WWF RAW 5/8/2000

written by Adam King

Monday, May 8th, 2000
Live from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY

List of WWF Champions at the time:
WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock (4/30/2000)
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho (5/04/2000)
WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (4/02/2000)
WWF European Champion: Eddie Guerrero (4/03/2000)
WWF Hardcore Champion: The British Bulldog (5/06/2000)
WWF Women’s Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (3/30/2000)
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Raw comes on the air and goes right to the intro with Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcoming us to the show.

~ Things kick off with Edge and Christian making their way out to the ring accompanied by the Acolytes for some reason. Christian gets on the mic and explains he and Edge have thrown out an open challenge for a tag team title match tonight so they’ve hired the Acolytes to make sure no other teams interfere and cost them their belts. Edge takes the mic and says the fans in Long Island aren’t the best-looking people so he and Christian have decided to satisfy the fans’ appetite for beautiful faces by giving them a six-second pose. Once they get the pose out of the way Edge turns to the Acolytes and asks them to stay sober enough to help them out as they await their challengers. However Bradshaw takes the mic saying he and Faarooq aren’t sober right now and offers to give them a 100% refund while Faarooq says there won’t be any remorse when they beat them, deciding to accept the challenge for themselves.

WWF World Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian © vs. The Acolytes

The Acolytes pound on E&C and Bradshaw clotheslines Edge over the ropes then heads out while Christian jabs Faarooq in the eyes. Christian goes for a whip but Faarooq counters into a power slam for a two count. Faarooq rams Christian into Bradshaw’s boot then tags in him and whips Christian into a double shoulder block. Bradshaw whips Christian who goes for a cross body but Bradshaw catches him and hits the fall away slam. Bradshaw whips Christian again but doesn’t see Edge making a blind tag and Christian bails out to the floor Edge climbs to the top and hits a missile dropkick. Edge whips Bradshaw but lowers the head and Bradshaw clubs the back then works him over in a corner and whips him into a shoulder block. Faarooq tags back in and drops Edge with a right then whips him but lowers the head and Edge hits a DDT. Faarooq manages to tag Bradshaw back in and Bradshaw hits a back suplex but Christian breaks up the cover. Bradshaw whips Edge but lowers the head and Edge hits a swinging neck breaker then tags Christian back in and E&C hit a double suplex followed by a double head butt. Christian covers but Bradshaw powers out of it so Christian goes for a whip but Bradshaw reverses him into a corner and charges at him only to eat a boot. Christian hops to the middle rope and leaps off but Bradshaw cuts him down with a clothesline in mid-air. Christian tags in Edge while Bradshaw tags in Faarooq and Faarooq hammers away on Edge with clotheslines. Bradshaw comes in and whips Christian who ducks a clothesline but runs into a spine buster from Faarooq. Edge hops to the middle rope and leaps off but both Acolytes catch him and plant him with a spine buster. The referee orders Bradshaw out of the ring while Christian brings the ring bell in and nails Faarooq with it. Bradshaw then grabs the bell and clocks Edge and Christian with it but ends up getting his team DQ’ed. (3:33) Nothing much here. E&C quickly grab their belts and depart while Bradshaw throws the bell at the referee in frustration. However the Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan run in and take out the Acolytes with Bossman’s nightstick, showing that feud’s still going on. Bossman chokes Faarooq out while Buchanan climbs to the top and hits Bradshaw with the guillotine leg drop.

