TNA Against All Odds 2/12/2012

Total Non-Stop Action presents Against All Odds
From: Orlando, FL

Tonight, TNA World Champion Bobby Roode looks to overcome the odds as he competes in a four way match against James Storm, Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy. Sting is also the special enforcer for that match. Also, Garrett Bischoff shows off what the Hulkster has taught him when he takes on Gunner in singles action. That plus much more!

1.)Zema Ion defeated Jesse Sorensen via count-out to become the number one contender to the TNA X-Division Championship
2.)TNA Television Champion Robbie E defeated Shannon Moore to retain the title
3.)TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim defeated Tara to retain the title
4.)Magnus & Samoa Joe defeated TNA World Tag Team Champions Matt Morgan & Crimson to win the titles
5.)TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries defeated Alex Shelley to retain the title
6.)Kazarian defeated AJ Styles
7.)Gunner defeated Garrett Bischoff
8.)TNA World Champion Bobby Roode defeated Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray and James Storm to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Jeff Hardy arrives to the building but doesn’t answer any questions that the cameraman asks him. Is tonight his night?

2. Ion tried to give a child his spray after Jesse gave the child his football. Jesse punches Ion and clotheslines Ion to the floor. Ion missed a sunset flip from the apron but Jesse avoids it. Jesse hits a nice running hurricanrana causing Ion to bail to the floor. Ion steals the football from the child but is met with a baseball slide from Jesse. Jesse misses a slingshot cross body on the floor. Ion maintain control with a missile dropkick. Ion hits a moonsault off the top rope and his knees nail Jesse right in the head. This is where Jesse got injured. You could defiantly tell that Ion was trying to stay in character but he had some concern for Jesse. Okay, they are showing several replays of what happened. I feel like that isn’t necessary at all.

3. Backstage, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode is interviewed. Roode thinks it makes sense that the show is named Against All Odds. The odds are stacked against the champ. Roode gets the job done every night. He notes that James Storm has failed against him a number of times. He doesn’t understand what Bully Ray’s problem is. Roode says that Sting will finally realize why he is the most dominate champion of TNA.

4. This is an open challenge for the TNA Television Championship. Shannon Moore answers the challenge. This should be well worth my time. Moore sends Robbie to the floor following a dropkick. The champ decides that it’s time to leave but Shannon Moore stops him with a punch to the back. Moore has kept the advantage with a spin kick for a two count. Robbie knees Moore off the apron and sends him into the guard railing. Later on, Moore misses a moonsault off the top rope and is nearly pinned after a clothesline from Robbie. The champ is crotched on the top rope by Moore. Moore hits a top rope hurricanrana for a two count. Robbie kicks out of a roll up and Robbie T punches Moore from the floor. That allows Robbie to hit a DDT and wins the match.

5. There appears to be some issues between Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. Tara attacks Kim before the bell and drives Kim face first down to the mat. Kim hits a neck breaker from the apron over the top rope. Kim splashes Tara in the corner and continues to yell at Rayne before hitting a missile dropkick. Rayne walks out on Kim. Kim gets a two count after a springboard cross body. Kim has an octopus style submission on Tara but doesn’t get a submission. Kim hits a top rope hurricanrana. Tara quickly fights back with a snap power slam. Tara gets a near fall after a swinging side slam. Kim goes to the top rope but Tara meets her up there. Tara backdrops Kim down to the canvas. Tara hits a moonsault from the top rope! However, it looks like she has hurt her knee. The delay in the cover allows Kim to kick out at two. Kim delivers a a knee breaker and hits the Eat Defeat to win the match.

6. Backstage, James Storm is interviewed. Storm says the first time he had a shot at the TNA World Championship he shocked the world. Storm believes there is going to be one hell of a party and thinks the fans like to party. This is all about revenge and says that Roode took away what he worked his ass off for years to win.

7. Joe and Morgan open the contest with neither man getting the advantage. Morgan drops Joe with a shoulder block but is backed into the challengers corner and Magnus enters to control Morgan briefly. Crimson enters and clotheslines Magnus. Crimson delivers a running knee for a two count. Morgan splashes Magnus and Crimson connects with a t-bone suplex. Joe drops Crimson throat first across the top rope and Magnus delivers a clothesline before tagging in Joe legally. Crimson has been worked on by the challengers for several moments now. Crimson drops Joe with a middle rope clothesline to make his comeback. Morgan gets the tag and cleans house with shoulder blocks. Morgan clotheslines Joe and sends the challengers into each other before hitting a double clothesline. Magnus runs into a swinging side slam by Morgan which gets a two count. The champs look for a double choke slam on Joe, but Magnus saves him by sending Crimson to the floor. Joe is sent into Magnus in the corner. Crimson accidentally spears Morgan and is sent to the floor! Joe snap mares Morgan and Magnus hits the elbow drop to win the titles!

