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WCW Saturday Night 8/10/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Sturgis, SD

1.) Public Enemy defeated Mike Enos & Dick Slater
2.) Konnan defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
3.) Nasty Boys defeated High Voltage
4.) Alex Wright defeated Bobby Eaton
5.) Kevin Sullivan, Meng & Barbarian defeated Jim Powers, Mark Starr & Joe Gomez
6.) Dave Taylor defeated Mr. JL
7.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated The Renegade
8.) Arn Anderson defeated Hugh Morrus

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This week Saturday Night was aired live on TBS from the Hog Wild venue.

2.) Enos and Rock start the tag match, with Enos delivering a shoulder block. Rock hip tosses Enos, and they slap each other. Enos eye rakes Rock followed by a boot to the midsection. Enos powerbombs Rock and Slater delivers an elbow drop. Grunge and Slater are involved now for a moment before they both leave. Enos delivers a neckbreaker and drops Rock throat first over the top rope. Slater jabs Rock a few times and decks Rock to the mat. Slater stomps on the right knee and locks in a spinning toe hold, but Rock refuses to give in. Slater goes after Grunge as Rock works over Enos. All four men are in the ring brawling. Enos knee drops Rock while Slater chokes Grunge in the corner. Grunge holds Slater, but Rock accidentally hits Grunge with a top rope moonsault. Rock is decked to the floor as Enos clothesliens Grunge. Rock and Slater brawl on the floor where Rock puts Slater on the table. Rock hits a somersault splash onto Enos allowing Grunge to win the match. (*. It felt like they had no idea what they were doing in there and just decided to have everyone brawl before getting to the finish. I like Enos and Slater as a team and wish they’d get some wins.)

3.) Mean Gene interviews Public Enemy in the ring. Grunge says they are next in line for a tag title shot. Rock mentions the NWO and doesn’t care who they are. Rock says people in WCW could learn a lesson watching them since they watch each others backs. They put over WCW as the best wrestling.

4.) Konnan and Guerrero shake hands to show respect for each other. Konnan leg sweeps Guerrero and they have a standoff after a couple of two counts. Konnan sends Chavo into the ropes, but Guerrero hits a head scissors to send Konnan to the floor. Konnan returns to the ring and is taken down where Chavo delivers a few elbow drops to the left knee. Guerrero focuses with a leg lock and bridges backwards, but Konnan doesn’t give in. Konnan chops Chavo a few times in the corner and delivers a dropkick. Guerrero clotheslines and dropkicks Konnan to the corner. Konnan wants to shake hands, but Guerrero isn’t interested. Konnan clotheslines Guerrero from behind for the cheap advantage. Konnan nails Guerrero with a clothesline. Konnan hits a sit down powerbomb for the win. (*1/4. The clothesline from behind by Konnan might be a sign of things to come for him in terms of attitude change since losing the US Championship. There wasn’t much going on here in terms of in-ring action.)

5.) Mean Gene is in the ring to conduct an interview with Konnan. Konnan tells Chavo to never turn your back on an opponent, which is something Eddie should have taught him. Konnan says he’s the number one contender no matter who wins tonight. Konnan also says he has a new attitude and credits Hogan for that change. Konnan patterned his career and style after Hogan. Konnan says that Hogan taught him how to be a new Konnan.

6.) Rage and Sags kickoff the tag match. Sags knee lifts Rage in the corner and tosses Rage to the mat. Sags misses a splash in the corner and tags in Knobbs. Knobbs and Sags shoulder block Rage. Knobbs sends Rage into the corner, but runs into a boot. Kaos tags in and dropkicks Knobbs. Rage leaps off the top to shoulder block Knobbs. Knobbs holds the ropes to avoid a dropkick and headbutts Rage. Sags tags back into the match and Rage is pummeled by both men in the corner. Sags legs drops Rage and Knobbs hits a splash in the corner. Sags works over Rage with a few strikes and a scoop slam. Knobbs misses an elbow drop and Kaos tags in hitting a slingshot kick. Kaos runs into a back elbow by Knobbs in the corner. Sags slams Kaos and Knobbs hits a middle rope splash for the clean win. (*. The crowd loves the Nasty Boys and for a squash match it wasn’t horrible. It was just a showcase for the Nasty Boys.)

