WWF RAW 5/17/1999

WWF Monday Night RAW 5/17/99

I just need to get to the PPV and beyond. I will go into more detail on the Tribute Show. I will say this. RAW is on a winning streak: Two fun RAW’s! Holy shit it has been awhile. Nitro is back and got a 3.4 and RAW had a crazy second hour with a 7.1 and a 6.4 total. The go home show. The PPV looks good with Rock and HHH and UT and Austin. Like Slamboree it looks good on paper so far. Not sure what they have planned for Owen. He has barely been on RAW the last couple of weeks.Match 1: Road Dogg and X Pac and Kane v. Billy Gunn and Mark Henry and Billy Gunn

Road Dogg and Henry start off and the former is reluctant to hook up and he gets clotheslined and stomped. Gunn is in the ring and he pummels Road Dogg in the corner. Road Dogg tries to fight back only to be powerslammed. Brown is in and he slams Road Dogg. Pac is in and he and Brown go back and forth. Pac misses a clothesline and is kicked in the back by Gunn and then bodyslammed. He is mauled in the corner. Here comes Kane and he destroys Brown but that leaves Pac to be doubleteamed by the other two and then Gunn press slams him. Brown is in and he bodyslams Pac; he goes up to the middle rope and misses.Road Dogg gets the hot tag and just goes off. The fans are going ape shit as he takes out everyone. But he turns into a powerbomb from Brown but he turns right into the X Factor. All are in. Henry is squashing Pac but Kane goozles him and Brown but Gunn nails him and now all six are on the floor. Henry and Kane are slugging it out on the floor. Kane shoves him over the barrier and actually leaps after him….or on him. They fight out in the crowd. Now some music hits and it is CM coming out as the melee continues but they pan on Shane fucking McMahon instead.

**1/2 Decent. Countout I guess.

Vince and Patterson and Brisco are blocking the door.

Shane is in the back now….not really sure what is going on.

Shane is banging on the door and he wants Viscera to kick down the door. Patterson and Brisco beg him to do something. He opens the closet door and the Undertaker is right there and goozles him and Chyna and HHH run in. He is dragged into the other room.

Vince is being carted off in an ambulance.

Match 3: Jeff Jarrett and Blue Blazer v. Val Venis and Godfather (c) 

Blue armdrags him over twice….Val is armdragged. Owen is willing to shake his hand and they both go off the ropes and Val is hiptossed. He is rolled up and nearly pinned. Val is in the corner and Blue leaps back from the ropes and gets a near fall…Val turned it over. Sorry. Now Val is working the arm. JJ comes down in and he bulldogs Val and punches him in the forehead. Now an uppercut and he runs him into the corner but the whip is reversed and he is sandwiched and then it happens again. Godfather got the tag and JJ is powerslammed and then splashed by Val. Ho Train! JJ makes the save. Blazer is taking it to Godfather and he gets a near fall after a crossbody. Nicole Bass has come down and JJ is knocked off the side of the ring and Owen is DVD’d and it is over.

***** Fuck it. Owen’s last match. Yes it is really bothering me. I have watched for over a year now. It is so damn unnecessary.

Rock is pacing in the back.

Austin has arrived.

Match 4: Test v. Meat

Test whips him into the ropes and drops him with a back elbow and then decleats him with a clothesline. Meat heads to the floor and Terri taps his ass. Test slide kicks him into the barrier and then rolls him back into the ring. Meat stomps on him but is grabbed and given two Russian sweeps and now a DDT. He is covered but Terri puts his foot on the ropes. Meat takes advantage and knees him in the head and follows up with a bodyslam. He straddles him and unloads with a series of rights. Meat drops him and gets another near fall. Meat  pounds him in the corner and then mounts and pounds him. Well he rubs his own body and Test hits him but is nailed back. Test is whipped into the opposing corner. But he runs into a boot only to come right back with a powerslam. Meat gets two and puts him in a chinlock. Test fights to his feet but is knocked out. Meat goes up top and leaps; the crossbody connects but Test rolls on top and gets a near fall. Meat goes back to the chinlock after a couple of shots. Test is up and kicks him in the gut and turns a gutwrench into a powerbomb. But he cannot follow up and cover him. Both are up and slugging away. Test drops him with a roundhouse and gets 2.5. Meat misses off the reversal and turns into a big boot. Test has him but Jackie goes up top and missile kicks Test. DQ.