~ We next get a recap of the various individuals who got involved in the main event last Thursday on Smackdown. We then see Vince McMahon and the rest of the crew preparing to head out to the ring as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Triple H leads the McMahon-Helmsley army out to the ring for our marathon promo segment. Triple H takes the mic first and brings up the vicious beating Earl Hebner received on Smackdown before saying the WWF has been flooded with well-wishes to Hebner but he has not been able to respond to them with his broken jaw wired up and fingers broken and his eyes swollen shut. Triple H says Hebner could have avoided all of that had he stayed out of the Regime’s business but he just had to be the hero. Triple H also shows clips of Hebner getting destroyed on the TitanTron saying that’s what happens to all who cross them. Triple H then addresses his upcoming title rematch with Rock at Judgment Day saying everyone will know the truth and this time it’ll be just the two of them with no Steve Austin, Linda McMahon or Earl Hebner around. Triple H then proposes he and Rock up the ante to separate the men from the boys by challenging him to a 60-minute Iron Man match where whoever gets the most falls in one hour wins the title. Triple H tells Rock to look inside himself and see if he can put it all on the line and hang with him for one entire hour. Triple H says Rock won’t be able to go the distance with him because he is the future champion and is that darn good. Vince takes over the mic and starts to say something about tonight but gets interrupted by Chris Jericho’s entrance. Jericho comes out to the stage with a mic and does his intro then apologizes to Vince for beating him up on Thursday calling it an instinct just like Shane being a word that rhymes with ‘wussy’ and Stephanie being a bottom-feeder. Vince tells Jericho there’s nothing to stop them from beating him up and the group starts to head out to do just that when the Dudley’s, Rikishi and the Big Show come out and join Jericho on the stage so Triple H and the others think better of it. As the DX’ers back away into the ring Vince gets back on the mic and offers a rebuttal to what Jericho said about him then decides to make him pay by booking him to defend the Intercontinental Title against Kurt Angle tonight, making a guarantee that Jericho won’t leave this building with the IC Title around his waist. Shane takes the mic and addresses Big Show’s actions on Thursday after he gave him a hard answer to his question. Shane tells Show he’s been acting like a fool with all his characters and they’re going to somehow settle this thing tonight. Vince then books the Dudley’s in a tables match against Gerald Briscoe while Rikishi gets to face Pat Patterson. Say what? Vince admits the matches are unusual and crazy but says everyone will once again know of his superior mental acumen. Jericho and his group depart while the Stooges are worried about their matches tonight as we finally end this segment.

WWF Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho © vs. Kurt Angle

Wait, they’re having this big match already in the program? Angle first gets on the mic and says he’s honored the Regime picked him to take the IC belt from Jericho and that he’s also honored to defend Stephanie’s honor because she has class unlike the Long Island fans. Angle finishes by telling Jericho when he insults Stephanie he insults everything that is good about society today. Both men lockup to start with Angle applying a headlock and Jericho shoves him off but eats a shoulder block. Angle comes off the ropes and Jericho leapfrogs over him and hits an elbow then whips him and hits a chop. Angle rakes the face for the advantage and pummels Jericho in a corner then goes for a whip, Jericho reverses but Angle drops Jericho onto the turnbuckles. Angle charges at Jericho but gets back dropped over the ropes to the floor. Jericho knocks Angle off the apron with the springboard dropkick then goes for a baseball slide but misses him. Jericho throws Angle into the ring steps before tossing him back in the ring then climbs to the top rope but Angle cuts Jericho off then climbs up himself and hits a belly-to-belly superplex for a two count. Angle pounds Jericho down in a corner and chokes him with his boot then hits a suplex for another near fall. Angle applies a modified chin lock with a grapevine but Jericho is able to fight out of it then comes off the ropes and hits a butterfly backbreaker for two. Jericho goes for a whip but Angle counters it with a Fireman’s carry that gets him a near fall. Angle goes for a whip, Jericho reverses him into a corner and charges but eats a boot and Angle comes out but runs into a spinning heel kick. Jericho goes for another whip and Angle reverses it when Jericho comes back with a flying forearm. Jericho comes off the ropes and hits Angle with a bulldog for a two count. Jericho goes for a whip, Angle reverses and Jericho kicks the face but runs into an overhead belly-to-belly throw. Angle hits a back suplex then celebrates before going for the Olympic Slam but Jericho lands on his feet and takes Angle down by the legs then puts him in the Walls of Jericho and Angle taps! (5:35) Good match with a surprising clean finish. Still it seems early for Jericho to call it a night, plus what about Vince’s guarantee? ***

~ Backstage Shane McMahon watches the match on a monitor and is disgusted that Jericho somehow survived when The Big Show suddenly bursts into the room and grabs Shane by the neck looking to finish him off for good. Shane desperately tells Show that what he said earlier didn’t mean he wanted a one-on-one confrontation with him then claims he said all that stuff about Show on Smackdown to get him angry and bring his killer instinct back out. Shane says now that Show is back to his old form he wants to give him an Intercontinental match with Jericho later. Shane pumps Show up before he gets a call on his cell phone and Show seems to believe him as he heads out. Well that explains why Jericho went on so early instead of last.