8. Backstage, Bully Ray is interviewed. Ray asks Christy how does it feel when he blew her off when she called him at 2am. Ray tells Hemme to hit the road. Ray says he has everyone’s number and is in Roode’s head. He is not the dark horse and is instead the favorite. He is ready to piss off the wrestling world. Bully Ray is just fabulous.

9. Aries is really cocky early on after arm dragging Shelley, but is splashed in the corner by Shelley. Shelley knee lifts Aries and kicks the champ in the face sending the champ to the floor. Shelley takes Aries out with a springboard cross body on the floor. Shelley drops Aries throat first across the top rope and hits a slingshot splash for a two count. Aries attempts a slingshot splash but Shelley gets his knees up to block it. Shelley hits a leaping kick off the top rope and clotheslines Aries to the floor. Aries has gone under the ring and shows up from the other side to knee Shelley to the floor where Aries hits a suicide dive! Aries leaps off the middle rope to elbow drop Shelley on the back. Shelley avoids an elbow drop but isn’t able to follow up. Shelley comes off the ropes to deliver a lariat. Shelley sends Aries face first into the middle turnbuckle and follows up with a running knee. Aries has gone under the ring again but is back dropped over the top by Shelley. Shelley takes Aries out with a suicide dive of his own. Shelley misses a double stomp but hits a backpack slam for a two count. Aries delivers a knee breaker and an elbow drop for a near fall. Shelley kicks Aries but Aries is able to quickly deliver a discus forearm shot. Aries runs into a big boot by Shelley in the corner. Aries sends Shelley into the post from the apron and delivers a Death Valley Driver on the apron! Shelley sells that kind of oddly. Aries comes off the top with a double axe handle for a two count back in the ring. Shelley avoids a 450 Splash and hits the Slice Bread! Aries manages to get his arm on the bottom rope! Aries delivers a few knee strikes and a kick right to Shelley’s face. Aries hits the brain buster but Shelley kicks out before three! Shelley nearly rolls Aries up for a near win. Shelley delivers two kicks but Aries pops out before three again! This has been a rather good match, as I expected. Aries slams Shelley to counter the Slice Bread and delivers a several knees before hitting a brain buster! Aries has the Last Chancery locked in and Shelley tapes out! That was a good title match and hopefully a turning point of future title matches involving Aries!

10. Backstage, Jeff Hardy is interviewed. Hardy says his back and neck have seen better days. He sees gold and he feels lucky tonight. He closes his eyes to reveal eyes painted on his eye lids. Hardy is one odd character.

11. Kaz is wearing Daniels t-shirt. He wants to shake Style’s hand but he refuses. Styles rips the shirt off and has a headlock on his former friend. Kaz takes Styles down with an arm drag and keeps control with an arm lock. Styles sends Kaz to the floor and stares at Daniels. Styles delivers a dropkick and follows up with a back breaker. Styles is focusing on Kaz’s lower back area it looks like. The fans are more interested in Daniels than they are in this match. Kaz yanks Styles down by his head after avoiding Styles in the corner. Styles nails Kaz with a forearm smash off the apron onto the floor. Styles has an Indian death lock on Kaz while Daniels is demanding Kaz to reach the ropes. Styles misses a splash in the corner and is monkey flipped out of the corner by Kaz. Kaz delivers a gut wrench slam for a one count. Kaz hits a springboard leg drop but Styles kicks out at one again. Kaz gets another two count with a neck breaker. Kaz spin kicks Styles but only gets a two count, again. Kaz continues to get near wins after hitting a side Russian leg sweep. Styles runs into a leaping kick by Kaz for yet another two count. Styles clotheslines Kaz a few times and delivers a kick. Styles drops Kaz with a back breaker. Styles plants Kaz face first into the mat for a near fall. Kaz dropkicks Styles but only gets a near fall. Styles stops Kaz with a jaw breaker and goes for the Styles Clash, but Kaz counters with a head scissors. Kaz spears Styles on the apron and hits a slingshot DDT from the ring onto the apron! That was nice. Kaz plants Styles with a slingshot ace crusher for another near fall back in the ring. Kaz kicks Styles while he was sitting on the top turnbuckle to keep the advantage. Styles knocks Kaz off the ropes and hits a springboard reverse DDT! They are now trading pin attempts. Styles hits the Pele kick! Styles decides to take Daniels out with a springboard moonsault on the floor! Kaz catches Styles back in the ring and hits the Fade To Black for the win! That was another good match. They got plenty of time and they delivered.