Actually not too bad. **1/2

Test is getting swarmed. Here comes Tori. She comes into the ring and beats up Jacki and Ryan.

Shane is having a meeting.

Dan Marino is in the crowd…..where is your Super Bowl ring!

Austin has come down and he is praising HHH for finally getting pissed off enough to get to the top. His idea for their match instead of a casket match it would have been his foot up HHH’s ass. He is also an equal opportunity ass kicker and if Chyna interferes she will get her ass kicked. He does not care who the ref is at the PPV. He is not happy about being tossed off the stage. He will not be the ultimate sacrifice. He will now that Austin 3:16 just whipped his ass.

Shane comes out but Shamrock comes up from behind and chokes him out. CM runs out to make the save. Union runs out to help. I thought they were not here. UT is slowly heading into the fray. Austin grabs Paul Bearer and brings him into the ring. UT finally notices and Austin Stuns him!

Match 3: Undertaker v. Rock

Casket match….HHH is not facing Austin in a casket match tonight I do not think. My bad.

Rock unloads on him with rights and lefts. He whips him into the corner but runs into a boot. UT charges but is dropped by a clothesline. UT mounts a comeback and now he unloads on the Rock.

They pan to the back and CM and the Union are beating each other.

Rock comes back with a swinging neckbreaker. He bodyslams Undertaker and it is Elbow time! UT rises up but Rock stops and kicks him. The Elbow connects. HHH musth have escaped the melee and he comes down and interferes. UT grabs him but is clocked with the cast. Chyna is down too. Rock clotheslines him to the floor. UT pulls him out but he is hammered. HHH tries to interfere but he is pummeled. UT nuts the Rock and HHH has a sledgehammer and breaks open the cast and then they both work over the broken arm and then push him into the casket. HHH locks it.

**1/2 This should have been a lot better. Okay. Sledgehammer to a broken arm even with a cast on would shatter it.

HHH flips over the casket and HHH bashes the shit out of the casket with the sledgehammer. He breaks some holes in it and dents the shit out of it.

They wheel it to the back and pry it open. Officials do.Slaughter demands an ambulance.

Match 4: Michael Hayes and Hardyz v. Brood

All six go at it. Gangrel kicks the hell out of Jeff in the corner….after order was restored. Jeff scissors him over. A skinny Matt gets in and he connects with some rights. Both block hiptosses until Gangrel strikes with a belly to back. Jeff makes the save. Christian and Matt go at it. Christian gets two after a backbreaker. Now Michael and Matt both work over Christian and they suplex him. Jeff hits the Swanton and the match breaks down with bodies going all over the place. Michael hammers Christain in the corner and now Jeff lends a hand as he is now the legal man. He slams him and then springboards into a moonsault getting two. Hayes gets the tag and he strikes with a spinebuster and Matt connects with a guillotine legdrop. Matt has him in a rear chinlock. Christian fights to his feet and hooks Matt but he gets dumped over his shoulder. Matt heads to the middle rope but leaps into a dropkick. Edge comes in and spears Matt and then faceplants Matt but Hayes runs in and clotheslines him. But he poses for the crowd on the middle buckle. He is picked up and faceplanted. Now the Brood take out all three. Edge somersaults on top of Jeff out on the floor. Jeff is pummeled but Hayes backdrops Matt on top of the Brood and they are all brawling. DQ or countout.

*** Fun match. Get Gangrel the fuck out of there.

Rock is getting blood cleaned off of him. He is carted off.