Eddie Guerrero © (w/Chyna) vs. The Godfather (w/the ladies) – Non-Title Match

Godfather gets on the mic to do his thing then tells Chyna she was smoking after Lita disrobed her at Backlash and offers to replace his women if Chyna joins his group. Chyna responds by smacking Godfather with roses and Godfather is not happy with that when Eddie dropkicks him from behind to start us off. Eddie goes for a whip but Godfather grabs the ropes to block it then hip tosses Eddie across the ring and whips him into a boot. Godfather whips Eddie into a corner and stomps him down before choking him then slams him twice and whips him into a backdrop. Eddie begs Godfather off then tries to flee the ring with Chyna trying to pull him out to the floor but Godfather grabs him by the legs and we have a human tug-o-war. Godfather wins that match and head butts Eddie below the belt then follows up with the Ho Train in a corner. Chyna hops on the apron and Godfather starts having words with her before taking a swing at her and missing. Suddenly D’Lo Brown runs in and plants Godfather with a Sky Hi behind the referee’s back then quickly departs. Eddie climbs to the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick that gets him the pin. (2:26) Eddie tried but it’s still a match involving The Godfather. DUD

~ The Dudley’s are shown heading to the ring with a table in hand as we go to commercial.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Gerald Briscoe – Handicap Tables Match

The Dudley’s come out first and set up their table at ringside. Briscoe then makes his way out to “Real American” and gets on the mic announcing he has two partners before Test & Albert appear so we now have…

The Dudley Boyz vs. Test, Albert and Gerald Briscoe – 3-on-2 Handicap Tables Match
The Dudley’s go meet Test and Albert in the aisle and pair off with D’Von dropping Test onto the barricade. Briscoe comes over when D’Von scoops him up and looks to put him through a table but Test makes the save. Test throws D’Von in the ring and he and Albert whip him into a corner then Test whips Albert into an Avalanche and Albert rams D’Von into a boot from Test. Everyone else then heads out because we apparently need tags in a no-DQ match. Test whips D’Von when D’Von fights back and comes off the ropes but runs right into a spinning sidewalk slam. Test tags Briscoe in when D’Von rakes his face then turns and tags Bubba in but Bubba runs into a drop toehold. Briscoe hits an elbow drop followed by a running leg drop then goes for a whip but Bubba reverses it into a slam. Bubba draws Test in and sets up Briscoe while D’Von climbs to the top rope and hits the head butt to the groin. D’Von goes for a whip but Briscoe reverses it and Albert trips D’Von allowing Briscoe to hit a butterfly suplex! Test tags in and whips D’Von into a clothesline then stomps him down in a corner and chokes him with a boot. Albert tags in and takes over on D’Von then whips him into a corner and goes for an Avalanche but eats a boot. D’Von hops to the middle rope and hits a flying clothesline then makes the tag to Bubba while Albert tags in Test. Bubba takes it to both Test and Albert then hits Test with a Samoan Drop and Albert with his Diamond Cutter. Briscoe comes in but Bubba hits a hip toss and tosses Briscoe over the ropes then brings their table in the ring. Albert goes out after Bubba on the floor while Test whips D’Von and boots him down before setting the table up then sets D’Von up for a pump-handle slam through the table. However D’Von is able to slip out of it and whip Test as Bubba come back in and the Dudley’s hit the 3D through the table for the win. (4:37) I guess the Dudley’s finally get one back on T & A. Okay match with some amusing moments. Briscoe comes back in the ring for whatever reason and Bubba grabs onto him ready to do nasty things but Briscoe waves for some help and sure enough Road Dogg, X-Pac and Tori all charge out to the rescue. Road Dogg nails D’Von with the pump-handle slam while Tori gets in Bubba’s face and slaps him on the cheek. Bubba grabs Tori by the hair in response but X-Pac breaks it up with a low blow followed by the X-Factor while Briscoe slides another table in the ring. X-Pac places Bubba on the table then Briscoe climbs to the top rope and manages to splash Bubba through the table!! There’s your sports-entertainment moment.

~ Chris Jericho and The Big Show are shown heading to the ring for the next match as we go to commercial.

WWF Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho © vs. The Big Show (w/Shane McMahon)

Jericho tries to get in the first shots and goes for a whip but Show counters it with a short-arm clothesline. Show kicks Jericho through the ropes then goes out and head butts him before throwing him back in the ring. Jericho comes back with a baseball slide then slings himself over the ropes for a planchs but Show catches him and tosses him over the ropes back in the ring. Show climbs back in himself and hits a giant chop in a corner then whips Jericho into the other corner but misses a splash. Jericho climbs to the top and hits a missile dropkick then follows up with the Lionsault but Show powers out of the cover. Show drops Jericho with a press slam and readies for the choke slam when a replay of Show’s earlier conversation with Shane pops on the TitanTron. However it continues pass the break and show Shane talking on his phone about how he has brainwashed Show and had Show’s brain lobotomized and shrink wrapped before making fun of him. Back in the ring Show is not happy with this and glares back at Shane before storming out of the ring after him. Shane quickly bolts up the ramp to the back with Show right behind him and Jericho escapes with a count out victory. (3:19) In fact Lillian Garcia makes the announcement even before the referee finishes the count. Nonetheless Jericho retains the IC title for the second time tonight and Vince’s guarantee is again denied. This of course raises the question of who played the clip and I don’t think they ever answered it. DUD

