WWF RAW 9/19/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Lowell, MA

A video highlighting the heel turn by Tatanka. Tatanka has joined the Million Dollar Corporation. On Superstars, Tatanka was wearing a suit with Ted DiBiase. Tatanka appreciates the value of a dollar and the value if a million dollars.

RAW opening video

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage welcome everyone to RAW. They talk about how shocked they are by Tatanka. Also, they talk chat about Droese vs. Lawler. Savage predicts that Droese will beat Lawler tonight.

Opening Contest: Lex Luger defeated the Executioner:
Luger wins the squash with the Torture Rack.

A video promoting next weeks show, which will see Tatanka in action, Diesel and Shawn Michaels in tag action and the British Bulldog makes his first ever RAW appearance on Kings Court!

Before the next match, Jerry Lawler rips on the fans and tell them to kiss his feet when he comes to the ring. Lawler is going to take the trash out.

Second Contest: Duke Droese defeated Jerry Lawler by count-out:
Side headlock by Lawler to kick off the contest. Droese powers out of it by slamming Lawler down to the canvas. Lawler complains of Droese using the tights and hair for illegal leverage. Lawler misses a right hand in the corner and is knocked to the floor with a right hand from Droese. Droese hip tosses Lawler out of the corner and continues to hammer away on Lawler in the corner. Lawler goes to the floor and stalls for a few moments. Droese blocks a Irish whip and manages to backdrop Lawler. Lawler rolls to the floor as RAW goes to commercial. Lawler goes in his tights to grab a chain. Lawler challenges Droese to a test of strength but hides it as the referee checks his hands. Lawler ends up nailing Droese with the chain and hammers away on Droese in the corner. Lawler works on Droese with several jabs and chokes Droese across the middle rope. Lawler leaps off the middle rope and connects with a fist drop but only manages to get a two count. Lawler sets Droese up for the pile driver and plants Droese with it! Lawler goes to the floor to grab the trash can, but Dink was in the trash can and squirts water into Lawler’s eyes! Lawler chases Dink and is counted out!
After the match, Dink bites Lawler’s butt and runs into the ring. Droese trips Lawler and allows Dink to embarrass Lawler some more. Doink shows up from behind and Lawler ends up bailing through the crowd.

Third Contest: the Heavenly Bodies defeated Mike Bell/Steve King:
Del Ray pins King following a top rope moonsault to win the squash.

Vince McMahon is in the ring and introduces the former WWF World Champion, Bob Backlund. McMahon mentions all the previous things Backlund has done throughout his career. McMahon believes that WWF World Champion Bret Hart has proved that he is better than Bob Backlund. McMahon notes that Backlund wanted to make a comeback and regain the WWF World Championship. McMahon says Backlund snapped once he lost to Bret Hart. Backlund doesn’t like the use of the word, “former.” Backlund believes that he defeated Bret Hart in the middle of the ring. Backlund has standards that none of the fans can live up to. Backlund doesn’t want to be apart of a corrupt society. Backlund mentions that the fans changed and that he use to love them. Backlund says that when he put the chicken wing submission on Bret Hart, he put it on all the fans. Backlund proclaims that the chicken wing submission is the best submission in wrestling and no one can get out of it. The fans are chanting “has been” towards Backlund. Backlund turns his attention to the fact that fifty percent of the people can not read. McMahon doubts their isn’t a way to get out of the chicken wing submission. Backlund announces that if someone can get out of the chicken wing, he will retire from wrestling. McMahon is called out by Backlund but McMahon suggests calling out a wrestler. A writer for WWF Magazine named Louie enters the ring and will be put in the chicken wing for a demonstration. Backlund gets the hold on Louie and goes nuts causing Vince McMahon to get physically involved and Randy Savage slides into the ring to save Louie! Backlund grabs a microphone and proclaims that no one can get out of the chicken wing to close out the segment.

Fourth Contest: Sparky Plugg defeated Richie Rich:
Plugg wins the squash following a top rope cross body.

Main Event: Yokozuna defeated Phil Apollo:
Yoko gets the easy win following the Banzai Drop.
After the match, Yoko hears Undertaker’s music and runs to the backstage area.

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage hype up next weeks show. Shawn Michaels and Diesel will be in tag action. British Bulldog will be on Kings Court. Tatanka will be in singles action and will have an update on Louie’s health.

End of show

My Take: Droese/Lawler was pretty bad. I’m not liking the thought of Lawler vs. Doink feud. Honestly, the Doink character is just silly and used for comedy purposes. Lawler is a very good heel who should be working with good baby faces. Doink needs to phased out of the company sooner rather than later.

The Backlund segment kind of dragged on a little bit, but the ending was pretty interesting. To see Vince McMahon get physically involved in something, especially in 1994 was a cool thing to see. The fans are clearly still interested in Randy Savage as he got a good ovation making the save on Louie. A fine overall segment.

Overall, a mediocre show, again. The featured stuff this week was pretty lackluster and boring. Aside from the ending of Backlund’s segment, everything was pretty bland and boring.

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