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WWF Superstars 2/27/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: San Jose, CA


1.) Yokozuna defeated Brian West
2.) The Nasty Boys defeated Mark Ming & Jim Gorman
3.) Big Bossman defeated Doink the Clown by disqualification
4.) Lex Luger defeated Jim Powers

Angle Developments/Notes:

1. Doink the Clown opens the show saying that Big Bossman being the law and order of the WWF is a joke. Doink proceeds to blow his nose in Raymond Rougeau’s tissue.

2. Yokozuna destroyed Brian West after hitting the Bonsai Drop. After the match, we hear comments from Jim Duggan’s father. Jim feels bad for letting everyone down and has a rib injury. Duggan’s father says that no one waves the American flag better than Jim Duggan, his son.

3. Sean Mooney hosts the Event Center. We get more hype for the tag match between WWF World Champion Bret Hart & Mr. Perfect taking on Lex Luger & Razor Ramon. This time we hear comments from Jerry Lawler who will be making his MSG debut. Lawler says that Tito Santana will kiss his royal feet.

4. Raymond Rougeau conducts an interview with the Giant Gonzales and Harvey Wippleman. Wippleman blames the Undertaker for ruining his working relationship with Kamala so he brought in Gonzales to get revenge. Wippleman believes that the Undertaker will be defeated, humiliated and buried. Gonzales says he will bury the Undertaker.

5. The Nasty Boys pick up another win over Mark Ming & Jim Gorman after Saggs pinned Gorman following a top rope elbow drop. It appears as if any kind of title match against Money Inc. has been dropped since Hogan and Beefcake have entered. Thus, the Nasty Boys are lost in the shuffle.

6. From last week’s RAW, McMahon interviewed Hulk Hogan. Vince McMahon introduces Hulk Hogan for the weekly interview. The reaction doesn’t seem to be really loud. Hogan pretty much goes over the attack of Beefcake. Hogan thanks God and Jimmy Hart for helping Beefcake get through the situation. Hogan proceeds to announce he is back in the WWF, without any suspense. Hogan wants to “right the wrong” against Money Inc. Beefcake comes out with a simple bandage on his nose. Beefcake repeats exactly what Hogan had just said. Jimmy Hart is the new manager of Hogan and Beefcake, leaving Money Inc. Hart goes on to say that Hogan and Beefcake will be the great tag team, ever.

7. Doink attacked Bossman with a box before the bell because Bossman wouldn’t accept the box. This match was aired on Wrestling Challenge, I believe. Doink dominated the opening minutes of the contest due to the box shot. Bossman is able to slam Doink off the top rope and begins to just hammer away on Doink. Bossman splashes Doink in the corner, but Doink gets some kind of green spray and sprays Bossman in the face to pick up the win! After the match, the referee sees what happened to Bossman’s face and reverses the decision giving Bossman a disqualification win. Doink doesn’t like that and attacks Bossman some more.

8. Mean Gene hosts the WrestleMania IX Report. We hear from WWF World Champion Bret Hart who says he is the underdog and you have to size up your opponents. He tells Yokozuna that he better accept the fact that Bret Hart is the best. WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels says he is going to give Tatanka a title shot, but says it is going to take a tribe to beat him for the title. Tatanka says he will not let his people down because it is his destiny to be the champion. We also hear from Crush who says that the world is going to see a new him when he wrestles Doink who gave him a concussion.

9. A vignette of Mr. Perfect playing basketball with Felton Spencer is aired.

10. Lex Luger won another match on WWF Superstars after hitting Jim Powers with a running forearm smash.

11. Sean Mooney hosts the Event Center promoting the MSG show on March 21st. Doink says that Savage is a fraud and isn’t really macho. So, on March 21st Doink is going to expose Savage for what he really is. Savage says he is going to get revenge on Doink for injuring his friend Crush a few weeks ago.

Final Thoughts:

It was a better episode than last week, I thought. Bossman/Doink was a fine little match that had some entertainment value. I’m enjoying the Doink character more and more as he is given air time to develop and whatnot. I’m not interested in anything else on the show, really.

Overall, it was an average episode.

Thanks for reading.


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