7.) Mean Gene interviews the Nasty Boys in the ring following their victory. Sags loves the sound of the motorcycles revving their engines. Knobbs says that Hogan is his friend from now and forever. Knobbs is playing the middle line, saying that WCW and NWO can do all they want but are focused on themselves.

8.) Alex Wright defeated Bobby Eaton in less than a minute after a missile dropkick.

9.) Dungeon of Doom were on the streets of Gotham. Jimmy Hart is with Maxx saying that Maxx is going to be Hart’s bodyguard to protect him from the Four Horsemen. Maxx assures Hart that he has nothing to worry about. Kevin Sullivan says they are getting attacked by the Horsemen within the company and the NWO. Sullivan thinks everyone should have listened to him a year and a half ago. Sullivan wants to go out and hurt some people. Sullivan introduces their punisher and that man is Big Bubba. Bubba is going to enjoy punishing the Horsemen and NWO. Sullivan wants to reveal another door. The Leprechaun jumps out. There’s a third door and that is the WCW World Champion The Giant. Giant thinks that NWO really stands for “No Way Out.” Giant will destroy anyone that tries to take what they have.

10.) WCW United States Champion Ric Flair had a sit down interview earlier. Flair will be upset if Hogan manages to win tonight. Flair says that the fans having signs supporting him will drive him nuts. Flair says that Hogan will have to beat him in order to be the true champion. Flair talks about NWO attacking Arn Anderson and hurting his best friend. Flair thought the Horsemen could coexist with the NWO, but then they attacked Horsemen and that changed. Flair will stand for WCW and fight for the company.

11.) Mean Gene interviews Sonny Ono and Bull Nakano. Ono says two things are sacred in America them being baseball and motorcycles. Ono notes that Japan defeated America in baseball. Nakano yells something and that ends the segment.

12.) Mean Gene interviews Sting and Lex Luger on the podium. Luger says that less than a year ago he wasn’t happy with where his career was going and now he’s back in his home. Luger says the Outsiders have trashed WCW and he’s had enough of it. Sting says they are no longer frustrated or rattled. They are disappointed in themselves for allowing this to continue on. Sting proclaims he’s been born and raised in WCW and he’s happy for that. Sting promises that as long as they are breathing than WCW will be alive.

13.) Mean Gene interviews Diamond Dallas Page following his quick victory. Page says that someone makes a mistake and it’s over with the diamond cutter. Page knows the Outsiders better than anybody. DDP says he’s going to the top and doesn’t want to hear from anyone. Page is going to make sure that Eddie Guerrero feels the BANG!

14.) Mean Gene interviews WCW World Champion The Giant and Jimmy Hart in the ring. Hart says that Giant is ready to wrestle Hogan tonight. Giant says it all comes down to one simple thing and tonight Giant will destroy Hogan. Ice Train comes out and tells Giant he needs to be focused on retaining the WCW World Championship. Giant had chokeslammed Teddy Long recently. Giant attacks Train from behind and sends Train shoulder first into the ring steps. Giant stomps on Train’s shoulders. The show goes to commercial with Train laid out on the floor.

15.) Lee Marshall interviews Madusa regarding her match with Bull Nakano. Madusa is going to break Nakano’s motorcycle tonight. Madusa says they have wrestled everywhere and doesn’t know what Nakano wants, but it will be battle of the bikes tonight.

16.) Morrus works over Anderson with shoulder rams in the corner. Morrus splashes Anderson in the corner and goes to the top rope missing a moonsault. Anderson delivers a DDT and wins the match in under a minute. After the match, the Dungeon of Doom attack Anderson, but the Four Horsemen come out and that leads to a massive brawl.

Final Thoughts:
This didn’t add any level of excitement for Hog Wild taking place moments after the show ended. The in-ring stuff was really quick and rushed. I wouldn’t have tuned into this had I known what they were going to provide as a lead-in.

Thanks for reading.

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