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WWF RAW 5/1/2000

written by Adam King

Monday, May 1st, 2000
Live from the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, MD

List of WWF Champions at the time:
WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock (4/30/2000)
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Benoit (4/02/2000)
WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (4/02/2000)
WWF European Champion: Eddie Guerrero (4/03/2000)
WWF Hardcore Champion: Crash Holly (4/27/2000)
WWF Women’s Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (3/30/2000)
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Raw comes on the air and goes right to the intro with Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcoming us to the show. You’d think they’d have stills of The Rock’s big win last night or something.

The Dudley Boyz vs. T & A

I bet people feel silly for paying for this match last night since we’re getting it for free tonight. Before either team comes out Edge & Christian make their way out and join the announcers for commentary. Also JR reports Trish Stratus isn’t with her charges tonight since she’s off recovering from being put through a table last night. Test and Albert rush the ring and go right to work with Albert tossing Bubba Ray over the ropes. T&A whip D’Von into a corner and Test whips Albert into an avalanche on D’Von then follows up with a boot. Test stomps D’Von down in a corner and hip tosses him across the ring as E&C talk about using “insider lingo”. Test whips D’Von but D’Von hits the jumping elbow then tags in Bubba and Bubba chops Test in a corner. Both men exchange punches but Bubba is able to get the advantage then goes for a whip but Test reverses him into a corner. Test eats a boot and Bubba hops to the middle rope and hits a clothesline but Albert breaks up the pin. Bubba hits a suplex then draws Albert in to distract the referee and sets Test up while D’Von climbs to the top rope and hits the head butt to the groin. Bubba whips Test into his corner but Test pops D’Von to draw him in while he whips Bubba into his corner. Albert comes in and helps Test whip Bubba and drop him to the mat then takes over on Bubba without a tag. Albert whips Bubba and hits a body block then slingshots him into the middle rope before Test tags back in and whips Bubba into a big boot. Albert tags back in and whips Bubba into a corner then goes for the Avalanche but Bubba sidesteps him and hits his Diamond Cutter. Both men crawl to the corners and Albert tags in Test while Bubba tags in D’Von who takes it to both men. D’Von whips Test into Bubba then comes off the ropes and hits a jumping clothesline on Test for a two count. D’Von nails Albert with a jumping elbow and the Dudley’s plant him with a double neck breaker. Test works on D’Von and goes for a whip but the Dudley’s plant him with the 3D just as E&C decide this is their cue for a run-in. Edge distracts the referee and Albert pulls Bubba out of the ring while Christian drills D’Von with the Tomikaze. Christian then puts Test on top of D’Von and the referee turns around and counts the pin. (4:49) The Dudley’s fall to 0-2 against Test & Albert. Wasn’t that bad of a match, actually, until it broke down.

~ Backstage we find the glum McMahon-Helmsley Regime making their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we find several members of the Baltimore Orioles sitting in the crowd tonight.

~ The now-former champion Triple H leads the rest of the Regime to the ring so we can get our talking segment. Triple H (with his arm in a sling) gets on the mic and asks if the fans are happy that he’s no longer WWF Champion then says the Rock should be the happiest man in the world since he defeated the best there is to take the title. However Triple H claims Rock isn’t as proud as we’d think because he knew he couldn’t get the job done by himself, pointing out he had help from Steve Austin, Linda McMahon and Earl Hebner. Triple H tells Rock to shine up the belt and enjoy being WWF Champion while he can because he is on borrowed time. Triple H says once his separated shoulder heals up he will beat the Rock down and take back his rightful championship. Triple H then turns to JR and brings up how he shouted ‘Game Over’ last night saying the Game is only beginning. Stephanie takes the mic and talks about how she loves Triple H who valiantly defended the title like no one else. Vince gets his turn and says Austin is not scheduled to be here tonight but promises bad things if he does show up. Vince mentions his wife Linda showing up at Backlash then goes into how he would never hurt a hair on her head unlike Triple H. Vince also brings up Linda reinstating Earl Hebner and promises to deal with Hebner as soon as he reports to duty. Vince then goes back to Rock and says history will be made with Rock tonight and it will be made inside a steel cage. We sat through a 13-minute interview segment just to learn a cage match is going to be held tonight and they don’t even announce the opponent?

