WWF RAW 5/10/1999

WWF Monday Night RAW 5/10/99

I was going to take a break….but it has become an obsession. I have to get to the end. I am still baffled as to why Nitro did not have a show….My guess is TNT but then again you never know. RAW will get a fucking spectacular 8.4 and not only that Nitro fans will now see what RAW has to offer and the ratings for Nitro will slide. A pre-emption at this juncture just kills when you are a distant second. RAW was good last week for the first time in awhile. It needs to continue.Ministry is walking in the back.

Riot police have arrived….

Match 1: Kane v. Billy Gunn

A girl runs over and embraces Gunn. He acts a bit worried and she is ushered away by security. Not sure if she was a plant. He was hot though.

Kane was waiting and decks him and starts pounding on him. Gunn starts to leave but is pulled back towards the ring. Gunn is reverse suplexed into the ring. Kane slowly works him over but Gunn dropkicks the knee and hammers him. Kane grasps the neck and now he hammers him only to get popped in the knee and Gunn works that over. Kane counters by clotheslining him to the floor. Gunn lures him over and slams the knee against the side of the ring. Kane kicks him into the barrier and he bounces back into a boot from Kane. Kane punishes him and they get back into the ring and Gunn dropkicks him and Kane’s ankle gets tied up in the ropes. Gunn pounds him and then Pac and Road Dogg come down and Gunn gets mauled. Mark Henry and D’Lo run down and beat up Pac and Kane. I guess they are challenging for the tag titles at the PPV. I thought it would be the Outlaws or JJ and Owen. Oh well….

** Not bad. Overbooked ending.

Riot police are walking in front of the Union. They all have 2×4’s!

Now the Ministry is walking in another part of the arena.

Union is in the ring. Vince tells Shane he will get no more support from his family and wants him to come on down. Here comes the CM (Corporate Ministry). Shane agrees that it is go time. HBK shows up on the monitor and he is reading a newspaper. He is going to help out, for the show, first to the PPV. He talks about the main event. Vince will be a ref at the PPV too (swerve). Lumberjacks will be the Union. Nightstick on a pole with Test v. Bossman (Russo!). Brisco and Patterson v. Posse. A stipulation: Loser has to leave WWF. Shamrock will take on Chyna. That has awful written all over it. Big Show will face Paul Bearer! Bearer has passed out….this is tonight now. CM interferes UT loses his title shot. Mankind will face Mideon. Sorry I got confused I think he only discussed the main event for the PPV and the rest is for RAW. He talks about Sable liking to take off her clothes; just not the belt and she has to face Debra tonight or else. Rock and Austin will be a team again. UT and HHH too. The ref will be and he hints at himself. Shane yells that this is his show and he will be the ref. HBK knew that nimrod Shane would say something like that. He has the three riot police step forward and the first two are Patterson and Brisco and the last is HBK. He takes off his shirt and dances. Shane and Vince will be in the main event tonight too. The ref will obviously be HBK himself.

Match 2: Big Show v. Paul Bearer

Paul is slow to come out and HBK forces him down. Paul whines and Show toys with him. Show wants that stipulation waved and he wants a piece of the Undertaker. He slowly and reluctantly comes down. He refuses to get in so Show drops the big elbow. CM runs down but so does the Union and the heels flee. UT never got in the ring.

NR Angle Advancement

Match 3: Debra v. Sable (c) for WWF Women’s Title

Dressing Gown match. HBK is really going after Sable (He is at the announce table) and declares she is horizontally accessible in every way! He blatantly says other things like that again; about her sexual promiscuity etc.. Sable was working the crowd with her usual spiel. The fans ate it up. Val came down and Debra stared at him and got her gown ripped. Match is over…..HBK called that a quickie much like everything else in the WWF! So true. Cole is in the ring talking to Sable. Shawn grabs the mic and calls Bass a man! YES! Shawn sees an evening gown match much different. He talks about Debra’s puppies and those are some we have not seen yet! Therefore the new champ is Debra! Sable looks bitter. Sable is yelling about losing her belt. Bass is bellowing too as Debra shows off the belt. Sable just shakes what she has!


They show Vince/Rock/Austin in split-screen. They are standing and sitting.

Shane is not happy.

Match 4: Test v. Big Bossman

The stick is on a pole. Bossman gets knocked down and Test goes up after it. But he is pulled down and hammered. Bossman clotheslines him and goes for the nightstick. But Test kicks him over onto the apron. Bossman pokes his eye but Bossman is hung up in the ropes and he tilts into punches before collapsing to the floor. Test goes for it but he is crotched and he falls to the mat. Test is now hung upside down and hammered. Bossman works him over and drops him with a back elbow and then goes for a suplex but it blocked and reversed. Both are slow to get up. Test is tossed to the floor and Bossman goes after him and he gets run into the side of the ring and post. Back in the ring he squeezes his trapezes. Test elbows free and they clothesline each other and both are down. Bossman goes for the stick but he is put on Test’s shoulders and dropped. Test grabs the stick but Bossman has one of his own and he belts Test but he still fights him off. He goes for a sunset flip but Bossman pops him with the stick and gets the pin. Bossman had a random weapon…

**1/2 Pretty fun match.

Val is angry with JJ. JJ had hit him with a guitar earlier. I forgot to add that. It happened during the gown match. Val wants him tonight.

