kane sends Christian into the corner and runs into a big boot. Kane connects with a side slam to stop Christian’s momentum. RVD decks Jericho off the apron and spin kicks Christian. RVD misses a kick and nails Chrisitan with a mule kick. RVD hits a rolling thunder splash for a two count. RVD kicks Jericho on the top rope and RVD almost pins Christian with a rollup.

RVD boots Christian in the corner and goes to the top, but Jericho causes a distraction allowing Christian to shove RVD off the top and into the railing. Jericho chokes RVD with a camera cord for a few moments. Christian brings RVD back into the ring and keeps control with stomps and chokes RVD some more. Christian tags Jericho back into the match and Jericho delivers a back suplex for a two count. Jericho keeps control on the mat with a chin lock, but RVD doesn’t submit. RVD elbows free, but is yanked down by his hair. Jericho does a shuffle and taunts the crowd. Jericho splashes onto RVD over the middle rope and Christian tags into the match. RVD avoids Jericho in the corner and clotheslines Christian. RVD spin kicks Jericho as well and looks to tag in Kane. RVD struggles towards his corner and tags in Kane. Kane cleans house with right hands to the champions. Kane big boots Jericho and hits a tilt a whirl slam on Christian. Kane sends Jericho to the floor and goes to the top rope hitting a flying clothesline on Christian. Kane tries for a chokeslam, but Jericho saves Christian and the champs hit a double suplex. RVD comes off the top with a crossbody. Kane chokeslams Christian, but Jericho decks Kane with a tag championship. RVD knocks Jericho to the floor and goes to the top rope hitting a Five Star Frog Splash on Christian! Kane covers Christian, but Jericho whacks Kane and RVD with chair shots to cause a disqualification. After the match, Jericho continues to hit RVD and Kane with several chair shots to likely weaken them for the Elimination Chamber match. (***1/4. I really liked this opening match. The crowd is hot for the action and they provided a quality match with some fun offense throughout. There wasn’t a lull to the match and I wasn’t bored by it at any point. The finish doesn’t bother me as Jericho is looking to take out two of his opponents at the PPV. So, we get a quality match and a finish that adds to some storytelling. I can live with that.)

Backstage, Chris Jericho tells Terri that he’s softening up all the guys involved in the Chamber match this Sunday. Jericho promises he’s winning the match. Christian reveals that if someone can’t make the match, he’ll be a replacement. Jericho whacks his own partner with a chair and declares he’s winning the match and nobody else.

Backstage, Gregory Helms interviews Booker T. Helms asks about the Elimination Chamber this Sunday. Booker has been doing more thinking than Abe Lincoln. Booker is going to kick Triple H’s ass tonight and walks off. Goldust enters the scene and says that Helms microphone is almost as big as his… Goldust wants to team up with Hurricane to wrestle Test and Steven Richards. Goldust thinks they need to be worried about testicles. Goldust wasn’t talking about Test’s fans but rather his golden globes.

Second Contest: Lance Storm vs. Jeff Hardy: Hardy spin kicks Storm to kickoff the match followed by right hands in the corner. Hardy leaps off the middle rope to leg drop Storm for a two count. Hardy tries for a crucifix, but Storm counters with a rolling fireman’s carry for a two count. Storm drives Hardy down with a backbreaker for a near fall. Storm delivers a few knee drops to the lower back. Storm has Hardy over the his shoulder with a backbreaker, but Hardy counters with a backdrop. Hardy delivers a leg drop to Storm’s lower midsection for a two count. Storm powerslams Hardy to maintain control of the contest. Storm sends Hardy into the corner hard back first and delivers another backbreaker for a two count. Hardy mule kicks Storm to break free and continues with right hands. Hardy drops Storm chest first over the top rope followed by a flying forearm. Hardy nails Storm with the Whisper In The Wind for a near fall. Hardy connects with a side Russian leg sweep and almost pins Storm with a leg drop. Storm battles back with a heel kick for a two count. Storm knee lifts Hardy a few times and is backdropped over the top to the floor. William Regal tries to help Storm and Hardy runs the barricade to clothesline Storm. Regal cheap shots Hardy while the referee is out of position. Tommy Dreamer runs down and sends Regal into the ring post. Storm kicks Dreamer and Hardy hits a neckbreaker on Storm, Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb for the win. (*1/2. I’m sure this will lead to a tag match next week or something. The action was alright, but there wasn’t a lot of heat attached to it.)