~ We cut to the parking garage and find Crash Holly pulling up as a parking attendant checks for his name on a list. Once that’s cleared up Crash heads out to get his gear from the car trunk but then sees referee Teddy Long nearby. Crash realizes what’s happening just as the parking attendant attacks him and tries to pin him for the Hardcore Title but Crash kicks out at two. Crash dumps the attendant in his car trunk then grabs his bag and makes his escape.

The Hardy Boyz vs. Too Cool

Too Cool is whole again with Grandmaster Sexay returning from knee surgery. Scotty 2 Hotty makes his way out with Grandmaster Sexay who’s making his return from knee surgery. Matt and Scotty lock up to start and Scotty goes into a headlock when Matt shoves him off into the ropes when Scotty leapfrogs over Matt and grabs a waist lock Matt counters with a suplex but Scotty flips out of it and hits his own back suplex then kips up and moonwalks to his corner to tag Sexay in. The Too Cool guys bust a move then come off the ropes and throw Matt to the mat before following up with a double elbow drop. Sexay sets Matt on the top rope but Matt comes back and drills Sexay a tornado DDT before tagging Jeff in. Jeff hops to the top rope and back flips over Sexay to the mat and Sexay gets a headlock when Jeff shoves him off but Sexay comes back with a shoulder block. Sexay comes off the ropes and Jeff leapfrogs over him and goes for a monkey flip but Sexay counters it and lifts Jeff up into the Stroke. Sexay goes for a whip but Jeff reverses him into a corner and charges but Sexay backdrops him over the ropes. Jeff lands on his feet and pulls Sexay down by the hair then springs off the top rope into a moonsault for a two count. Sexay jabs Jeff in the eyes and tags in Scotty then sets Jeff up for a front flip leg drop from Scotty and Scotty goes for the cover but Matt makes the save. Sexay knocks Matt through the ropes and whips Jeff into a corner then comes off the ropes and hits the bulldog. Sexay readies for the Worm but Matt stops that with a neck breaker and that gets major jeers from the crowd. Matt drops Sexay on the top rope then tags Jeff back in and climbs the ropes as they do their combo leg drop. Jeff goes for a whip but Scotty counters and tosses Jeff over his head onto the ropes and both men are down. Both men then start crawling to their corners and Matt tags in Jeff while Scotty makes the hot tag to Sexay. Sexay takes it to both Hardy’s with slams then hops to the middle rope and hits bulldogs and Matt and Jeff. Sexay covers Matt but Jeff saves it and the Hardy’s both whip Sexay into a corner and Matt drops to the mat while Jeff launches off Matt for the Poetry in Motion. Scotty comes in but the Hardy’s whip him into a corner too. Matt drops to the mat and Jeff readies for the move again but Sexay stops that by grabbing him by the hair. Jeff knocks Sexay off the apron then slings himself over the top rope into a pescado on Sexay on the floor. Meanwhile Matt is left hanging by his brother when Scotty bulldogs him and this time connects with the Worm. Jeff comes back in and Scotty goes for a whip but Jeff reverses it and Matt nails Scotty with the Twist of Fate. The Hardy’s turn toward Sexay and Matt sets him up for the Twist of Fate while Jeff climbs to the top rope looking for the Swanton Bomb but Sexay shoves Matt into the ropes bumping them and causing Jeff to straddle the turnbuckle. Jeff tumbles to the floor while Sexay nails Matt with a super kick and grabs the pin. (4:50) Pretty fun tag match with the Hardy’s playing the subtle heels. Scotty and Sexay celebrate by donning the shades and proceeding with the post-match dance. **½

~ Backstage Vince McMahon is conversing with the Stooges when he asks them to bring Earl Hebner in to see him. Gerald Briscoe asks Vince if he wants Hebner on a silver platter but Vince tells him and Pat Patterson to just go get him.

~ Back from break we get an exterior shot of the Baltimore Arena and a look at the cage hanging above the ring.

