WWE Smackdown 1/20/2012

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: Las Vegas, NV

Tonight, Sheamus meets Wade Barrett in singles action. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan defends against Mark Henry. All that and much more on the Sin City edition of Smackdown!

A video highlighting what happened during the main event last week between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, Big Show and AJ is shown to kick off the program. For those of you who don’t know what happened, Big Show accidentally ran over AJ on the floor when he was chasing after Bryan.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan makes his way out to kick off the program. He is not in the usual upbeat mood. He isn’t showing off his title, but rather he looks serious and just walks down to the ring. The fans are giving him some good heat. Bryan says that the show is entitled Sin City because of what Big Show did to AJ last week on Smackdown. He believes that Show meant to run over AJ last week and believes the tears were not genuine. Bryan says that Show is bitter because his title reign was the shortest in WWE history. “He is a bitter, selfish, vengeful freak!” Bryan lists the injuries that AJ has suffered. Her career could be over because of what Big Show did on purpose. He says that AJ would put herself in danger because she loves him. Bryan has a great admiration towards AJ. He says that AJ will be in his corner in spirit. Bryan assures us that he isn’t afraid of Mark Henry nor is he afraid of Big Show. He is glad that Big Show isn’t here tonight because he doesn’t want to be held responsible for what he would do to him. Bryan wants Show to do the right thing and quit the WWE.

Booker, Matthews and Cole talk about the situation some more before we go backstage. Teddy Long is talking to Aksana. They have the roulette wheel for the show. WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes comes in and mentions how Goldust had a showgirl match when he spun the wheel. Rhodes spins the wheel and gets players choice. Rhodes chooses his opponent to be Ezekiel Jackson! Wait, no he chooses Hornswoggle!

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Opening Contest: Players Choice Match
WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel

Rhodes shoves Hornswoggle down on the floor before the match and teases him with a few nudges with his boot. Justin Gabriel runs down and he attacks Rhodes with right hands and kicks. Apparently, they are going to have a match instead! It’s a non-title match, though. Gabriel hammers away on Rhodes in the corner and hits a dropkick. Rhodes avoids a backdrop with a throat thrust and connects with a dropkick of his own for a two count. Rhodes drives Gabriel down to the mat with a front slam and locks in a chin lock. Gabriel counters a scoop slam attempt with a neck breaker and connects with a spinning kick. Gabriel heads to the top rope but Rhodes crawls away.

Rhodes attempts the Alabama Slam but Gabriel breaks free and nearly rolls Rhodes up for a three count. Gabriel gets another two count after a springboard cross body from the apron. Rhodes drops Gabriel chest first across the top rope and gets the win after hitting the Cross Rhodes.

Your Winner: Cody Rhodes via pin fall
Match Rating: *3/4

Backstage, Mark Henry is with Teddy Long. Henry is there to spin the wheel. He doesn’t like the idea of Sin City. Long wants him to spin the wheel, but he refuses. So, Long spins the wheel. The match tonight will be a Lumberjack match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! Henry tells Long that Bryan is going to enter the Hall Of Pain!

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Second Contest: Tornado Match
WWE World Tag Team Championships Epico & Primo vs. The Uso’s

I can’t help but laugh during the Uso’s entrance for some reason. Uso’s have control early on hitting a back breaker/middle rope forearm drop on Epico. Primo sends Jey to the floor and they control Jimmy with a double gut buster and a snap suplex. Jimmy kicks out of a couple pin attempts. Jimmy fights back with a clothesline and Jey super kicks Primo. Uso’s hit splashes on the champs and they hit running butt splashes on the champs. Jimmy hits a top rope splash on Epico for a near fall. Primo hits a Back Stabber to get the three count.

Your Winners: Epico & Primo via pin fall
Match Rating: *1/2

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Backstage, Aksana is flirting with Teddy Long. Sheamus enters the picture to end that. They spin the wheel and it’s revealed that Sheamus will wrestle Wade Barrett in a tables match. Sheamus approves of that stipulation.

Third Contest: Dance Off
Brodus Clay vs. Vickie Guerrero

After a commercial, Guerrero comes out to tell us that she is the opponent and is going to show off her thing. Oh lord, she can make it sizzle when she moves. She proceeds to do her dancing. It is truly awful. The fans boo her and now it’s Clay’s turn. He doesn’t do dancing at first, instead his dancers do the dancing. Clay shakes his body and that’s it for him. The fans are the judges for the dancing contest. The fans clearly vote for Clay to win the contest. Guerrero freaks out and decides to dance once again. Wait a second, here comes William Regal! YES! Regal can’t allow the fans to boo the poor, unfortunate lady. He wants Guerrero to leave with him, but Clay wants Regal to show his stuff unless he is a “funky chicken.” Regal decides to get in on the dancing. Regal busts some good moves and wants the ladies to call him. Clay cuts him off with a cross body off the ropes and some boos are heard. “My bad, somebody call his momma.”

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Fourth Contest: Tables Match
Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus

Sheamus clubs away on Barrett in the corner to open the bout. Sheamus tosses Barrett over the top rope to the floor. Barrett drives Sheamus back first into the ring apron. Sheamus cuts Barrett off as he attempted to set a table up. Barrett is driven face first into the announcers table. Sheamus is sent shoulder first into the ring post. Barrett now has control of the bout. Barrett delivers a running big boot as Sheamus was tangled in the ropes. There is a table set up on the floor. Barrett looks for a suplex from the apron but Sheamus blocks it. Sheamus turns the tables and delivers ten overhand clubbing blows to Barrett’s chest. Sheamus knocks Barrett off the apron but he leaps over the table and hits the announcers table instead!

