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WWF House Show 3/4/1994

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: Oakland, CA

Opening Contest: The Heavenly Bodies vs. The Bushwhackers: The Bodies taunt the Bushwhackers with their taunting and promptly get their butts bitten causing them to bail to the floor to regroup. The Bodies return to the ring and get control with several strikes on the Bushwhackers. Butch and Luke gain control by hitting stereo atomic drops and the Bodies bail to the floor. Butch and Del Ray kick off the match legally, but Del Ray gets frustrated with a test of strength. Luke punches Del Ray while in a test of strength with Butch, but the referee was distracted by Prichard. Prichard tries to attack Butch in the test of strength, but is stopped and accidentally low blows Del Ray. Prichard strikes Butch in the corner, but Luke stops Butch from hitting the corner. Butch sends Prichard into the corner and the Bodies end up being sent into each other and crashing to the floor. Prichard returns to the ring and beats on Butch with several strikes to gain the advantage. Del Ray holds Butch, but Prichard almost hits Del Ray. Butch sends the Bodies into each other and sends Prichard into the corner. Del Ray enters and is sent into Prichard in the corner butt first into Prichard’s face. Prichard accidentally splashes Del Ray in the corner and the Bushwhackers count a mock pin for the Bodies on each other.

Butch is met with a cheap shot by Del Ray and Prichard gets a two count after a backbreaker. Del Ray leaps off the top to axe handle Butch and Luke is knocked off the apron. Prichard sends Butch hard into the corner to maintain control of the contest. Del Ray taunts the crowd after getting a two count. Prichard elbows Butch to the mat for a near fall. Butch tags in Luke, but the referee was distracted by Prichard. Del Ray misses a splash in the corner and Butch makes the tag to Luke, finally. Luke cleans house with strikes and slams Prichard. They clothesline Prichard from behind and hit the battering ram on Del Ray for the win. (*1/2. It’s mostly a comedy match with the Heavenly Bodies being made to look like fools for a good portion of the match. It’s matches like this where it’s a shame that people aren’t aware of what the Bodies did in SMW compared to WWF.)

Second Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow & Luna Vachon vs. Doink & Dink: Before the match, Bigelow kicks Dink off the apron to piss off Doink. Dink sneaks in from behind and Bigelow trips over Dink to fall to the mat. Luna also gets knocked to the mat. Dink gets scared of Bigelow, but Luna gets in the ring and Dink runs around the ring before getting kicked by Luna. Luna misses an elbow drop attempt. Dink headbutts Luna from behind and goes to the top rope missing a crossbody attempt. Luna misses a splash and Doink gets tagged into the match. Bigelow tags into the match, too. Bigelow shoulder blocks Doink, but misses a clothesline. Bigelow nails Doink with a kick to the head. Doink boots a charging Bigelow in the corner and hits a bulldog. Doink clotheslines Bigelow over the top to the floor. Doink takes Bigelow down to the mat to put an STF on Bigelow, but Luna eye rakes Doink while the referee was distracted by Dink. Bigelow elbows Doink to the mat. Dink eye rakes Bigelow and Doink kicks Bigelow. Bigelow shoulder blocks Doink, but misses a headbutt attempt. Bigelow dumps Doink over the top to the floor. Bigelow sends Doink into the guard railing. Dink is in the ring ready to fight Bigelow. Dink avoids Bigelow and jumps off his back to the floor.

Doink tries for a sunset flip from the apron, but Bigelow holds the ropes. Doink manages to get a near fall. Doink punches Bigelow a few times and sends Bigelow into the ropes knocking Dink to the floor. Doink plants Bigelow with a DDT. Doink checks on Dink and a few officials come down to see if Dink is okay. Dink is comically carried to the backstage area. Bigelow clotheslines Doink from behind to keep the advantage. Bigelow chokes Doink over the top rope before sending Doink to the mat. Luna kicks Doink a few times and comes off the ropes, but is shoulder blocked by Doink. Bigelow headbutts Doink to the mat and delivers a falling headbutt a few times. Bigelow keeps a sleeper on Doink, but doesn’t get a submission. Doink fights back and they collide on stereo clotheslines. Bigelow slams Doink for a two count. Bigelow delivers another slam, but the referee gets knocked down. Bigelow delivers a falling headbutt and Luna counts the pin. However, Dink runs into the ring and attacks Bigelow. Dink headbutts Bigelow and Doink gets a rollup for the win. (*1/2. It’s an interesting choice to have back to back comedy tag matches to kickoff the show. I’d say this was a little better than the opener, but it’s the same idea.) After the match, Doink saves Dink from Bigelow and Luna.

