WWF Superstars 3/23/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

This is the final show before Wrestlemania so you know they are in FULL SELL MODE. Vince and Roddy are our hosts tonight.

-Legion of Doom vs. Chris Sullivan & Keith Steinborn-

The LoD attack from behind and just lay the jobbers out. I don’t know which jobber is which but then this match will probably be over by the time I figure out which is which. We do hear some pre-recorded comments from Power and Glory who everyone knew had no chance against the LoD. Hawk hits a powerslam, Animal nails a dropkick and the Doomsday Device ends this at 2:15. ½*.

Let’s go to Gene Okerlund. We see clips of the Super-Stars and Stripes Special with Hogan squaring off against Gen. Adnan. Slaughter attacks from behind and lays into Hogan. Slaughter later cuts a promo on Hogan. Hogan responds and dedicates the match to all the Armed Forces.

-Earthquake vs. Scotty Williams-

Williams ducks a splash attempt and dropkicks Earthquake to no effect. Earthquake clotheslines Williams down and follows with a dropkick of his own! Quake powerslams Williams and elbowdrops him. That sets up the big butt splash to end things at 2:01. ½*. Earthquake wants another one when the masked individual runs out again and lays out Earthquake and chases Hart to the back.

We head to the Event Center with Sean Mooney. We hear from the British Bulldog, the Warlord and the Undertaker.

-The Viking vs. Dan Brazil-

Viking controls with some boots and a powerslam. Fuji gives us a pre-recorded comment about the Viking. Viking dropkicks Brazil and connects with a big boot. Viking wraps up Brazil in the ropes and charges with two big boots. Viking tosses Brazil to the outside where he’s counted out at 2:35. That’s a weird technique, to not have a new heel not pin anyone. Bezerker follows with a slingshot knee-drop to the outside. ½*

Gene has a special interview with the Ultimate Warrior. They speak of his upcoming retirement match with Savage. Warrior promises victory.

-Ted DiBiase vs. Kevin Greeno –

DiBiase chops at Greeno in the corner before clotheslining him down. DiBiase powerslams Greeno as Virgil makes his way to ringside. Virgil draws DiBiase to the outside where they argue and DiBiase is counted out at 2:06, giving the match to Kevin Greeno. That is a pretty good psyche-out by Virgil. ½*.

Let’s head back to Mooney at the Event Center! We hear from The Nasty Boys and the Hart Foundation, who are competing for the Hart’s Tag Titles.

Now let’s go to Okerlund and the Wrestlemania Report! We hear from Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, Willie Nelson (who sings a bit), and a full run down of the matches.


-Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Alan Martin-

Duggan leads the crowd in a USA chant and quickly dumps Martin. We hear a prerecorded comment from Hacksaw as he brings Martin back into the ring. Duggan backdrops Martin and bodyslams him. This sets up the three-point stance clothesline to end this match at 2:04. DUD.

We head back to the Event Center for some last minute Wrestlemania hyping and comments from Mr. Perfect and the Big Boss Man about their IC Title match.

-The Bottom Line-

This was a pretty good sell for the Wrestlemania show. The squash matches were enjoyable and you even get to see DiBiase lose to a jobber back when that never really happened. I’d have to say this was a really fun show.

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