Sheamus rolls Barrett back into the ring and looks to bring a table in, but Barrett kicks the table into his face instead! Sheamus fights back with running ax handle shots and delivers a power slam. Sheamus puts Barrett on the table and heads to the top rope. Barrett rolls off and hammers away on Sheamus on the top rope. Sheamus avoids a superplex and hits a back breaker once they are both off the ropes. Sheamus sets the table up in the corner and looks for the Celtic Cross. Jinder Mahal runs out and distracts Sheamus. That allows Barrett to send Sheamus through the table to win the match.

After the match, Jinder Mahal sets another table up in the corner. He looks to slam Sheamus but that fails. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Mahal! Sheamus picks Mahal up and rams him through the table!

Your Winner: Wade Barrett
Match Rating: ***1/4

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Fifth Contest: Flag Match
Ted DiBiase vs. Hunico

Teddy Long spins the wheel backstage and it’s a flag match. They set up the poles with the flags right now. The announcers kill time to go over the rules of the match. We hear from pre-tape comments from DiBiase who says Hunico can have a pity party after he beats him.

Hunico hammers away on DiBiase to open the bout but DiBiase drives Hunico down to the mat with a spinning sit out slam. Hunico power bombs DiBiase off the middle rope to prevent DiBiase from reaching the flag! DiBiase stops Hunico with an electric chair slam! Hunico backdrops DiBiase to the floor. Hunico looks to grab the Mexican flag but DiBiase shoves him off the top and onto his buddy on the floor. DiBiase kicks Hunico away and drops him across the top rope before hitting Dream Street! DiBiase climbs up and grabs the flag to win the match!

Your Winner: Ted DiBiase
Match Rating: **

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is talking to a female backstage as we go to commercial.

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Backstage, Teddy Long is talking to Drew McIntyre. Long says he is running out of luck. Long announces that McIntyre has been fired! Santino Marella comes over and wants Long to reconsider. Marella doesn’t like that people are saying his victory was lucky. Marella wants another match with Drew. They spin the wheel and it ends up being a blindfold match.

Backstage, Mark Henry is warming up for his upcoming match against Daniel Bryan.

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Sixth Contest: Blindfold Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Santino Marella

Marella puts a blindfold on the cobra. Marella uses the fans to his advantage to try and find McIntyre. Drew is able to spear Marella to the floor through the middle rope. On the floor, Drew punches the ring post. Drew tries to cheat but still misses Santino with a big boot and crashes to the floor. Marella uses the fans to hit Drew with the Cobra to win the match.

Your Winner: Santino Marella via pin fall

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Main Event: Lumberjack Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
(champion) Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry

Henry blocks a kick and tosses Bryan down to the mat. Bryan goes to the apron and warns the wrestlers to not touch him. Henry delivers a head butt and Bryan rolls to the floor where he warns the other wrestlers to not touch him. Henry works on the champ in the corner with a shoulder ram and a head butt to the chest. Henry stands on Bryan’s chest. Bryan tries to fight back but is stopped with a head butt. Henry clubs Bryan in the chest and continues to dominate the match. The fans begin to chant Sexual Chocolate. Bryan bails to the floor but the Wade Barrett and company roll him back into the match as we go to commercial.

Bryan is tossed across the ring by Henry. Bryan fights back with a few chops but is tossed away. Bryan charges towards the corner with a running forearm strike, kicks and a running dropkick! Henry is on his knees when Bryan hits a kick to the head for a near fall. Henry tosses Bryan to the floor. Bryan stares at the lumberjacks and returns to the ring. Henry drops the champ with a clothesline and tosses Bryan across the ring again. Bryan boots Henry but runs into a clothesline which gets Henry a two count on the cover attempt. Henry press slams Bryan over the top and onto several lumberjacks. Bryan begins to brawl with the lumberjacks! Henry tosses Bryan back into the ring but Bryan dropkicks Henry off the apron. The lumberjacks go at Henry but they all enter the ring to attack Bryan because he was provoking them. Henry tosses the other lumberjacks away. Henry tosses all the lumberjacks away who had entered the ring. Henry goes for the World’s Strongest Slam but Cody Rhodes stops that and all the lumberjacks start fighting with each other. Bryan has rolled to the floor to get away from the mess.

Bryan walks up the ramp way holding his championship while everyone else fights. The fans are booing this segment. Teddy Long meets with Bryan as he walks backstage. Bryan complains about thirty guys attacking him this week. Long announces that at the Royal Rumble Daniel Bryan will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Mark Henry and Big Show in a steel cage match!

Final Thoughts:
It was a fine episode this week. While the matches weren’t great they had some good spots during them. The focus on Daniel Bryan and his development as a heel has really been a bright spot for the show. The stipulations to the matches really provided more interest into the matches, I thought.

I’m still not a big fan of Brodus Clay and he even got a few boos for attacking William Regal. I think Regal has one last good run left in him and he should be used as babyface.

The main event, Hunico/DiBiase, Sheamus/Barrett and even the opener were the better matches this week. I say the main event because it really drove home the attitude change in Bryan.

Overall, I’ll give the show a thumbs up as it was a productive program this week.

Thanks for reading.

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