~ Backstage the Stooges present Earl Hebner to Vince who in turn dismisses them to speak with Hebner alone. Once Briscoe and Patterson have left the room Vince gives Hebner a tongue-lashing asking who he thinks he is, claiming if it wasn’t for Linda reinstating him last night then Triple H would still be WWF Champion tonight. Hebner says he just wants his job but Vince warns him not to get involved in his business again before sending him out.

The Kat & Jacqueline vs. Terri Runnels & Ivory

Ivory nails Jackie from behind to start and whips her but Jackie comes back with a cross body for a two count. Ivory snap mares Jackie to the mat but Jackie hits an arm drag then whips Ivory in a corner and hits a monkey flip. Terri breaks up the pin and Jackie whips Ivory back into the corner and but this time Ivory hits a head scissors. Ivory whips Jackie but lowers the head and Jackie puts her in a backslide but Terri again comes in for the save. Jackie works Ivory over in a corner when Terri shoves Jackie from behind but Jackie turns and glares at her. Kat comes in and throws Terri through the ropes then chases her up the ramp and catches her near the stage. The two ladies then roll back down the ramp to ringside and the referee heads out to try and separate them. Back in the ring Ivory shoulder blocks Jackie in a corner and hits a bulldog then whips her back into a corner. Ivory goes for another bulldog but Jackie throws her off and both make the tag to their respective partners. Terri takes Kat down and the two starts cat fighting again but Kat chokes her in a corner when Ivory comes in but Jackie intercepts her. Jackie and Kat both whip Ivory and Terri into each other then go for covers but only get two. Ivory tells the referee about something Jackie did while Kat body slams Terri and covers her but Ivory elbow drops Kat for the save. The referee then has words with Ivory while Terri covers Kat but Jackie elbow drops Terri to break that pin. Jackie then rolls Kat onto Terri and Kat is able to get the pin. (4:04) However the four ladies continue to go at it until Jackie and Kat manage to stand tall in the ring. Was somewhat decent when Jackie and Ivory were in there but then it had to focus on the other two ladies. DUD

~ Backstage Vince meets with the rest of DX as Road Dogg and X-Pac demand another shot at the tag team titles after the way Edge & Christian spilled their blood last night. Vince assures them they’ll get another shot but it won’t be tonight because it’s family night and he needs them to defend DX’s honor. Vince says Road Dogg has a special assignment then asks X-Pac to defend Stephanie’s honor against Chris Jericho and Road Dogg and X-Pac seem happy with their marching orders tonight and head out as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Earl Hebner gets a special intro as he heads to the ring to officiate the next match.

Chris Jericho vs. X-Pac (w/Tori)

X-Pac comes out sporting a bandage on his forehead from the bell shot last night and starts having words with Hebner who fires back. Jericho gets on the mic to do his greeting then talks about X-Pac coming out to defend Stephanie’s honor, using the word in different ways then spelling it out before going into his usual description for Stephanie. Both men lockup to start and Jericho applies a headlock then goes into a hammerlock but X-Pac fights him off and hits a shoulder block. X-Pac comes off the ropes but runs right into a Japanese arm drag and Jericho chops X-Pac down. X-Pac rolls out to the floor but Jericho nails him with a baseball slide then rams him into the steps before tossing him back in the ring. Jericho climbs up to the top rope but X-Pac kicks out Jericho’s leg causing him to straddle the turnbuckle. X-Pac goes up for a superplex when Jericho blocks it and fights X-Pac to the mat then goes for a missile dropkick but X-Pac swats Jericho away. X-Pac lays the boots to Jericho and kicks him down in a corner setting then goes for the Bronco Buster but Jericho dodges and X-Pac ends up straddling himself on the turnbuckles. Jericho fights back and knocks X-Pac down with a forearm then whips him into a corner but eats an elbow. Jericho sets X-Pac up for the bulldog then goes for the ropes again but Tori grabs his ankle from the floor allowing X-Pac to nail Jericho from behind. X-Pac whips Jericho but Jericho comes back with a forearm that gets two. Jericho whips X-Pac and lowers the head but X-Pac misses the spin kick and Jericho hits a power bomb then holds on for the second power bomb. Jericho connects with the Lionsault and covers X-Pac but Tori distracts Hebner from seeing it so Jericho knocks her off the apron with the springboard dropkick. X-Pac comes back with the spin kick then hits the Bronco Buster as we see the cut on his head has opened up. Hebner pulls X-Pac off Jericho and X-Pac shoves him but Hebner shoves X-Pac down and calls for the bell. (3:44) You’d think Jericho would get one clean win over X-Pac considering how many times they’ve fought over the past months. Jericho then puts X-Pac in the Walls of Jericho when Road Dogg comes in to make the save for his buddy then gets in Hebner’s face. However Hebner shoves Road Dogg down as well and chases him out of the ring as a number of other referees pour in to keep this situation from escalating further. **

