WWF Superstars 6/1/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

WWE Superstars 06/01/91 (44:15) We’re in Rockford, Illinois and Vince introduces us to the month of June and his co-hosts; Randy Savage and Roddy Piper.

-The Legion of Doom vs. Warren Bianchi & WT Jones-

Jones and Animal start off and Jones gets the worse of that exchange, getting tossed around by both members of the LOD as the Nasty’s cut a promo bad-mouthing the Legion. Hawk powerslams Jones and tosses him into his corner so Bianchi could come in. The Doomsday Device ends this at 2:20. (1/4* – just your average LOD squash match).

We head to the Update Center with Mean Gene and we look back at the Mountie attacking Boss Man last week. We hear from Big Boss Man. He’s not happy.

-Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Fox-

Virgil cuts a promo that is almost as bad as his wrestling ability as DiBiase controls Fox in the ring. A powerslam sets up the Million Dollar Dream which ends this at 2:05. (1/2* – DiBiase is always fun to watch, even though a squash match won’t get too many stars).

We head to Sean Mooney who introduces us to promo’s from the Bushwhackers (why?), and the Mountie.

-Texas Tornado vs. The Brooklyn Brawler-

This could have potential if Tornado was motivated tonight. Well, he wasn’t. The discus punch ends this at 1:28. (DUD – this was nothing).

Let’s go back to the Event Center! We hear from the Barbarian and the Rockers.

-Earthquake vs. Kevin Kruger-

Jimmy Hart has a special announcement but it will be after Kruger is squashed by Earthquake. Earthquake has pre-recorded comments for us about Damien and Jake’s new snake, Lucifer. Earthquake demolishes his competition, ending with a powerslam and the butt-splash at 1:36. (DUD – again, nothing redeeming here).

As promised, Jimmy has an announcement for us and he brings Mean Gene into the ring to interview Hart. Hart says that to ensure that the Nasty’s remain champions forever; a new team will be established to combat any challengers. The new team is Earthquake and Andre The Giant. Mean Gene calls BS right away and Mean Gene calls out Andre the Giant. Andre goes along with this until he throws it back in Jimmy’s face. This leads to Earthquake clipping Andre from behind and he keeps pounding at the knee of Andre. Andre crawls out of the ring.

-The Orient Express vs. Dave Sigfritts & John Anderson-

The Orients use their usual array of karate chops and kicks. The super-kick into a German suplex combo ends this at 1:47. That’s still a cool finisher no matter how many times I’ve seen it. (1/2* – the finisher adds to this rating.)

We hear from Mike Christian and the WBF PPV.

-The Undertaker vs. Dan Robins-

This one won’t be over two minutes. Vince is pushing the urn as the power of the Undertaker, a little character trait that’ll be going for a while. The flying clothesline sets up the Tombstone that ends this at 1:42. Robins does the bodybag treatment after the match. (1/2* – another fun early Taker squash match).

We hear from Warlord (w/Slick) and Hacksaw Jim Duggan before we run down the show for next week The Dragon, Bezerker, Virgil, IRS in the Funeral Parlor, Big Boss Man and Sgt. Slaughter). Surprisingly, that line-up looks even worse than this show was.

-The Bottom Line-

We’ve hit a third bad episode in a row. Where are the main event matches? At least this had Andre and Earthquake.

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