WWE RAW 11/18/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents RAW
: 11/18/2002
From: Bridgeport, CT

Eric Bischoff is waiting in the parking lot and is excited when a limo arrives. Bischoff opens the door and it’s Ric Flair. Flair asks if Bischoff was expecting someone else. Bischoff asks where HHH is at, but he’s sure that HHH is throwing a fit since he lost the championship to Shawn Michaels last night. Bischoff hopes that HHH is on the way because he’s in a number one contenders match. Flair reminds Bischoff that HHH just checked out of the hospital with a crushed throat. Flair knows that Bischoff doesn’t care about HHH or anybody. Bischoff agrees that he only cares about RAW and himself. Bischoff decides to put Flair in a singles match against Kane tonight. Flair tells Bischoff that he doesn’t sweat Kane because if he lays a hand on him that Kane will have to deal with Triple H. Flair wants to see Bischoff produce RAW without Triple H. Flair walks off.

RAW World Champion Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring with a warm reception from the crowd. Michaels jokes that the fans would never guess what he found last night. Michaels isn’t going to bore the fans with an acceptance speech with how he’s happy to be the new champion. Michaels says that he couldn’t think about anything other than getting revenge on Triple H after SummerSlam. Michaels accomplished that goal because he’s the new champion. Michaels asks where do they go from here. Michaels accepts he’s a shell of himself. Michaels has to ask if he’s one of those guys who hangs around too long and doesn’t realize his prime is over. Or, does he want to go out on top as the champion. Michaels puts over the talent in the back and how he’d like to compete against them. However, his body can’t handle that anymore. Michaels believes the smart thing for him to do would be leave the belt and go home. That would be smart and sensible. Michaels notes he’s never been sensible, though. Michaels thinks he’s performances has been okay and wants to see how much he’s got left in him. Michaels promises the title remains in his possession.

Rob Van Dam makes his way out to join the segment. RVD enjoyed watching Michaels give his all over the years when he was growing up. RVD says that Michaels paved the road for a lot of wrestlers including himself. RVD is glad that Michaels walked out as champion if it wasn’t him. RVD knows that Michaels will be a fighting champion. RVD suggests that Michaels defend the title against him for his first title defense.

RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff makes his way down to the ring to join the segment. Bischoff is out there to remind Michaels who is calling the shots. Bischoff tells RVD that he’s going to have to earn his shot in a no disqualification three way dance. RVD will be wrestling against Chris Jericho and Booker T. The winner of that match wrestles Michaels next week on RAW. Bischoff tells Michaels he’ll be a fighting champion because he’s his champion. Michaels pokes Bischoff several times and tells Bischoff to recognize there’s a new sheriff in town. Michaels says some things are going to change. He’s not going to represent a show that has necrophile and other stuff. Michaels is offended as a wrestling fan. Michaels will be there next week to defend the championship. Michaels tells RVD he’s rooting for him because the fans would like to see that match. Michaels asks how HHH feels being the guy in the hospital while he’s the new champion to end the segment.

Backstage, the Dudley Boys are walking toward the ring to compete in action.

Opening Contest: Bubba, D-Von & Spike Dudley vs. Rosey, Jamal & Rico: All six men start brawling on the floor to kickoff the match. D-Von pummels Jamal while Bubba gets in the ring with Rico and delivers several strikes. Bubba flapjacks Rico, but Rico delivers a few strikes. Bubba is tripped and rammed into the post groin first by Jamal and Rosey. Jamal backdrops Bubba and tags in Rosey. Bubba is met with a double shoulder block and headbutts for a two count. Rosey plants Bubba with a belly to belly suplex. Rico is tagged into the match and misses a top rope moonsault. Bubba blocks a kick and clotheslines Rico. D-Von is tagged in and cleans house with right hands on Rico. D-Von clotheslines Rico followed by a neckbreaker for a two count. D-Von side slams Rico and clotheslines Jamal before tossing Rosey to the floor. D-Von scoop slams Rico for a near fall, but Jamal breaks the cover. D-Von and Jamal fall over the top to the floor. Spike leaps off the top onto Rosey on the floor. Bubba jabs Rico after avoiding a leapfrog. Bubba scoop slams Rico leading to the What’s Up by D-Von. Jamal and Rosey cut them off. Bubba collides with Rosey, but Jamal dropkicks Bubba. Spike hits the Dudley Dog on Jamal. Rico spin kicks Spike, but turns around into the 3D leading to a three count for D-Von. (**1/4. I liked that the match was non-stop and it was just all six guys hitting moves on each other. I feel like this is the end of 3MW as a dominating threat on the brand, which is kind of a bummer. The fans seem to be behind the reunion of the Dudley’s, but how long will that last before it wears off and it’s just the Dudley’s again.)