~ We then see the newly-crowned WWF Champion The Rock finally arriving an hour late as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break The Rock makes his way out to the ring to do his first promo as a four-time WWF Champion. Rock says he made a guarantee and delivered on his word last night at Backlash but says he wasn’t the only one to keep a promise and gives props to Steve Austin for coming through for him. Rock then addresses what Triple H and the McMahons said about him earlier and tells all them to know their roles before calling them out. Triple H and the McMahon clan quickly make their way out to the stage and Vince gets on the mic saying history will be made because Rock will have the shortest WWF Title reign in history. Even though it’s already too late for that since Andre the Giant and Yokozuna both held the title for only a few minutes each. Anyway Vince announces Rock will defend the WWF Championship tonight in a steel cage match … against his son Shane. Triple H is surprised by this announcement as Vince adds the only way to win the match is to escape from the cage so Rock won’t have to worry about Shane pinning him or making him submit to become champion. Rock responds by saying it won’t be the shortest title reign ever but it will in fact be the longest night in Shane’s life then finishes with the usual. Meanwhile Triple H doesn’t seem happy Shane is getting a shot at his title ahead of him.

~ Back from break Triple H is talking with Shane in the stairwell about the way the main event is being set up. Triple H tells Shane he’s confident he’ll win but it’ll result in him carrying around the championship that belongs to him. Shane feels it doesn’t really matter since the title will be in the Regime’s possession anyway but Triple H says it matters to him.

~ Out in the arena Edge & Christian head out to the ring but come down the ramp and not through the crowd, pretty much resuming their heel turn. Edge gets on the mic and assures the fans they’re not turning their backs just because they came out the normal way. Edge says he and Christian are willing to pose for 5 seconds so those with flash photography can snap a picture, thus beginning their tradition of 5-second poses. Once E&C do their pose Christian takes the mic and mentions an open challenge they’ve issued for their tag titles tonight. E&C await any challengers when out comes Rikishi … followed by the Big Show, who’s dressed just like Rikishi, complete with a wig similar to Rikishi’s hairstyle and sumo garb with ‘SHOWKISHI’ written on it.

WWF World Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian © vs. Rikishi Phatu & “Showkishi”

E&C rush the ring and try to double-team Show but Show takes both of them out with head butts. Show whips Edge into a corner and whips Christian into Edge then follows up with a splash on both of them. Rikishi tags in and takes it to E&C then knocks their heads together before whipping Edge into a corner then whipping Christian into Edge and dropping him with a right hand. Edge comes out looking for a Sunset Flip but can’t get Rikishi over and Rikishi goes for the sit-down splash but Edge rolls out of the way. Christian follows up with a dropkick to the face and works him over while Edge dropkicks Show off the apron. E&C double-team Rikishi and come off the ropes but Rikishi clotheslines both of them. Show tags back in and head butts Edge and nails Christian with a short-arm clothesline then turns and tosses Edge across the ring. Show press slams Christian onto Edge and Edge bails out to the floor while Show whips Christian into a boot. Show grabs Christian for a choke slam but Edge brings the bell in and clocks Show in the head with it for a DQ. (1:46) Rikisih nails Edge and Christian with super kicks then he and Show drag them to the opposite corners and climb the ropes looking for Banzai Drops. E&C quickly roll out to the floor and head up the ramp but Road Dogg and X-Pac jump them and toss them back in the ring. Rikishi and Show whip E&C into opposite corners then each does the butt splash and the Stink face on them. E&C then depart while Rikishi and Show don the shades and commence with the post-match dance. At least the crowd was into all of it. *

~ Back from break Triple H is complaining to Stephanie about how Shane is going to leave here with his WWF Title. Triple H wants to know where Vince is coming from and Stephanie suggests Vince wants to see who the better man is.