~ We then cut backstage and find Shane desperately trying to get away from Big Show who’s right on his heels. Shane eventually reaches a limo then jumps in the driver’s seat and peels out into the night leaving Show behind.

~ Backstage Vince and Stephanie watch this go down with Vince claiming this is the first time Shane drove himself. Stephanie points out Jericho is still Intercontinental Champion and thus feels Vince’s guarantee won’t take place. Vince tells Stephanie not to worry before announcing a third IC Title defense for Jericho tonight, this time against Chris Benoit.

~ We then get a brief clip announcing the Kid Rock is coming to Raw sometime soon. Are we suddenly in an episode of Nitro or something?

Too Cool vs. The Big Bossman & Bull Buchanan

Buchanan locks up with Scotty 2 Hotty to start and forces him into a corner then pummels him with kidney shots. Scotty slips out of there and gets in his shots when Buchanan dumps him over the ropes. Scotty lands on his feet on the apron and snaps Buchanan on the ropes then climbs to the top rope and hits a flying cross body for a two count. Scotty tags Grandmaster Sexay and the Two Cool guys throw Buchanan to the mat for the double elbow drop. Buchanan rakes Sexay’s face before tagging Bossman in and Sexay goes for a whip but Bossman reverses it. Sexay blocks a hip toss and counters into a neck breaker then comes off the ropes but runs right into a boot. Buchanan tags in then runs up the ropes and hits the springboard clothesline followed by an axe kick for two. Buchanan slams Sexay to the mat then hops to the middle and leaps off but Sexay gets the feet up to block him and Buchanan tags in Bossman while Sexay tags Scotty. Scotty takes it to both men with punches and dropkicks then comes off the ropes with a cross body and Bossman catches him but Sexay dropkicks them over for two. Scotty and Sexay DDT Buchanan then Sexay sends both Bossman and himself over the ropes with a cross body. Buchanan whips Scotty into a corner and goes for a splash but misses and Scotty comes back with the bulldog then connects with the Worm. Bossman nails Scotty from behind and helps Buchanan double-team him. Bossman whips Scotty and hits the Bossman slam but the referee is too busy getting Buchanan out of the ring to see the cover. Sexay climbs to the top rope and connects with the Hip Hop Drop on Bossman to break up the pin then rolls Scotty on top of Bossman and that scores the pin. (4:01) However the Too Cool guys don’t get a chance to celebrate when Bossman and Buchanan work them over after the bell. Suddenly the Acolytes run in the ring looking for revenge and chase them out of the ring and up the ramp. That leaves Too Cool alone in the ring and of course they commence with the post-match dance. *

~ Backstage we find Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn arguing about their recent issues with Malenko saying they’re even after he cost Saturn a match last night on Heat. The two continue to exchange heated words when Chris Benoit comes in telling his pals to stop fighting and shape up, reminding them they came into the WWF together and suggesting they put their problems on the back burner. Eddie Guerrero then comes in the picture and tells Malenko in his annoying fake accent that he knows Malenko has been a little frustrated and claims Chyna may know someone that she can hook him up with. Eddie then tells Saturn he’s just as talented as them and suggests he be nice to Malenko who may grant him a title shot. Saturn storms off with the others behind him while Eddie takes a moment to admire himself in his title belt.