Backstage, Stacy Keibler is on the phone about producing Testicles shirts. She has a prototype for Test new shirt and the fans will decide which shirt is the best one.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is on the phone when someone enters the room and says that Triple H is on his way. Bischoff doesn’t seem to care and he’ll meet HHH in the parking lot.

In the parking lot, Eric Bischoff is waiting when a limo arrives and he thinks it’s Triple H. Bischoff opens the door and is happy to see it’s actually… Scott Steiner! Bischoff says Steiner is his special guest and they are going to takeover the place. Bischoff promises Steiner anything as long as he signs with RAW.

Stacy Keibler makes her way down to the ring. Keibler has done some market research and knows what testicles want. Keibler wants their help for a new testicles t-shirt. Keibler shows the shirts and they all have sexual tones to them. Keibler has a testicular cannon and shoots shirts into the crowd. Steven Richards comes out and he’s not happy about what’s going on. Richards says this has been going on long enough and tells Stacy that he was setup last week. Richards says that Keibler is all alone since Test is in India. Keibler shoots a t-shirt into Richards groin. Keibler laughs at Richards as he’s on the mat. WWE Women’s Champion Victoria sneaks in from behind and attacks Keibler. Victoria puts an arm breaker on Keibler and bites her fingers. Victoria bites a fingernail off. Victoria tells Keibler that the fans came to see her because she’s the champion.

Backstage, Stacy Keibler is complaining to Bischoff calling Victoria a psycho bitch. Bischoff says that he’s got an idea. Tonight, Victoria will defend her title against Stacy Keibler. Keibler didn’t seem to want that.

Second Contest: Tommy Dreamer & Jeff Hardy vs. William Regal & Lance Storm: All four men are brawling on the entrance ramp. Storm sends Hardy into the guard railing ribs first. Dreamer decks both Regal and Storm in the ring. Storm hits Dreamer from behind allowing knee strikes by Regal. Regal knee drops Dreamer and Storm tags into the match to deliver a jawbreaker. Storm dropkicks Hardy off the apron in the corner. Dreamer is punched by Regal from behind. Storm controls Dreamer with a neck vice. Dreamer hits a Death Valley Driver. Hardy leaps off the apron onto Regal. Regal kicks Dreamer from the floor and Storm pins Dreamer to win the match. After the match, Storm has a steel chair. Storm drop toe holds Dreamer throat first into the steel chair. Dreamer is holding his jaw in agony to end the segment. (1/2*. A mostly dominating performance by Regal and Storm. This was a solid way to rebuild this unit into a force in the tag division.)

Scott Steiner makes his way down to the ring to cut a promo. Steiner says everyone wants to know where he’s been and what took him so long to get to the WWE. Steiner has been busy with his freaks and satisfying his women. Steiner would occasionally turn on RAW and he’d want to puke. Steiner would turn on Smackdown and they’d say they will go down as the greatest of all time when that’s him. Steiner says he’s not here to make friends and nobody can compare to the power genetic freak.