12. Backstage, Eric Bischoff and Gunner are interviewed. Eric is pissed off that Hogan is with his son Garrett. Eric is also grateful because he knows that Gunner is going to destroy Garrett tonight and believes that Garrett will not be able to compete ever again. Eric feels kind of responsible for this and knows that Garrett has been trying to live up to his standards. Eric hands Gunner a towel which Garrett is going to be able to use. Gunner chimes in saying that Garrett will feel pain and fear. He is going to finish what he has started.

13. I’m laughing before the match starts. Garrett arm drags and dropkicks Gunner into the corner to kick off the co-main event. Gunner absorbs a few right hands and just clubs away on Garrett to maintain the advantage. Eric grabs Garrett’s leg and Gunner is choking Garrett in the ring while the referee is distracted. Garrett has a front face lock on Gunner as Hogan coaches his protege on. Gunner clotheslines Garrett from behind and stomps down onto Garrett. This is incredibly boring. Late in the match, Hogan punches Eric on the floor and Garrett nearly rolls Gunner up for the win. Gunner drops Garrett with a neck breaker. Gunner hits another neck breaker. Hogan keeps telling Garrett that he has to get up and fight. That’s good coaching. Garrett holds onto the ropes to prevent the neck breaker. Hogan wants to throw the towel in but Garrett declines it. Gunner plants Garrett with a DDT, which didn’t look crisp, and wins the match.

14. Sting is the special enforcer for this match. Roode is trying to get Ray to team up with him just like old times. Ray appears to buy into what Roode was telling him. Ray steps out to the floor to ditch Roode early on. That allows Hardy and Storm to hammer away on Roode for a few moments. Hardy delivers a front suplex while Storm hits a neck breaker. Hardy leaps off Storm’s back to dropkick Roode in the corner. Storm nearly rolls Hardy up for the win which caught Hardy off guard. Hardy does the same to Storm for a near fall. Ray enters and clotheslines Hardy and Storm after they slammed Roode off the top rope. Ray slams Roode down to the mat but only gets a near fall. Storm clotheslines Ray and Roode. Storm hits the Back Stabber on Roode for a near fall. Roode and Storm hit a double suplex on Ray. Roode turns on Storm and they trade right hands. Storm backdrops the champ but runs into a big boot in the corner. Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind on Roode for a near fall. Hardy is nailed by Ray with a big boot. Ray elbow drops Hardy a few times to get a two count. Ray splashes Hardy but only gets a near fall on the cover. Ray drives Hardy down to the mat with a superplex. Hardy leg drops Ray and Roode is crotched on the top by Storm. Hardy and Storm look for a superplex but Ray comes over and powerbombs them both while Roode is superplexed! Ray side slams Storm for a two count only. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Ray! Roode plants Hardy gut first down to the canvas. Ray shoulder blocks Roode as he tried for a spear. Ray accidentally spears the referee and hits the Bubba Bomb on Hardy! Sting is checking on the referee instead of doing his job. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate but the referee is still out! Roode spears Hardy! Storm hits the Code Breaker on Roode! Storm super kicks Roode but Ray yanks the referee out. Storm accidentally hits the referee with a slingshot cross body on the floor! Roode plants Ray with a spine buster! Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Roode but misses the Swanton Bomb! Roode grabs the championship but Sting enters the ring and yanks the championship out of his hands. Sting goes to hit Roode with the championship but Roode ducks and Sting hits Hardy on accident! Sting is pissed off at himself and Roode. Roode covers Hardy and demands Sting to make the count. Sting makes the count and Roode retain the championship. Huh, I liked this match and I liked the ending.

Final Thoughts:
This was far better than Genesis last month, let me just say that up front. It looked like we were going to have a bad night since Jesse Sorensen suffered that scary injury. The first three matches didn’t do much for me, but once the tag title match happened I feel like the show really turned for the better. Aside from Gunner/Garrett, the rest of the show was watchable and worth viewing. Shelley/Aries, Styles/Kaz and the main event were all good matches, I thought. I’m thinking that Roode/Sting may be the main event for Lockdown, and considering the story advancement here, I could get behind it. Anyway, I’ll give the show a mild thumbs up.

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