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WWF RAW 9/12/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Lowell, MA

RAW opening video

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage welcome everyone to RAW. They hype up the show which will see the return of the real Undertaker to RAW and Doink the Clown on Kings Court. WWF World Tag Team Champion Diesel and Shawn Michaels will be in action as well.

Opening Contest: the Undertaker defeated Kwang:
Taker with a boot to the gut and uppercuts Kwang to start the match. Taker works on Kwang in the corner with more uppercuts. Kwang blocks a backdrop with a chop but Taker isn’t affected. Taker scoop slams Kwang and comes off the ropes but misses a elbow drop. Kwang manages to nail Taker with a super kick and Taker falls to the floor. Kwang head butts Taker on the apron and continues to work on the dead man until Taker drops Kwang throat first across the top rope. Taker walks the top rope and jumps down onto Kwang’s arm. Kwang avoids a leaping clothesline as RAW goes to commercial. Kwang hammers away on Taker for a few moments. Taker charges towards the corner but runs into a sidekick. Kwang clotheslines Taker to the floor but Taker lands on his feet. Taker grabs Kwang by the throat from the apron but Kwang spits mist into Taker’s face! Taker spits it back at Kwang and connects with a choke slam for the win.
After the match, the Undertaker kneels down to Paul Bearer.

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage talk about the Undertaker looking great in the ring. McMahon introduces a clip of Summer Slam.

Second Contest: Jim Neidhart defeated Tim McNeany:
Neidhart wins the squash with the camel clutch.
After the match, Neidhart keeps the hold on as Owen Hart enters and puts pink sun glasses on the jobber.

A video package promoting next weeks main event which will see Jerry Lawler competing against Duke Droese!

Footage from WWF Superstars where Jerry Lawler popped Dink’s balloons. Dink was really affected by that.

Jerry Lawler is in the ring for another edition of Kings Court. Lawler has a note from WWF President Jack Tunney, which he says is written in crayon. Lawler states that Tunney wants Lawler to apologize for popping Doink and Dink’s balloons on Superstars. Lawler calls out the clowns and they make their way out to a decent ovation from the fans. Lawler asks Doink where he got his outfit and calls Doink ridiculous. Doink pokes fun at Lawler’s crown and hints that Lawler may have gotten it from Burger King. Doink wants Lawler to apologize to them for popping their balloons. Doink says that they got Lawler a present to show their isn’t any hard feelings. Two men carrying a box wrapped up make their way down to the ring. Lawler isn’t going to open it because he doesn’t trust Doink. Doink opens it up for Lawler and it’s a trash can. Doink tells Lawler that Duke Droese is going to take the trash out, which is Lawler. Lawler goes to kick the trash can but ends up hurting his foot because Doink had fifty pounds worth of weight in it. Doink and Dink leave the ring laughing.

Third Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions Diesel/Shawn Michaels defeated Tony DeVito/Paul Van Dale:
Michaels pins Van Dale following a elbow drop leaping off of Diesel’s shoulders in the corner.

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage talk about what happened on last weekends WWF Superstars. Their was a confrontation between Bam-Bam Bigelow and Adam Bomb. Ted DiBiase issued a open challenge to anyone in the backstage area. Bomb clotheslined Bigelow and that’s all we see from the match.

Fourth Contest: Adam Bomb defeated Duane Gill:
Bomb pins Gill following a pump handle slam to win the squash match.

Main Event: the Bushwhackers defeated Barry Hardy/John Doe:
Butch pins the unnamed jobber with a ramming head butt.

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage hype up next weeks show which will see Droese vs. Lawler and a interview with Bob Backlund. Lex Luger and Yokozuna will be in singles action.

My Take:
I wasn’t expecting Kwang to get much offense in on the Undertaker but surprisingly he got a decent amount of it. I would have thought the Undertaker would have squashed Kwang pretty quickly in his return to television. Perhaps Kwang is in line for some kind of push, so he needs to remain somewhat strong. Thankfully the Undertaker vs. the Undertaker angle is done and over with. The match between Taker and Kwang wasn’t all that bad, honestly.

Kings Court this week was pretty dumb, which is to be expected when you have Doink the Clown as your guest. The whole conflict between Lawler and Doink was pretty childish as well. Popping balloons? That’s the best they could come up with?

This episode was tape several weeks before it aired, so we didn’t see Diesel and Michaels come out with the tag team championships, which they won the night before Summer Slam. Also, it seemed that they had filtered in a Diesel chant from the crowd.

Overall, a pretty bland and boring overall episode this week. Good to see the real Undertaker back in action, though.

Thanks for reading.


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