TNA Impact 2/9/2012

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: London, England

Tonight, Sting teams with James Storm to take on Bobby Roode and Bully Ray. Also, AJ Styles looks to get some revenge on Christopher Daniels in singles action!

Bully Ray makes his way out to the ring to kick off the program. Ray makes it clear that he only wants to talk to TNA World Champion Bobby Roode, and no one else. So, the champion makes his way down the ramp way, but Ray meets him halfway because he simply can’t wait. Ray tells Roode that he has been watching his back for months, but Roode hasn’t been doing the same for him. They are in the ring now as Roode tries to convince Ray that their problem is really with Sting. That comment brings out Sting, who has his handy cricket bat. Sting announces that he will be the special enforcer at Against All Odds and tonight Roode will team with Ray in a tag match against James Storm and… STING!

Backstage, Hulk Hogan and Garrett Bischoff have arrived to the building. You care, right?

Opening Contest: Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles
Daniels attacks Styles before the bell but Styles fights back with right hands. Daniels stops Styles with a quick jab to regain control of the bout early on. Styles quickly sends Daniels to the floor with a dropkick. Styles takes Daniels out on the floor with a somersault dive over the top rope! Styles tried for the Styles Clash but Daniels gets out of it. Daniels boots Styles and gets a chain around his fist only to toss it to Kazarian, probably for future use. Styles chops away on Daniels in the corner. Daniels knocks Styles off the apron with a forearm shot. Daniels hits a slingshot leg from the apron for a two count back in the ring. Daniels maintains control with a head vice. Daniels kicks Styles in the head but can’t put Styles away.

Styles counters the Angels Wings with a leaping kick to the side of Daniels head. Daniels wants the weapon from Kazarian, but doesn’t get them. Styles kicks Daniels down to the mat and connects with a springboard reverse DDT! Styles hits a springboard forearm shot. Styles attempts the Styles Clash but Daniels gets out of it and slams Styles down only to miss a moonsault. Styles drops Daniels with the Pele kick! Daniels gets the brass knuckles from Kaz but misses a right hand. Daniels counters a power bomb by hitting Styles with the brass knuckles to win the match.

Your Winner: Christopher Daniels via pin fall
Match Rating: ***1/4

Backstage, Eric Bischoff wants Gunner to be by his side as they are going to take out Hogan and Garrett tonight.

Samoa Joe and Magnus make this way out to the ring to talk about their tag team title match at Against All Odds against TNA World Tag Team Champions Crimson and Matt Morgan. Magnus talks about forming a team with Joe in the Wild Card Tournament and believes that they have proven everyone wrong by forming a united team with Samoa Joe. Magnus believes that Morgan and Crimson are only champions because they are afraid to wrestle each other. He is confident that they will win the TNA World Tag Team Championships this Sunday! Hold up, here come Crimson and Morgan to refute that. Actually, they just say that talking is done and they attack their challengers. Joe is able to grab Magnus to prevent a double choke slam before bailing from the ring.

Second Contest: Non-Title Match
TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley vs. Douglas Williams

Hey, Douglas Williams! This should be a good one, folks. Williams tries for a quick win on Aries, but only got a two count on a roll up attempt. Aries is double teamed as Shelley hits a dropkick and Williams sends Aries to the floor with a clothesline. Shelley turns on Williams with a chop. Shelley goes for the Slice Bread but Williams avoids it and kicks Shelley. Aries is sneaking around on the floor and trips Williams as he runs the ropes. Williams avoids a back splash with his knees. Shelley sends Aries to the floor after a top rope thrust kick. Williams hits a suicide dive on Shelley on the floor. Aries does the same to Williams seconds later. Aries hits a rolling senton splash for a two count on Williams back in the ring.

Shelley has Aries on his shoulders but Aries is able to shove Shelley into Williams, which crotches Williams on the top rope. Aries misses an elbow drop on Shelley and is instead met with an uppercut off the top by Williams. Williams hits a rolling German suplex on Shelley for a two count! Shelley hits the Slice Bread on Aries and wins the match!

Your Winner: Alex Shelley via pin fall
Match Rating: ***1/4

Backstage, Sting hugs Hogan. They exchange thank yous with Garrett Bischoff standing by. Hogan believes there is a target on his back and tells Sting that he has his back.

We see footage from earlier in the day when Gail Kim attacked Tara, who was doing some filming for her blog.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with Garrett Bischoff by his side. Hogan puts over the fans in England big time before asking them to give the love to Garrett Bischoff. That doesn’t really happen though, as TNA pipes in the reaction they desire for Garrett. Eric Bischoff and Gunner cut off the segment and make their way out. Eric doesn’t believe that Hogan or Garrett will have any future in this business. Eric wants Hogan to ride off int the sunset because his time has passed him by. Hogan announces that at Against All Odds, Garrett Bischoff will compete in a singles match against Gunner! Hogan and Garrett withstand an attack by Eric and Gunner and stand tall after Garrett punches his own father!

Backstage, Bobby Roode and Bully Ray hug as they try to remain on the same side against Sting. We also see Hogan tell Garrett that he will be in his corner at the pay per view.

Third Contest: Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky
James continued to be on the losing end of her matches as he was pinned by Velvet Sky with an inside cradle. After the match, it was clear that James was becoming frustrated with her recent string of loses.

We get a video promoting the 4-way match for the TNA World Championship at Against All Odds.

Backstage, Sting tells James Storm that tonight is his chance to leave his mark on wrestling when he teams with the Icon.

Main Event: TNA World Champion Bobby Roode & Bully Ray vs. Sting & James Storm
Roode wants to tag out to Ray early on, but Ray rejects it only to tell Roode that he has his back. Sting opens the match with several strikes and a backdrop. Roode avoids a splash in the corner, but is met with a clothesline from Sting anyway. Sting and Storm hit a double clothesline to give them the advantage as we go to commercial.

Storm controls Ray with a few arm drags and an arm lock. Storm soon hits a top rope fist drop after Sting got a few shots in on Ray. Roode stops Storm from the apron with a knee lift to the back and enters the bout. Ray soon returns and slams Storm down to the mat as he looks to punish his injured ribs. Storm is able to fight his way back and hits a side Russian leg sweep on Ray. Storm tags in Sting as Roode is tagged in as well. Sting cleans house with clotheslines and a splash. Sting slams Roode off the top rope! Roode recovers and hits a spine buster on Sting for a near win! Sting counters the Payoff and hits the Scorpion Death Drop! Sting has the Scorpion Death Lock on Roode but Ray enters with the championship! Ray shockingly doesn’t use it and instead tells Roode he will see him in three days. Roode is forced to tap out.

Your Winners: Sting & James Storm via submission
Match Rating: **

Final Thoughts:
It was another good episode for Impact as their show on the road never seems to fail for me. This was a very productive program and is well worth checking out. Now, they just need to continue this trend back at the Impact Zone, or get the hell out of that building already!

Thanks for reading.

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