Last Monday, Victoria confronted Terri via the F-View camera. Terri called Victoria a little bit crazed and Victoria ripped Terri’s top off and her skirt.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is thrilled when Terri walks into the room. Terri notices that Bischoff is in a great mood. Bischoff hypes up the Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series. Bischoff booked a match between Terri and Victoria for tonight. Bischoff thought Terri would want revenge. Terri calls Victoria a psycho and doesn’t want to wrestle her.

Victoria is in the ring and has a microphone calling out Terri to the ring. Victoria is reminded of Trish Stratus when she sees Terri. Victoria promotes her match with Trish at Survivor Series for the WWE Women’s Championship. Victoria is going to start tonight by taking out Terri. Terri doesn’t want to be a wrestler and isn’t going to wrestle her. Bischoff mentions Terri’s daughter Dakota and tells Terri she can convince Victoria to not have a match or she can get fired. The show goes to commercial

Victoria has remained in the ring waiting as Terri makes her way down to the ring with a microphone. Victoria has a crazy smirk on her face as Terri slowly makes her way down to the ring. There is a referee in the ring. Terri says that she’s a big enough woman to admit that Victoria is better than her. Terri wants to call the match off. Victoria agrees to call off the match. Victoria stops Terri from leaving and still decks Terri with a right hand. Victoria rips off Terri’s top once again. Terri has taken her shoe off and hits Victoria several times with it. Terri jumps on Victoria’s back and is slammed to the mat. Victoria tosses Terri through the ropes to the floor. Victoria slams Terri on the ramp and sends Terri into the ring steps. Victoria kicks the referee with a low blow and tosses the referee to the floor. Victoria grabs a ladder from under the ring and slides it into the ring. Trish Stratus comes out and catapults the ladder into Victoria’s face. Stratus kicks Victoria to the floor and pummels Victoria with strikes. Stratus sends Victoria into the ring steps, but officials have finally come down to stop the brawling. Victoria has a crazy smile on her face to end the segment.

Backstage, Batista is walking when Ric Flair introduces himself and Batista doesn’t shake his hand. Flair says he is impressed and is glad to have Batista on RAW. Flair thinks that Batista is bigger than Triple H and just wanted to wish Batista luck. Batista just says thanks and walks off.

Third Contest: Batista vs. D’Lo Brown: Brown tries to get the early advantage before the bell, but Batista hits a backdrop and a rolling fireman’s carry. Batista works over Brown with several strikes against the ropes. Brown kicks Batista followed by right hands. Batista nails Brown with a clothesline. Batista delivers a running clothesline in the corner. Batista runs into a back elbow in the corner. Batista plants Brown with a spinebuster and finishes Brown off with a sit down powerbomb for the win. (*. I could probably watch these kinds of squash matches for months before Batista really does anything on RAW. He has the look and the potential is obviously there, too.)

Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring to cut a promo. Michaels says the fans know that he believes in God and his family. He also believes in all the fans. Michaels has to be honest and admits that he believes in retribution. Michaels will compete in the first ever chamber match. Michaels didn’t know what a ladder match or Hell in a Cell match was, but he competed in those too. Michaels takes credit for being in the first marathon match, too. Michaels asks what is going to prevent him from being a champion if a major back injury didn’t keep him out. Michaels is going back to MSG for the first time in four years. Michaels isn’t the Showstopper anymore and is rather just himself. Michaels thinks that should be plenty enough for him to make sure that Triple H doesn’t leave as champion. Michaels says he’s a very forgiving man, but Triple H tried to take his life away and he can’t forgive that. Michaels is going to try with every bit of himself to prevent HHH from leaving as champion. Michaels believes that he will be new RAW World Champion.

RAW World Champion Triple H makes his way out to the stage to confront Michaels. HHH mocks Michaels for believing that he can win the championship because of God. HHH says that in this arena he is God. Michaels points to the heavens and HHH repeats his line. HHH believes that he’s going to kick Michaels ass. HHH walks towards the ring and slides into the ring trading strikes with Michaels. HHH decks Michaels with a short arm clothesline. HHH waits for Michaels to get up and goes for a Pedigree, which he hits! HHH gets in Michaels face to taunt him. HHH isn’t done yet and has a smirk. HHH goes under the ring to grab a sledgehammer. HHH is stopped by several officials and agents to prevent HHH from using the sledgehammer. HHH is escorted off but he’s quite happy with himself.