Al Snow is on the mic and he is rambling. He has a box filled with some dude’s stuff. There is a deer head. A dress with tire tracks. It is Pierre….on Heat. He makes a connection with sheep and violation. Holly did this. He keeps rambling. Here comes Bob Holly and he gets some Head. Al follows up with the Snow Plow. Snow taunts him and beats him up a bit more. They will fight at the PPV.

Cole is outside Austin’s dressing room…..

CM is hiding behind a corner.

Now Cole is talking to Austin and he is not leaving the building. Around the corner CM and the Union are fighting again.

Match 5: Big Show v. Big Bossman

Bossman tears into him with some heavy blows. But he is shoved into the corner and dropped with a huge forearm. Show clobbers him. He chokes him out in the corner with the boot. Bossman comes back with some knees to the head and kicks to the ribs. Show reverses the whip and connects with the big boot and it is chokeslam time. Over.

** Show got a win!

During the break some of CM drove off in a car with the Union in hot pursuit.

Match 6: HHH v. Steve Austin

HHH climbs out of the ring and goes after him but Austin dodges and unloads the fury. HHH is punched up the ramp and then bodyslammed on top of it. Austin leads him back to the ring and runs his head into the steps. Austin decks him and keeps after with some more hard rights and belts him over the barrier where he hits some more before dumping back over the barrier. He rolls him into the ring. The bell rings. HHH gets in a kick but is nearly Stunned and he rolls to the floor where he is clotheslined in the back of the head. Austin has the leg and works it over after bringing him back into the ring. But he lowers the head off the whip and eats a knee to the head. HHH pushes him into the corner and he stomps a hole in him. He chokes him out and the ref struggles to push him off. HHH hammers him some more but Austin reverses the whip and Thesz Presses him. HHH barely kicks out and Austin charges but HHH moves and tosses him to the floor. Austin sells the knee and Shane taunts a gimpy Austin. HHH goes over and decks Austin. HHH clotheslines him over the barrier and the fight spills into the crowd. The ref takes the chair from HHH and this opening allows Austin to knock him back over the barrier. He goes up on top off the announce table and leaps into a fist. HHH whips him up and into the announce table….He skids across it! Now HHH flings him on top of it. HHH takes his time and finally rolls him back into the ring. Austin counters with a sleeper but HHH counters right back with a back suplex. Chyna chokes out Austin as the ref is distracted. HHH gets two and then follows right up with a clothesline and he gets another two count. He keeps him grounded with a chinlock. Austin gets a second wind and rises up but the clothesline each other. Both are down. Austin fires back but is whipped into the corner. Austin clotheslines him but HHH will not stay down so Austin has had enough and he tosses him over the top rope and then on top of the announce table! HHH gets his head run into the announce table a couple times and shoved off of it! Austin suplexes him from the apron and gets a near fall. UT’s symbol lowers from the ceiling. Austin looks at it but clotheslines HHH and then looks at it again. UT’s music blares. HHH hits him a couple of times and here comes the Undertaker. Austin drops HHH and decks UT but HHH kicks him to the floor and now Undertaker beats his ass. UT chokes him out as HHH and Shane pull down the symbol and lay it down. Austin is whipped into the steel steps and then stomped. Austin is brought into the ring and here comes the rest of CM. The Union runs down and assaults the CM. UT tries to handcuff Austin to the symbol but Austin managed to do it to the Undertaker and Austin pounds his ass. UT is hooked on and Austin flips him off! UT is being pulled up into the air and to the roof.

**** Great match. Stupid ending. Again Austin looks far too strong.

***1/2 Three in a row! Now I think I am overrating these a bit but they have been well paced and the matches have been longer with less interference. I am not a fan of the super duper stables and their changing allegiance every damn week, or nearly so. The build to the PPV has been pretty good. But the fact that they will put Owen in that contraption is right out of left field…..

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