Chris Jericho makes his way out to join the segment. Jericho asks Steiner who the hell he is to come out here and babble. Jericho has no idea what a big, bad, booty daddy is. Jericho doesn’t care about freaks. Jericho puts over his own body as the best body and poses for the crowd. Jericho claims he’s the best in the world and he’s the king of the world. Jericho is also a rockstar. Jericho promises to win the main event and win the championship next week. Jericho will then take care of the guy who is dressed like King Arthur. Jericho fakes running into the ring. Jericho has to worry about his main event tonight and calls Steiner an ass clown. Steiner teases that he’ll stick around and see if Jericho is as good as he says he is.

Backstage, Stacy Keibler is walking worried to the ring for her title match.

Third Contest: WWE Women’s Champion Victoria vs. Stacy Keibler: Victoria sends Keibler into the corner and delivers a shoulder ram and a short arm clothesline. Victoria takes Keibler over with a snap suplex for a two count. Victoria knocks Keibler to the mat. Keibler nails Victoria with a spin kick and stomps in the corner. Keibler chokes Victoria, but is met with a boot. Victoria hits the Widows Peak, which may be the debut of the move. Victoria covers and wins the match. (1/2*. That’s a great finisher for Victoria.) After the match, Trish Stratus runs down to make the save. Stratus clotheslines Victoria followed by chops and a kick to the mat. Stratus nails Victoria with a kick to the face and pummels Victoria until Steven Richards comes out and Stratus fights him off. Richards plants Stratus with a double arm DDT! Richards and Victoria leave together.

Maven is with fans at the World in New York City.

Prior to the next match, Christopher Nowinski cuts a promo saying that the teachers pet is in NYC. Nowinski isn’t jealous and he’s going to show that Maven shouldn’t have won the first Tough Enough. Nowinski out wrestled Al Snow last week and now he’s going to out think him. Because, brains always prevails over brawn.

Fourth Contest: Al Snow vs. Christopher Nowinsk in a school of hard knocks match: This is essentially a hardcore match. Snow ducks a few strikes and sends Nowinski into the corner. Snow breaks a chalkboard over Nowinski’s head and tosses him to the floor. Snow tosses Nowinksi over the railing into the crowd. Snow tosses a steel chair into the ring and gets a bowling ball. Snow flips Nowinski back to the ringside area. Nowinski grabs powder and tosses it into Snow’s face. Nowinski plants Snow with a spinebuster. Nowinski tosses a few more weapons into the ring. Nowinski hits Snow with part of a skeleton. Nowinski taunts the head, but is hit by Snow from behind with the skeleton. Snow hits Nowinski with chair shots. Snow dropkicks Nowinski with a chair in the corner. Nowinski is busted wide open. Snow puts a dunce cap on Nowinski and gets the bowling ball. Snow rolls the ball into Nowinski’s groin in the corner. Snow sets up a few chairs. Snow lays Nowinski onto four chairs. Snow misses a top rope moonsault and lands on the chairs. Nowinski covers Snow and wins the match. (*. The hardcore aspect of the match held my interest. Nowinski winning is the right call and I’m behind the idea of a bigger push for Nowinski. I’m sure we’re going to get a feud with Maven next, though.)

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is talking with Val Venis and he’s happy to have him here. Venis doesn’t want to be called that name and he’s changed. He has a new job with new responsibilities. Venis pays attention to detail and he’s the man for the job. Bischoff wants to finish the offer in his locker room.

Fifth Contest: Ric Flair vs. Kane: Flair claims he was just kidding about his comments and he respects Kane. Flair admits he’s probably afraid of him. Flair says that Kane puts a hand on him then Triple H will kick his ass. Flair gets in the ring as Kane stalks towards him. Flair bails to the floor again. Batista gets in the ring and clotheslines Kane followed by a spinebuster. Batista plants Kane with a sit down powerbomb! That was a good statement by Batista, I’d say.

F-View TV, where Chris Jericho is talking with Christian backstage. Jericho is sorry about the chair shot because he was caught up about the Elimination Chamber. Jericho needs Christian’s help to become the number one contender. Christian says Jericho should have thought about that last week and walks off.