Fourth Contest: Jamal & Rosey vs. Bubba Dudley & Spike Dudley: Bubba and Jamal start off the tag match with Bubba working over Jamal in the corner with jabs. Bubba elbows Rosey, but is decked by Jamal. Bubba hits a neckbreaker after Jamal misses a splash and Spike hits a double stomp. Spike forearms Jamal a few times, but Jamal backdrops Spike to the floor. Spike is tossed into the air and crashes to the mat gut first. Rosey delivers a spinning leg drop to maintain the advantage. Jamal press slams Spike to the mat gut first. Spike ducks a clothesline, but is sent to the floor. Bubba tagged in and cleans house with a splash in the corner and jabs. Rosey accidentally nails Jamal in the corner. Bubba tackles Rosey to the mat as Jeff Hardy takes Rico out on the floor. Rosey splashes Bubba in the corner and Jamal hit a Samoan Drop to pin Bubba for the win. (*1/2. It’s a quick match and I wasn’t expecting a clean win for 3MW, but I’m fine with that. 3MW feels like they will eventually become the tag champions. I’m sure they’ll be the team to beat Goldust and Booker when they eventually win the tag titles.) After the match, Hardy chases after Rico, dropkicks 3MW and dumps Jamal to the floor. Hardy knocks Rico to the mat and goes to the top looking for the Swanton, but Jamal pulls out Rico. Rosey delivers a belly to belly suplex. Rico slides a table into the ring for Rosey. Hardy is laid onto a table and Rosey splashes Spike in the corner. Jamal goes to the top rope hitting a splash through the table on Hardy and Spike to end the segment.

Christopher Nowinski is in the ring and wants to talk about something more serious and personal. Nowinski says that you don’t need to be a Harvard graduate to know that Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. The crowd naturally goes nuts for that. Nowinski calls the fans stupid for falling for that. Nowinski says he just manipulated them and says they deserve a spot in the HOF for stupidity. Nowinski is going to teach Al Snow a lesson.

Fifth Contest: Al Snow vs. Christopher Nowinski: Snow takes Nowinski down to the mat and mounts Nowinski, but doesn’t strike Nowinski. Snow takes Nowinski down to the mat again and keeps control with a headlock. Snow delivers a fireman carry takeover and yanks Nowinski down to the mat. Nowinski misses a strike in the corner and begs off, which stops Snow. Nowinksi cheap shots Snow, but Snow responds with a right hand. Snow dragon screw leg whips Nowinski and goes for a crossbody, but Nowinski rolls through and puts his feet on the ropes to win the match. After the match, Snow confronts Nowinski and is beaten down with a book. Maven slides into the ring and hammers away on Nowinski sending Nowinski to the floor. (1/2*. I had really zero interest in that match and this storyline is a weak spot on RAW.)

Eric Bischoff makes his way out to the stage. Bischoff is going to answer questions regarding the Elimination Chamber, but is going to talk about Super Tuesday. RAW superstars will be partaking in a show on UPN. Bischoff says there will be a bikini contest between Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson. Bischoff talks about the Elimination Chamber and introduces a video package discussing the structure. Bischoff reveals the rules of the match, which is essentially War Games, but without a team format and there are eliminations until there is one winner.

F-View TV shows us Steven Richards asking if Stacy Keibler can make him a major star like she has done with Test. Stacy says her hands are too full to help Richards. Richards asks Stacy to hit him with a kendo stick over his back. Test enters the scene and whacks Richards over the ass with the kendo stick, which they get a laugh at. Stacy shows off her butt for Test to end the segment.

RNN Breaking News with Randy Orton is next. Orton says that he has suffered a hiccup in his recovery with irritation due to his shoulder sling, but that has been quickly fixed and he’ll return in no time.