Third Contest: WWF Tag Team Champions Quebecers vs. 1-2-3 Kid & Jim Powers: Kid and Jacques kickoff the tag title match, but Kid starts off playing to the crowd to get a pop. Kid wants to shake hands, but Jacques instead gets punched by Powers. Powers backdrops Pierre and Kid spin kicks Jacques. The champs are clotheslined over the top to the floor. Powers tags into the match, but Jacques backs off into a corner. Powers gets a headlock on Jacques followed by a shoulder block. Powers stomps Jacques to avoid a monkey flip causing Jacques to regroup with Pierre in the corner. Pierre kicks Powers followed by strikes in the corner. Pierre misses a splash in the corner. Powers tags in Kid and Kid hits an axe handle off the top rope. Kid takes Pierre down to the mat with a rollup and tags in Powers. Powers axe handles Pierre from the middle rope. Kid leg drops Pierre after a drop toe hold by Powers. Kid keeps a hammerlock on Pierre, but doesn’t get a submission. Kid kicks Pierre and Powers manages a two count with a sunset flip attempt. Powers splashes down onto Pierre’s arm a few times.

Kid returns to the match and trades hammerlocks with Pierre. Kid snapmares Pierre followed by a spinning heel kick. Jacques misses an elbow drop and Powers tags in to deck Jacques to the apron. Jacques yanks Kid from the apron to help Pierre. Jacques hammers away on Kid with stomps. Pierre chokes Kid in the corner. Kid is taken down to the mat and Jacques slams Pierre onto Kid. Pierre hits a sit down powerbomb, but Kid kicks out at two. Quebecers hit a leg sweep/clothesline combo on Kid. Jacques slams Kid and backdrops Pierre onto Kid. Kid kicks Pierre several times, but is stopped with a strike. Jacques enters and the champs drop Kid over the top rope. Powers prevents a cover attempt. Jacques keeps Kid on the mat and taunts the fans. Pierre accidentally decks Jacques. Powers gets the tag and knee lifts Pierre followed by an atomic drop on Jacques. Powers clotheslines Jacques and backdrops Pierre. Powers dropkicks Jacques, but Pierre avoids a dropkick. Jacques puts a Boston Crab on Powers and Pierre hits a middle rope leg drop for the win. (**1/4. It’s not a bad match as both teams worked fairly well together. Powers being Kid’s partner meant there was never going to be a title change, but I thought they worked well as a team. The Quebecers hit their big spots throughout the match and I found myself entertained by the action.)

Fourth Contest: WWF World Champion Yokozuna & Bastion Booger vs. Men on a Mission: Yoko and Mo kickoff the tag match with the crowd heavily behind Men on a Mission. Yoko shoulder blocks Mo coming off the ropes, but misses an elbow drop. Yoko wants to tag in Booger, but Booger doesn’t seem all that interested. Mabel tags into the match and hammers away on Yoko over the back. Booger is short arming Yoko on tag attempts already. Mo tags back into the match and puts a wrist lock on Yoko. Mabel shoulder blocks Yoko and delivers a clothesline to knock Yoko off his feet. Mabel keeps arm control and tags in Mo. Mo hammers away on Yoko and delivers a headbutt, but that hurts Mo more than Yoko. Yoko throat thrusts Mo to the mat and connects with a chop. Yoko sends Mo into the corner, but misses a splash. Mo knocks Yoko down with a clothesline and they collide on a shoulder block knocking both men down to the mat. Mo runs into a belly to belly suplex and Yoko manages to pin Mo for the win. (*1/2. It’s impressive that Booger literally did nothing the whole time other than stand on the apron and not enter into the match. It was a bit surprising to see Mo get decent offense on Yoko and manage to knock the champion off his feet. I suppose anything can happen at live events.) After the match, Booger and Yoko get into it, leading to Yoko dropping Booger with a headbutt.

Fifth Contest: Samu & Tonga Kid vs. The Smoking Gunns: Bart and Tonga kickoff the tag match with Bart backing Tonga into the ropes. Bart cleanly backs off, but Tonga complains of a hair pull. Bart does it again, and Tonga complains some more. Tonga works over Bart with overhand strikes, but Bart responds with a shoulder block and hip toss. Bart slams Tongs and dropkicks Tonga into the ropes. Bart knocks Tonga over the top to the floor. Samu tags into the match and shoves Billy on the apron. Bart proceeds to tag in Billy. Samu kicks Billy and delivers a few strikes. Billy bridges out of a pin and backslides Samu for a two count. Billy arm drags Samu and dropkicks Samu to the floor. Billy gets arm control on Samu before tagging in Bart. Bart leaps off the top to axe handle Samu. Tonga pulls down the ropes and Bart crashes over the top to the floor. Tonga sends Bart into the ring post and taunts the crowd afterward. Samu decks Bart with a clothesline and taunts the crowd.