~ Out in the arena we find several members of the Baltimore Ravens in the crowd tonight.

WWF European Title: Eddie Guerrero © (w/Chyna) vs. Essa Rios (w/Lita)

And here’s another match from last night’s pay-per-view that we’re getting for free. Lita comes out with Rios wearing Chyna’s prom dress that she took from her after the match last night. Lita and Rios even imitate Chyna and Eddie as their opponents come out not looking like they appreciate that. Eddie wails away on Rios to start and whips him into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker then goes for another whip but Rios reverses it and leapfrogs over Eddie. Rios monkey flips Eddie into the ropes then charges at him when Eddie backdrops him over the ropes but Rios lands on the apron and gets in his shots. Rios locks knuckles with Eddie then runs up to the top rope and leaps off connecting with a huricanrana. Rios hits his own tilt-o-whirl backbreaker for a two count then hits a Frankensteiner for another near fall. Rios then takes Eddie and himself over the ropes with a head scissors and Eddie quickly heads back in the ring while Chyna comes over and decks Rios then drops him on the apron before throwing him back in the ring. Eddie goes for a whip; Rios reverses him into a corner but eats an elbow. Eddie goes for a tornado bulldog and Rios blocks it but Eddie comes back with a modified Gory Special and that gets the pin. (2:04) Well that was quick, ensuring fans that they at least paid for the better match. Lita goes in to tend to Rios but Chyna dropkicks them from behind then reclaims her dress from Lita. **

~ Back from break we find Earl Hebner trying to get some coffee when Tori ends up spilling it on him. Hebner complains about the coffee burning him but Tori says she was getting tea and that accidents happen. Yeesh.

WWF Intercontinental Title: Chris Benoit © vs. Taz

Taz first gets on the mic talking about Benoit always walking around as if the world owes him something then promises to turn Benoit’s frown upside-down because the mood is about to change. Benoit quickly gets the advantage to start and goes for a whip and Taz reverses it but Benoit slides under him and hits a snap suplex followed by a backbreaker for a two count. Benoit goes for a whip but Taz reverses it and grabs him for a suplex but Benoit fights out of it. Taz comes back with a Northern Lights Tazplex for a two count. Taz hits a clothesline for another near fall then goes for a whip but Benoit counters with a knee to the chest. Both men exchange chops and Benoit gets the advantage but Taz nails him with a forearm as Perry Saturn comes out. Taz has words with Saturn but Benoit plants him with a Fisherman’s suplex and gets the quick pin. (1:22) You can’t tell me Tazz’s WWF run hasn’t hit some choppy waters. Taz goes out to the floor and starts fighting with Saturn when Hardcore Holly makes his way down the ramp and watches the two of them duke it out. Hardcore goes in the ring and lays out Benoit with the Hollycaust then heads out to the apron and takes out Taz and Saturn with a flying clothesline and walks off. Seems like Hardcore is sending a message to someone.

~ Backstage Earl Hebner is having a conference with the other referees when Triple H walks up behind him and stares him down. Triple H then lets Hebner leave and the rest of the referees scatter as well.

~ Back form break we get a sneak preview of Steve Austin appearing on Nash Bridges this Friday.

~ Backstage Michael Cole interviews Crash Holly asking if his constant 24/7 Hardcore Title defenses are getting to him and Crash denies it but then accuses Cole of looking at him funny as if he’s plotting to take his title. Crash admits everybody seems to be out to get him when Steve Blackman flies in with a garbage can shot on Crash. Blackman then pulls a nearby referee in as he covers Crash for a two count and looks like we have a title match…

WWF Hardcore Title: Crash Holly © vs. Steve Blackman

Blackman fights with Crash out to the arena and goes for a whip but Crash reverses him into the barricade. Crash grabs a kendo stick but Blackman takes it from him then breaks it in half and works Crash over with the pieces. Blackman throws Crash in the ring and pulls out a baking sheet then whips Crash and nails him with the sheet. Blackman cracks Crash in the head with the sheet for a two count then whips him into a kick. Crash rolls out to the floor when Blackman goes out and goes for a whip but Crash reverses him into the ring steps. Crash pulls out a trash can lid and waffles Blackman with it then tries to flee into the crowd when the Ravens players start attacking him. Jonathan Ogden shakes Crash around and covers him but another Raven tosses him aside to go for the pin. Crash kicks out and takes off with Blackman behind him and … I guess that’s all we’re getting. (~3:00) Funny stuff with the Raven players but nothing else. NR

~ The Rock is shown heading to the ring for the main even as we go to commercial.