Sixth Contest: The Hurricane & Goldust vs. Test & Steven Richards: Test spanks Richards and laughs at him before working over Goldust to start the match. Goldust atomic drops Richards, but Test plants Goldust with a full nelson slam. Richards tags in and is slammed to the mat by Goldust. Hurricane clotheslines Richards and hits a blockbuster off the middle rope. Hurricane knocks Test off the apron before hitting a shining wizard on Richards for a two count. Richards decks Hurricane, but Goldust punches Richards into the corner. Test backdrops Goldust and catches Hurricane coming off the ropes to attempt a press slam. Richards accidentally hits Test and Hurricane hits the Eye of the Hurricane for a two count. Hurricane goes for a chokeslam, but Test counters with the Overdrive for the win. (*. I can get behind a Test push.) After the match, Richards celebrates with Keibler, but Test doesn’t like that and nails Richards with a big boot. Test tells Richards to never touch one of his testicles.

Backstage, RAW World Champion Triple H and Ric Flair are walking when Booker T storms the scene and Booker tells HHH that the chances of HHH walking out are slim and none. Booker says it doesn’t make no difference if he wins or not. However, that’s not the case for HHH. Booker notes there are five guys in the Chamber who will be whopping his punk ass. HHH responds by saying he does have five opponents, but he’ll beat them one by one until it’s just them and flips off Booker to end the segment.

Main Event: RAW World Champion Triple H vs. Booker T in a non-title match: Booker connects with a spin kick and a right hand to drop HHH a few times. Booker hammers away on HHH in the corner, but is raked away. Booker back elbows HHH and hits a leaping kick to send HHH to the floor. Booker clubs HHH over the back a few times. Booker hits a snap suplex on the floor. Booker forearms HHH on the floor, but HHH sends Booker into the ring steps. Flair rolls Booker into the ring to help HHH. HHH drops Booker with a right hand to the face and continues with right hands in the corner. Booker fights back with a flurry of punches. HHH misses a clothesline, but nails Booker with a high knee strike for a two count. HHH keeps control with punches in the corner. HHH drives Booker down over his knee with a facebuster. HHH crotches Booker onto the top turnbuckle and delivers a few strikes. HHH goes for a superplex, but Booker knocks HHH off the ropes and gains footing on the top rope. Booker leaps off hitting a missile dropkick. Booker continues with right hands and a forearm strike to drop HHH. Booker misses a leaping kick and HHH delivers a kick to the midsection, but Booker counters the Pedigree by catapulting HHH into the corner. Booker hits a leaping side kick and hits a scissors kick. Flair gets on the top rope and is slammed off by Booker. Booker does his spinarooni in the ring and double clotheslines HHH and Flair. Booker decks Flair again, but is stopped by a low blow from HHH. HHH kicks Booker and hits the Pedigree to win the match. (*. Well, this match certainly didn’t do any favors to Booker to look like a threat for the PPV. I really don’t understand the point in killing Booker’s heat for a five minute main event on RAW.) After the match, Shawn Michaels slides into the ring and attacks HHH. Michaels ducks a belt shot by Flair and delivers Sweet Chin Music. Chris Jericho runs into the ring and attacks Michaels. Michales is double teamed, but Kane enters the ring along with Rob Van Dam. Kane knocks HHH down and decks Jericho. RVD accidentally kicks Kane instead of Jericho. Kane tosses RVD over the top to floor. HHH punches Kane, but that has zero impact. HHH connects with a spinebuster on Kane. Booker nails HHH with a leaping side kick and RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash on Kane! Booker scissors kicks RVD, but Jericho missile dropkicks Booker. Jericho and HHH shove each other, but Kane double clotheslines both men. Kane clotheslines HHH and Jericho in opposite corners. Kane chokeslams Jericho to the mat. Michaels nails Kane with the Sweet Chin Music! Michaels waits for HHH in the corner, but HHH blocks it and tries for the Pedigree, but Michaels backdrops free and hits the Pedigree on HHH to leave the champ laying. Wait a minute, Jericho is in the ring and whacks Michaels with a steel chair to leave HBK laying to end the show!

Final Thoughts:
The opening tag title match was a really good way to start the show and from there the show just felt very average and mostly uninteresting. I think they did a solid job in making Jericho come across as a possible threat to win the Chamber because for the most part it’s really only between HBK and HHH. Orton is doing a great job with his updates and is coming across like a self obsessed heel and that should work very well for him. For a final lead into Survivor Series the RAW brand provided a mostly average show aside from the strong tag title opening match.

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