The Hardy Boyz vs. Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn

The Radicals attack the Hardy’s during their posing to start the match and all four guys’ pair off in the corners. Malenko and Saturn try to whip Matt and Jeff respectively but Jeff reverses Saturn into a right hand from Matt. The Hardy’s clothesline Saturn over the ropes and Jeff heads to the corner while Matt takes over on Malenko. Matt goes for a whip, Malenko reverses it but Matt kicks the face then turns and pops Saturn back off the apron. Matt slams Malenko to the mat then tags Jeff in and the Hardy’s both climb to the top rope and connect with the Event Omega. Jeff covers Malenko when Saturn pulls the referee out of the ring. Both Hardy’s whip Saturn into a corner and Matt drops to the mat allowing Jeff to go for the Poetry in Motion but Saturn catches him into a power bomb. Saturn sets Jeff up as he and Malenko hit a Total Elimination-like move and Malenko covers him for a two count. Saturn tags in and helps Malenko whip Jeff into a double elbow then rams Jeff upside-down into the turnbuckles and sets him on the top rope. Saturn goes up but Jeff fights him off and connects with a corkscrew moonsault. Matt and Malenko both get the tag and Matt takes it to the Radicals before whipping Malenko into a backdrop. Matt dumps Saturn over the ropes and Jeff then runs across the barricade and hits a flying clothesline on Saturn. Matt slams Malenko to the mat then climbs to the middle rope and hits an elbow drop. Jeff climbs to the top rope while Matt goes for a Twist of Fate but Malenko counters into a neck breaker while Saturn shoves Jeff onto the ropes. Malenko applies the Texas Cloverleaf on Matt while Saturn sets Jeff up for a suplex but Jeff floats over him and gets a waist lock. Saturn elbows Jeff away but that causes Jeff to stumble into Malenko breaking his hold. Malenko then holds Jeff as Saturn goes for a super kick but Jeff escapes causing Saturn to nail Malenko by mistake. The referee tries to get Saturn out while Jeff climbs to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb on Malenko and Matt scores the three. (3:25) Match was okay but felt too rushed and needed a few more minutes. The Hardy’s depart while Saturn and Malenko argue about who messed things up when Malenko shoves Saturn. Eddie Guerrero and Chyna run out to play peacemaker when Saturn decks Eddie and Malenko pops Chyna. Saturn and Malenko continue to try and get at each other as a swarm of referees try to keep them apart. **

~ We cut backstage and get a low-angle shot of Rikishi doing swats in preparation for his match next. Elsewhere Pat Patterson is also getting ready while asking Gerald Briscoe if Vince has anything in store for him as well. Briscoe says Vince has ordered him not to interfere in the match and Patterson is not happy as we go to commercial.

Rikishi Phatu vs. Pat Patterson

Patterson also comes out to “Real American” when Vince McMahon and Gerald Briscoe appear on the stage and Vince gets on the mic announcing Patterson didn’t ask for any help but he is getting some backup anyway. Vince brings Road Dogg and X-Pac out as Patterson’s partners and we have another surprise handicap match.

Rikishi Phatu vs. Pat Patterson, Road Dogg & X-Pac – 3-on-1 Handicap Match

Patterson tries to cheap-shot Rikishi to start us off but Rikishi no sells it and backs Patterson in a corner. The DX’ers then slide in the ring but Rikishi catches them with right hands then knocks their heads together and follows up with a double clothesline. Rikishi whips Road Dogg into a corner then whips X-Pac into Road Dogg and hits the running butt splash on both DX’ers. X-Pac comes back and nails Rikishi with the spin kick then Road Dogg hits a forearm, X-Pac hits a running leg drop and Road Dogg adds in the shake, rattle n’ knee drop. Patterson then tags in and climbs to the top rope but Rikishi cuts him off causing him to straddle the turnbuckle. Rikishi takes out the DX’ers with super kicks then whips Patterson into a corner and hits the butt charge. Rikishi decks Road Dogg but X-Pac hits Rikishi with a spinning heel kick and the DX’ers double-team him. Road Dogg and X-Pac then hold Rikishi while Patterson brings a chair in the ring and whacks Rikishi with it for a DQ. (1:43) X-Pac head butts Rikishi below the belt before he and Road Dogg set him in position in a corner for something. Patterson tells Rikishi it’s his turn then disrobes … sorry, I can’t finish this segment. All I’ll say is that involved dirty drawers so you might be able to guess what happened. Too Cool come out to make the save but the damage is done in more ways than one. DUD

~ Back from break we get clips of Chris Benoit taking Tazz out last night on Heat by slamming his arm with a car door, putting him on the shelf for at least six weeks. After the clip Michael Cole interviews Chris Benoit backstage asking if he’ll do the same thing to Chris Jericho later. Benoit responds by saying he doesn’t care how many matches Jericho had or how many excuses he can throw his way, the IC title belongs to him and that what he plans on doing to Jericho can’t be put into words. Benoit then shows off a shiner he claims Jericho gave him on Thursday and promises nothing will stop him from getting payback.

