WCW Worldwide 7/28/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Scott Norton defeated Todd Morton
2.) Alex Wright defeated Buddy Valentine
3.) Billy Kidman defeated Psychosis
4.) Blue Bloods defeated Steve & Scott Armstrong
5.) Chris Benoit defeated Eddie Guerrero

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Psychosis takes Kidman down to the mat and pulls Kidman down by his hair for the early advantage. Kidman gets a hammerlock for a moment and dropkicks Psychosis over the top to the floor. Kidman hits a slingshot crossbody to the floor to take Psychosis out. Kidman misses a splash in the corner and Psychosis hits a top rope spinning heel kick for a near fall. Psychosis lays Kidman over the middle rope and hits a leg drop. Psychosis covers Kidman for a two count. Psychosis drops Kidman with a powerbomb and gets a near fall. Kidman head scissors Psychosis. Psychosis misses a splash in the corner and Kidman hits a shooting star press to win the match! (***. Okay, that was a complete shock to me and I love it. This was a rare moment where the crowd wanted someone to win who is at a lesser stature that their opponent and they pull off the upset for a great pop. Sure, it’s the Orlando crowd and they follow directions, but still this was a great segment. This one win can cast doubt on whether or not Kidman will lose matches in the future. That’s effective booking.)

2.) Regal and Scott kickoff the tag match with Scott using his legs to take Regal to the mat. Steve tags in and keeps Regal on the mat for a few moments. Regal tries to roll Steve over on the mat, but Steve locked in a body scissors until Regal forearmed his way free from the body scissors. Steve flips Regal to the mat and Taylor tags into the match. Taylor snapmares Steve and follows up with a shoulder block. Steve catapults Taylor and tries for a clothesline, but settles for a strike to the mat for a near fall. Steve is decked by Eaton on the apron while the referee was distracted. Taylor works over the left arm with a strike. Taylor takes Steve down to the mat with a vertical suplex and tags in Regal. Regal decks Steve with a forearm and an uppercut. Regal forearms Steve several times in the corner. Eaton chokes Steve on the mat and continues with stomps on the mat. Regal tries for a few covers, but Steve kicks out each time. Taylor returns to the match and uppercuts Steve into the ropes. Regal and Eaton double team Steve in the corner while Scott distracted the referee. Scott gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes. Armstrong’s hit double dropkicks on all three members of the Blue Bloods. Taylor hits a fallaway slam on Scott to win the match. (**. I almost felt like the Armstrong’s were going to win to have another upset victory. Regardless, this was a solid undercard match and the Kidman victory provides doubt for even guys that have the slightest chance of winning.)

3.) Guerrero takes Benoit down to the mat and has leg control before switching to the arm with a wrist lock. Benoit counters with a wrist lock of his own. Guerrero takes Benoit down for a near fall and keeps a headlock on Benoit. Benoit counters by pulling back on Guerrero’s arm and puts his knee between Guerrero’s shoulders. Guerrero kicks Benoit away and plays to the crowd. Benoit keeps Guerrero on the mat with a test of strength, but Guerrero comes back with a head scissors and an arm drag. Benoit monkey flips Guerrero, but Guerrero lands on his feet and drives Benoit down with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Benoit sends Guerrero shoulder first into the corner and keeps control with strikes and stomps on the mat. Benoit keeps Guerrero on the mat with a full nelson, but doesn’t get a submission. Benoit slaps the back of Guerrero’s head and continues with a stomp to the back of the head. Guerrero tries for a sunset flip, but Benoit blocks it. Guerrero nearly wins with an inside cradle. Benoit regains control with a chin lock. Guerrero shoulder blocks Benoit and gets another two count with a rollup. Benoit pummels Guerrero with right hands in the corner several times. Benoit drops Guerrero gut first over the top rope leading to a near fall. Guerrero elbows Benoit, but is yanked down to the mat. Benoit stomps on Guerrero to maintain the advantage and catapults Guerrero chest first into the corner. They trade right hands in the middle of the ring with Benoit getting the advantage and takes Guerrero over with a snap suplex. Benoit slams Guerrero to the mat and heads to the top missing a diving headbutt. Guerrero gets a second wind and backdrops Benoit. Guerrero works over Benoit with right hands in the corner. Guerrero uppercuts Benoit in the corner. Guerrero beats on Benoit with uppercuts and chops in the corner. Guerrero tries for a tornado DDT, but Benoit avoids it. Benoit counters a rollup attempt by sitting down and holds the ropes for the win. (**1/2. Not their best match, but it was still a solid encounter and I enjoyed watching it. I was a little surprised that Benoit won since Guerrero is going for the WCW US Championship on PPV. I’m sure these two will square off again on Worldwide.)

Final Thoughts:
A strong episode of Worldwide this week with a great upset win for Kidman really standing out. The other feature matches were quality matches and it made this an absolute breeze of an episode to get through.

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