Match 5: Viscera and Mideon v. Cactus Jack

He is Jack tonight and he posts both men. He takes out Mideon but turns into a belly to belly from Viscera. Back in the ring they clothesline him with a chair. After the two count he gets walloped with it and then kicked to the floor. Mideon comes out after him and bashes it right into his face! Viscera is standing on his chest. Jack is whipped into the ropes but they lower their heads and get DDT’d. Jack is up and he has a garbage can and he tees off on both. Jack places the can over Mideon’s head and hits a home run with the chair! But Viscera takes the chair and uses it on Jack and shoves him onto the apron. Viscera is kicked in the nuts and he falls off the apron. Jack has the chair and leaps on top of Viscera and he gets the win!

**1/2 Another decent match.

Viscera is run into the post for good measure.

Match 6: Farooq v. Bradshaw

Farooq calls HBK a punk ass and Farooq refuses to fight his partner. He knows who the winner would be. Bradshaw thinks that is funny. He is able to out drink him and he knows he can beat his ass. They hit each other and go off on each other. Union are the Lumberjacks. Mankind makes his way down as Farooq connects with a spinebuster and tosses him to the floor. Bradshaw is mauled and put back into the ring and Farooq knocks him to the floor again. But off the whip into the corner Bradshaw explodes out and clotheslines him. Farooq is now dumped to the floor. Mankind just puts him back in. He is tossed out and now the Union wallops him a couple of times before rolling him back in. Bradshaw powerbombs him. Bradshaw goes up and he leaps into a powerslam. Farooq gets a near fall. They pound each other. Here comes Viscera and Mideon and they get clocked. Bossman plays the peacemaker and finally the Union gets in the ring and everyone leaves for the heels except for Viscera who gets pummeled by board shots.

**1/2 I liked this brawl. Overrating it? Hell yes. But I had fun.

Patterson and Brisco are bragging about beating Flair etc.

Match 7: Mean Street Posse v. Patterson and Brisco

The latter come out to I am a Real American!! The fans are baffled. Classic. Posse destroy them. But they make a comeback and clothesline both. Patterson and Brisco finish them off with the Figure Four! Posse are “gone” from the WWF.

** For the music.

Shamrock is calm….he appreciates what HBK has done for him. He does not like to fight women and he is unsure what is going to happen. Is Chyna really a woman???

JJ comes out to Val’s music. JJ mocks him and reminds Val he was born pissed off. Now Val runs down.

Match 8: Jeff Jarrett v. Val Venis

Val runs down and delivers some hard rights to the jaw. He drops him on top of the steps and then pushes him on top of the barrier. He pulls him off and nails him with some more rights and he is dropped face first on the railing. Val goes for a piledriver but cannot get him up. He hits him and tries again only to be backdropped. JJ goes up top and after they get back in the ring and he leaps into an atomic drop. JJ is powerslammed and nearly pinned. Val has the arm after the reversal attempt. He wiggles as he twists the arm again. They tussle and Val gets a near fall after the Plex. Now JJ kicks him in the gut and DDT’s him and he gets a two count. Val lowers his head and is struck with a swinging neckbreaker. JJ leaps on him as Val is hung up on the ropes. JJ is working him over with elbows etc. JJ keeps after him as the fans want to see Puppies. JJ slowly makes his way up top and connects with the flying crossbody and he gets a two count. He argues with the ref and is rolled up and nearly pinned. Val rolls him over and gets another two count. JJ misses the elbow drop and now they collide and both are down. Now Val is in command. He does his knee thing running from rope to rope and now a side Russian sweep. Debra is on the apron and she is about to strip and Val is rolled up and nearly pinned. Val connects with a spinebuster and Val heads up top. The shirt is off. She waves it around….a coat or something. Val walks over to her and hugs her. I think she is genuinely frightened….She pushes him off and the Women’s belt is used as a weapon by JJ and he gets the win.

*** Another above average match!

Match 9: Ken Shamrock v. Chyna

HHH is down there and he is poked in the eyes and goes after everyone. HHH hits him but he is knocked down and Chyna eats a belly to belly and Ken leaves in a huff as he did not want to do that.

Match 10: HHH and UT and Shane v. Rock and Austin and Vince

Shawn is dressed in boots and short-shorts complete with a near wife-beater not that there is anything wrong with that!

Vince comes strolling down. HHH goes after the Rock and stomps away. Vince is brought into the ring and punished by UT and Shane. Tombstone! UT chokes him out with the cord after Shane pushed him to the floor. Rock starts to clean house. Here comes Austin….I love the delay entry. Austin rips into the Undertaker and chokes him out with a cord. HHH eats the announce table. UT fights back but the Rock is taking care of his business. Austin is shoved over the barrier…..Shane was hit by the Rock’s cast earlier. I guess Rock “broke” his arm courtesy of HHH on Heat. HHH is dumped over the barrier and brought back over. They are all in the ring minus the McMahon’s and they are all going at it. HHH goes for the Pedigree on Austin but he is catapulted. Rock hits the Bottom but UT interrupts the count and goozles him but he is pulled to the floor. Rock clotheslines HHH to the floor and now Shane and Vince are back in the ring. Shane drops the elbow on his dad and another one. Shane goes for Austin only to get Stunned! UT is ousted and Vince goes to cover Shane but Austin pulls him off and Stuns Shane one more time and he pins him…..beer time.

*** Nice brawl.

***1/2 Another good RAW. Austin gets the win again….oh well. It helped set up the PPV. There was some decent wrestling. It was Crash TV but it was not too bad. I need to move on. I am on a mission to get through the PPV tonight….

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