~ Elsewhere Kevin Kelly interviews Chris Jericho about having an unprecedented third IC Title defense in one night, asking if he’s exhausted. Jericho admits the DX Regime has certainly put him through a lot tonight. Jericho mentions Vince’s guarantee about him then claims he has a sense of clarity about three things in his head; that Shane is a (rhymes with) wussy, Stephanie is a brutal bottom-feeder and Vince has a very small unit.

~ Still elsewhere Shane McMahon makes his return to the building as the limo driver and security guy greet him. Shane chews out the driver for not having the limo ready saying he’s never had to ride in the front of one before then asks the two of them if the Big Show is still around and they tell him its all clear.

WWF Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho © vs. Chris Benoit

After two IC title defenses already, does anyone really think Jericho has a chance of surviving this one? Before either man appears Triple H comes out and announces himself as the outside troubleshooting referee which pretty much answers that question. Jericho then makes his way to the ring for the third time tonight while trying to act like he’s really fatigued. Jericho gets the early advantage with a drop toehold then works Benoit over in a corner with chops and kicks. Jericho whips Benoit into the opposite corner and eats a boot then goes for a heel kick but Benoit ducks it and hits a chop. Benoit whips Jericho but Jericho comes back with a forearm and tees off on Benoit with rights then goes for a whip. Benoit reverses it and Jericho hits an elbow then goes for the Lionsault which misses but Jericho still lands on his feet and connects with a spinning heel kick. Benoit rolls out to the floor to regroup before climbing on the apron when Jericho goes for the springboard dropkick but Benoit shoves him off the top rope and into the barricade. Benoit throws Jericho into the ring steps and hits a snap suplex onto the floor before rolling him back in the ring. Benoit whips Jericho into a clothesline and stomps away at him then hits a back suplex that gets a two count. Benoit follows up with a backbreaker for a near fall then snap mares Jericho to the mat and applies a chin lock. Jericho fights out of it and exchanges shots with Benoit then whips him for a dropkick but Benoit fakes him out and hits an elbow drop. Benoit catapults Jericho into the turnbuckles then chops away on him and stomps him down. Referee Mike Chioda orders a break then pulls Benoit off Jericho but Benoit shoves Chioda down in response. Triple H comes in the ring and argues with Benoit while shoving him … but then turns and knocks Chioda out then tosses him over the ropes, making himself the official referee for this match. Benoit turns back to Jericho, just as he comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick and gets a two count. Jericho rolls Benoit up for another two count but Benoit comes back with a Northern Lights Suplex for a two of his own. Benoit hits a German suplex then holds on for a second German suplex but Jericho blocks a third German. Benoit clubs Jericho and goes for a suplex but Jericho rolls through it and goes right into the Walls of Jericho. Benoit tries to reach the ropes when Stephanie makes her way out to ringside and Triple H heads over to talk with Stephanie on the apron and doesn’t see Benoit tapping out behind his back. Jericho lets go of the hold and stomps away at Triple H who knocks him right into the Cross face from Benoit. Triple H checks on Jericho then quickly calls for the bell even though it didn’t look like Jericho actually gave up. Despite what happened Benoit gets the win and regains the IC title after just four days. (7:08) Match was solid but had very little heat since it was obvious Jericho had no chance of winning. **½
Benoit takes his belt and Triple H stomps away on Jericho while the rest of the Regime make their way out and Vince watches his crew give Jericho a world-class beating. Triple H caps it off with the Pedigree then holds Jericho for Stephanie to slap him and Shane even gets in a shot as Vince brings in a chair. I should mention the crowd is dead because they know The Rock and Steve Austin aren’t here to save the day. Vince readies a swing with the chair when The Dudley’s, The Big Show, Rikishi and Too Cool charge in to make the late save. The group clears the Regime from the ring and stands tall while Triple H and company retreat back up the ramp. JR feels the guys in the ring may have just committed career suicide as Raw goes off the air.

Conclusion: Below-average show that exposed some of the hidden flaws the WWF had at the time. With The Rock off for the week filming scenes for The Mummy Returns Chris Jericho should have gotten his chance to be the top baby face in Rock’s absence with his own big victory against the Regime. Instead Jericho was set up to be screwed over in the end, plus at the time there was no other big baby face to save the day, just a bunch of midcarders. The rest of the card wasn’t much to look at except for Jericho/Angle which was rendered meaningless, plus there were a few bad segments, especially the stuff with Pat Patterson’s drawers which was as horrid as anything WCW was doing at the time. They didn’t even mention the British Bulldog winning the Hardcore Title at the Insurrection show two days prior. Add in the Long Island crowd which always comes across flat in almost every show the WWF does there and you have a rather forgettable episode.

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