WWF Superstars 10/26/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

This is something new for Superstars. Gene Okerlund introduces this episode of Superstars! He just tells us about the episodes on the service which is no use to people who already have it and watch it on a regular basis.

We’re in Wheeling West Virginia, the home of outdoor advertising. The fans are amped up for Roddy Piper who is going to wrestle tonight.

-Roddy Piper vs. Tanaka-

Savage mentions how he wishes he could get back in the ring. As Piper gets into the ring (and Pearl Harbors Tanaka) Ric Flair arrives in a pre-recorded comment to mention yet again that he’s the only real world’s champion. Piper clotheslines Tanaka out of the corner and bulldogs him down for the pinfall at 0:35. That was quick. Piper brings in a chair but doesn’t use it. He says he’s saving the chair for Flair.

Mean Gene is here at the Update Center this is brought to us by Rampage 1991 with exclusive golf lessons from Okerlund and Heenan. The big talk is about Sid Justice and his match last week against El Diablo. Sid is attacked by the Snake and Undertaker until he’s saved by Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Jake has words for Sid. Once he takes the DDT he’ll see his snake real close.

-IRS vs. Chris Hawn-

IRS tells tax cheats that they are guilty until proven innocent. IRS takes down Hawn with a snapmare but walks away in a show of superiority. IRS connects with a flying clothesline and a double underhook suplex. He stomps at Hawn in the corner before hitting the Write Off (Samoan Drop) for the pinfall at 1:31.

-El Matador vs. Bob Bradley-

This is the debut of EL MATADOR! Tito armdrags Bradley and follows with a few more for good measure, the last leading to an armbar. Tito sidesteps Bradley like one would a bull and sidesteps a charging Bradley in the corner. Tito hits a second rope flying clothesline before finishing with the flying forearm (to the back) at 1:26.

It’s time for the Event Center! Mooney has a pumpkin next to him and both are excited for the Survivor Series! The Hulkster is defending his WWE title against the Undertaker and Hogan is here to say that the Undertaker may be his gravest challenge.

-Ted DiBiase vs. Sonny Blaze-

Vince and Savage talks about Slaughter seeking forgiveness but that is inappropriate unless there was a Slaughter vignette that we missed. Ted pounds down on Sonny and tosses him to the outside. We hear from Virgil and his unbelievable promo skills. I can’t believe this guy is a teacher now. Ted just runs this poor guy down, hitting a standing elbow off the second rope. Blaze is clotheslined down and takes a pair of elbowdrops. DiBiase hits a suplex and calls out Virgil. DiBiase connects with a powerslam before ending this with a Million Dollar Dream.

It’s back to Mooney and the Team of the Disasters, IRS and Jake Roberts have a plan for Boss Man, the LOD and Justice. The face team have a response for the heels. Neither were terribly interesting.

-Ricky Steamboat vs. Barry Hardy-

Vince says that Ricky is having problems finding competition and Macho immediately offers his services. He just wants to be unretired! Steamboat armdrags Hardy. Hardy flips Steamboat over the top but Steamboat skins the cat and responds with a crossbody for two. Steamboat bodyslams Hardy and heads upstairs to connect with his karate chop. The top rope crossbody ends this at 1:37.

Vince talks about the newest issue of WBF magazine.

Okerlund is out on stage with his guests: The Natural Disasters. They’re just there to continue their feud with the Legion of Doom.

We have our first Survivor Series Report. They announce the big tag match (Boss Man, Sid Justice and LOD vs. Jake Roberts, IRS and the Natural Disasters) as well as the title match featuring Hogan vs. Undertaker. Hogan says that that to kill Hulkamania he’d have to kill all the Hulkamaniacs, even the children! Paul Bearer responds by saying that they just need to kill the head of Hulkamania (which is Hogan) to kill it all. A new match has just been announced! Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, British Bulldog and Virgil taking on Ric Flair, Warlord, Ted DiBiase and the Mountie. We hear from the heel team and Four Horsemen they are not.

-Undertaker vs. Dwayne Gill-

Taker starts things off early with a sidewalk slam and some old fashioned methodical choking. The big flying clothesline is next and Hacksaw Jim Duggan tells Taker that he will fall to Hogan before calling him out himself. That’s not a wise move, Jim. Taker does the ropewalk before Tombstoning Gill down for the pinfall at 2:05. Gill takes the bodybag treatment for good measure.

We go back to Sean Mooney and he’s got the return comments from Hart, Piper, Bulldog and Virgil. When the Bulldog speaks we have Bret referencing the Beatles song Hey Bulldog. That was awesome! We have a preview for next week (Hart vs. Mountie! Whoa, sign me up! Oh, Macho man tries to get reinstated again and there’s another big match – Sid Justice vs. Col. Mustafa).

-The Bottom Line-

Last week’s episode was so good that it was tough to live up to and this was just standard by comparison. Piper barely wrestled (a 30-second squash?) and there was nothing else really interesting going on here. It was cool seeing the debut of Le Matador but other than that I don’t think I can recommend it. Next week looks good and I can’t wait to catch that episode!

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