Tonga whacks Bart over the back with a steel chair and continues to taunt the crowd. Samu drives Bart groin first into the ring post. Tonga puts a nerve hold on Bart, but doesn’t get a submission. Bart elbows free and runs into a knee lift. Bart is knocked down with a double headbutt and Samu delivers a blow to the lower midsection. Bart has a sunset flip, but Tonga distracts the referee. Bart almost wins with an inside cradle. Bart hits a double clothesline and tags in Billy. Billy backdrops Tonga and clotheslines Samu. Billy knocks Tonga down with an elbow strike and does the same to Samu. Billy tries to ram them into each other, but that doesn’t work. Billy almost pins Samu with a sunset flip. Gunns hit a double side Russian leg sweep. Billy kicks Tonga away on the apron, but Samu nails Billy with a savant kick as Billy jumped off the top rope and gets a three count. (**1/2. Okay, so Samu and Tonga were promoted as the Headshrinkers, which makes me think WWF was trying to pass off Tonga as Fatu or something. Regardless, this was a solid match with enjoyable action. I was shocked that the Gunns lost.)

Main Event: Bret Hart & Lex Luger vs. Owen Hart & IRS: Luger and IRS start off the match with Luger knocking IRS to the mat with a shoulder block. Luger shoulder blocks IRS and IRS complains to the referee. IRS knee lifts Luger and rams Luger into the corner. Luger awkwardly clotheslines IRS and gets a two count. Bret gets tagged in, but IRS breaks free from Luger. Owen tags into the match and the crowd is looking forward to the brothers colliding. Bret locks up with Owen, but neither man gets the advantage. Bret and Owen trade holds on the mat until Bret goes to the ropes to break the momentum. Bret takes Owen down to the mat with a go-behind, but Owen dumps Bret through the ropes to the floor and taunts the fans. Owen takes Bret over with a headlock, but Bret counters with a head scissors quickly. Owen kips out of the hold and taunts Bret. They trade hammerlocks until Owen takes Bret down to the mat, but Bret quickly counters. Bret works over Owen’s arm with a wrist lock, but Owen fights back with a strike. Bret almost pins Owen with a rollup out of the corner. Bret keeps Owen on the mat with a headlock.

Bret hip tosses Owen followed by an arm drag, but Owen counters on the mat to keep arm control. They shove each other until Bret slaps Owen and almost wins with a rollup. Owen bails to the floor to regroup. IRS enters the match to square off against Bret. IRS eye rakes Bret followed by a throat strike. IRS misses a clothesline and Bret hits a crossbody followed by a slam for a two count. Luger tags into the match and works over IRS’s arm. Owen knee lifts Luger from the apron and IRS knocks Luger to the floor. Owen slams Luger on the floor while IRS grabs a tag rope. Owen drops Luger over the railing, as well. IRS puts an abdominal stretch on Luger and gets an assist from Owen. Luger doesn’t give in as Owen enters and keeps the hold locked in. IRS assists Owen before entering the match. Luger sunset flips IRS for a two count. IRS prevents Luger from tagging out. IRS delivers an elbow drop for a near fall. IRS keeps a front face lock on Luger, but Luger gets to his feet. Bret is tagged in, but the referee was distracted by Owen. Luger delivers a double DDT and tags in Bret.

Bret hammers away on IRS and hits a side Russian leg sweep. Bret atomic drops Owen followed by an elbow strike to knock Owen to the floor. Bret gets a two count following an inside cradle. Bret drives IRS down to the mat with a backbreaker and locks in the Sharpshooter. Owen tries to get involved, but Luger decks Owen. The referee takes Luger away allowing Owen to hit Bret with a steel briefcase. IRS slowly makes the cover, but Bret kicks out at two. Luger gets the hot tag and rolls IRS up from behind to win the match. (**. That finish was rather dull. It was a standard, formula tag match and the crowd responded well to the action. The briefcase spot by Owen was a solid near fall attempt, though. Luger could have done more for the final hot tag than just doing a rollup. Bret got a lot of shine and Luger was left to look second fiddle even though he got the pin for his team.)

Final Thoughts:
A show with all tag matches is something I wouldn’t expect from the WWF at this time unless it was a tournament of some kind. The WWF also had a tour of Ireland at the same time, and the card over there was not all tag matches. Regardless, this show had Bret, Luger, and Yoko all three guys involved in the top storyline for WrestleMania. It’s a disappointing show largely due to the lazy booking of the matches to be all tag matches.

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