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WWF Superstars 7/27/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

We’re in Edmonton’s Northlands Coliseum and McMahon mentions that Edmonton is home to the largest shopping mall in the world. Is that still true? Roddy has a cast on his hand, and Macho hypes his wedding.

-Texas Tornado vs. Vern Siebert-

Vern tries attacking Kerry on the way in but he fails miserably. Tornado sends Vern outside and once Vern makes it back in he’s clotheslined back to the outside. Tornado slugs away at him on the outside as the announcers mention that Roddy’s arm is the result of another motorcycle accident. Tornado taunts Vern before slugging away at him some more. The discus punch ends this at 1:50.

It’s update time! We go back to Sid being announced as the special guest referee and his confrontation with Slaughter. We also hear from Slaughter and his response to Sid.

-Bezerker vs. Chichi Cruz-

I couldn’t hear the jobber’s name and this is the best I could make out. Bezerker dropkicks Cruz and stomps away before asking Fuji what happens next. Fuji says, “more pain.” Cruz is powerslammed before he’s wrapped up in the ropes and Bezerker charges with a big boot. Cruz is dumped to the outside and he’s counted out at 2:12.

-Bret Hart vs. Hutch Thomas-

Bret gets a very good reaction since they’re in Edmonton. Bret blocks a hiptoss and counters with one of his own before clotheslining Hutch down. We have a clip of Perfect talking about his upcoming match with Bret at Summerslam. Bret makes quick work of Thomas before Thomas submits to the Sharpshooter at 2:09.

We head to Mooney and he has recorded vignettes from the Natural Disasters and the Bushwhackers (with Andre) about their upcoming Summerslam match. Speaking of Summerslam, it’s time for some shilling! Vince narrates a commercial with the whole Match Made in Heaven, Match Made in Hell double main-event.

-Warlord vs. Larry Williams-

Warlord tosses around Williams, hitting a gut-wrench suplex before dropping some elbows. The full nelson ends this at 1:57.

The newly christened trio of terror (Slaughter and his group) deliver yet another promo (their third appearance this show). We also hear from Mr. Perfect for a second time. Why all the repeat interviews this episode? We also get another Skinner vignette.

-Bushwhackers vs. Bob Bradley & Mike Starr-

Oh no. The Bushwhackers have Andre The Giant with them, though he was barely able to walk by this point. During the match we get our second Natural Disasters promo of the night. That’s the third time that wrestlers have appeared in more than one interview segment. This one ends at 1:56 and that’s about 100 seconds too long.

It’s time for the Funeral Parlor. Paul Bearer’s guest this episode is Jake Roberts. Jake offers to share his secrets on death with the Ultimate Warrior. Paul Bearer doesn’t want him to do that but Jake will do it anyway. This would lead to a series of bizarre vignettes with Jake and the Warrior.

It’s another Summerslam Report. I just realized that this Summerslam took place on Monday. It’s so weird since WWE PPV’s have been on Sunday’s for as long as I can remember. Okerlund hypes the matches, including two new matches: Mountie vs. Big Boss Man in a Jail House Match and IRS vs. Greg Valentine. We hear from some of the combatants including: Hogan & Warrior, Ted DiBiase and Virgil, as well as some fans.

-The Mountie vs. Steve May-

Boss Man cuts a promo before the action starts and he’s excited about the Jailhouse Match. May takes a chokeslam to end this one quickly at 0:40. That was quick. May takes the shock treatment afterwards.

We go to Mooney and we hear from Greg Valentine and IRS and they both promise victories. We also hear from Bret Hart.

We get a preview for next week, and it looks like the big thing will be a Warrior/Hogan interview.

-The Bottom Line-

This was another poor showing. No big matches, and in fact some of them were unwatchable. There was way too many repeats of interviews and these shows leading to big events were just shill machines, so expect some poor outings for the next month.


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