Booker T cuts a promo in the ring as the fans are chanting for him. Booker has been listening backstage and there’s not been one mention of him. They are talking about Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam. Nobody has mentioned the five time WCW World Champion. Booker promises to be the number one contender tonight.

Main Event: RAW Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho vs. Booker T vs. Rob Van Dam in a no-disqualification match to determine the number one contender: Booker and RVD deck Jericho with right hands. Booker spin kicks Jericho and RVD delivers a leg drop. RVD pulls Booker off the cover and Jericho is kicked to the floor. RVD hammers away on Booker and hits a standing hurricanrana. RVD hits a handspring splash for a near fall. RVD continues to work over Booker, but misses a spin kick. Booker plants RVD with a side slam and a clothesline. Booker covers RVD for a near fall. Jericho tries to hit Booker with the tag belt, but misses. RVD gets the belt and accidentally hits Booker with it. Jericho nearly wins the match. RVD leaps off the top to kick Jericho for a near fall. Jericho eye rakes RVD and delivers a few chops in the corner. RVD monkey flips Jericho out of the corner for a near fall. RVD continues with right hands in the corner. RVD chokes Jericho in the corner and stomps Booker in the opposite corner. Jericho avoids a kick and nails RVD with a jump kick to the head for a near fall. RVD big boots Jericho in the corner and continues with strikes. RVD elbows Jericho and hits a springboard kick, but Booker breaks the cover. Booker dumps RVD to the floor and is decked by Jericho from behind. Jericho continues with strikes against the ropes. Booker hits a forearm smash on Jericho.

Booker chops Jericho against the ropes several times. Jericho sunset flips Booker, but Booker locks in the Walls of Jericho. RVD kicks Booker to make the save. RVD scissor kicks Booker for a near fall. Jericho hits a frog splash onto RVD for a two count! All three men are down on the mat. Jericho and Booker begin to trade strikes with Booker getting the advantage. Jericho splashes Booker in the corner and continues with strikes to pummel Booker. Jericho dropkicks Booker, but Booker comes back with a kick. RVD dropkicks Booker to prevent the spinarooni. RVD catches Jericho and catapults Jericho over the top to the floor. RVD misses a moonsault to the floor and Jericho bulldogs RVD on the floor. Booker scissor kicks RVD on the floor and returns to the ring with Jericho. Booker plants Jericho with a double leg slam for a two count. Booker chops Jericho in the corner, but Jericho comes back with a bulldog out of the corner.

Jericho misses a moonsault and is met with a heel kick by Booker. Booker does the spinarooni and spin kicks Jericho to the mat. Booker is hit by Christian with a chair shot from the floor. Jericho almost wins with an inside cradle. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho, but Booker doesn’t give in. Scott Steiner runs down and decks Christian from behind. Steiner attacks Jericho with strikes in the corner. Steiner clotheslines Christian and press slams Christian to the mat. Steiner tosses Jericho with an overhead suplex. Steiner plants Jericho with a double under hook powerbomb and does his pushup taunt at Jericho before leaving. RVD has gotten back up and climbs the top rope. RVD struggles, but hits the Five Star Frog Splash on Jericho. RVD covers and pins Jericho for the win. (**1/2. The crowd seemed to be rather uninterested in the match, which was a little surprising. RVD winning seemed to be telegraphed in the opening segment, and Jericho is likely going to be beefing with Steiner. Perhaps the lack of interest was because the audience kind of figured who would be winning? It’s a decent match though even if the no disqualification stipulation was only used for interference for the most part.)

RAW World Champion Shawn Michaels makes his way out to confront RVD. Michaels offers his hand and they shake hands. Michaels raises RVD’s arm, and they have a stare-down with the championship in the air.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a mostly boring show. Scott Steiner’s segment kind of showed me that perhaps Steiner doesn’t really fit in WWE. He seemed lost a few times, and it dragged. Jericho is the better talker, and that showed in the segment. I was interested in the Batista attack on Kane, which was an effective way to make Batista look like a stud. Despite that, it’s a thumbs-down of a show.

Thanks for reading.

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