WWF World Heavyweight Title: The Rock © vs. Shane McMahon (w/Triple H, Stephanie & Vince) – Steel Cage Match

As mentioned earlier this match is escape only, no pin falls or submissions. Shane comes out first with the rest of the crew … followed by Gerald Briscoe and Pat Patterson wearing referee shirts. As the cage lowers Triple H gives Shane some advice and Patterson heads in to act as the referee for this match while Briscoe is apparently going to be the outside ref. Rock makes his way out and starts heading toward Vince and Triple H but Briscoe orders him to get in the cage. Once Rock goes in the cage Patterson gets his attention while Shane tries to quickly climb up the cage wall but doesn’t get far when Rock catches him and pounds away on him. Rock whips Shane into an elbow then whips him into a corner and follows up with a clothesline. Patterson again tries to distract Rock while Shane crawls toward the door and Vince tries to pull Shane through it. However Rock engages Vince in a tug-of-war and manages to pull both Shane and Vince in the cage. Rock gets in some shots on Vince until Patterson pulls him off Vince allowing Triple H and Briscoe help Vince out to the floor. Shane makes another run at the door but Rock cuts him off and slams him with a London Bridge. Rock goes for a whip but Shane reverses it and hits a jumping elbow, finally getting in some offense. Shane hits a clothesline then chokes Rock on the mat and hits a forearm to the back. Shane then distracts Paterson while Triple H and Vince grab a stick and poke Rock through the cage with it. Shane starts shuffling around while getting in some jabs but Rock puts a stop to that with a DDT. Rock starts climbing up the cage wall but Triple H jabs him with the stick causing him to fall back off to the mat. Triple H pokes at Rock once more but Rock grabs the stick and pulls it into the cage then breaks it on Shane’s back. Rock throws Shane into the wall repeatedly then works him over in a corner and caps off with the Smackdown. Patterson nails Rock form behind but Rock shrugs it off and turns toward Patterson when Shane clotheslines him from behind. Shane starts climbing up and reaches the top of the cage but Rock catches him and rams him into the light rig. Shane is out as Rock starts his climb to the top but Patterson pulls Rock back by the ankle and hits a low blow. Rock straddles himself on the ropes and is down while Patterson tries to shove Shane over the top to the floor for the win. Rock recovers and pulls Patterson down then throws him into the wall and takes him out with a Rock Bottom. Shane then starts moving again but Rock grabs him by the hair and pulls him off the top back into the cage then nails the People’s Elbow. Rock starts heading out the door but Briscoe slams it into Rock’s head. Triple H then goes into the cage himself and hammers Rock with right hands then throws him into the wall. Triple H tees off on Rock as the fans chant “We want Austin!” but JR says there’ll be no Steve Austin tonight. Suddenly Earl Hebner makes his way out and Briscoe tries to stop him but Heber responds by ramming him into the wall. Triple H desperately tries to drag Shane through the door but Hebner slams the door on Triple H to stop that. Rock plants Triple H with a spine buster then climbs over the top and drops down to the floor for the win. (9:14) Chaotic but still entertaining main event, with the usual good bumping from Shane. Hebner presents Rock with the belt while Vince is furious his plan has been foiled and we fade to black. **½

Okay show as the follow-up to Backlash, but not really much too it. Most of the matches had already been done before in recent months (with two rematches from the pay-per-view the night before) and only the main event and the Hardy’s/Too Cool bouts were really worthwhile. There wasn’t much in the way of angle progression either, making it look like the WWF is just trying to get things settled before building toward Judgment Day which they only had three weeks to do. So overall not the worst way to spend 2 hours but nothing to go out of your way to see.


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