WWF Superstars 1/15/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Lowell, MA

1.)Lex Luger defeated Bastion Booger
2.)The Headshrinkers defeated JW Storm & Tony DeVito
3.)Tatanka defeated Barry Horowitz
4.)Virgil defeated Dereck Domino
5.)IRS defeated Tony Roy
6.)The Undertaker defeated Duane Gill

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Oh man, the featured bout this week is Luger vs. Booger. This might make for a hard one to watch. Booger catches Luger as he runs the ropes to deliver a power slam for a quick near fall early on. Luger avoids Booger in the corner and clotheslines Booger twice but isn’t able to drop him. Booger avoids a power slam because he is simply weighs too much. Booger splashes Luger but can’t keep our American hero down long enough. Luger avoids a second splash and hits a middle rope axe handle. Booger avoids another slam attempt and gets a two count as he lands on top of Luger. On the floor, Booger splashes Luger up against the ring post, but Luger basically no sells it and clotheslines Booger twice before delivering a scoop slam. Luger wins with the flying forearm.

2. Gorilla Monsoon greets us with an update. He mentions how the WWF World Tag Team Championships switched hands as the 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty defeated the Quebecers to win the straps. We hear from Bret Hart and Owen Hart. Owen is actually bummed out because every time he gets his break something happens. Bret Hart announces he is done with singles matches and is going to tag with Owen Hart only! The Quebecers will be getting a return match on January 17th at Madison Square Garden. We hear from Johnny Polo who says he doesn’t know how they pulled off the upset. They vow they will get the championships back. We also hear from Jannetty and Kid. Jannetty wants them to head back to Canada when they can’t beat them again. They are confident that they will retain the championships.

3. Huh, I never would have thought that in 1994 that Virgil would actually win a match. I was fairly certain that he was strictly a jobber by this point.

4. Ray Rougeau interviews Shawn Michaels backstage regarding the Royal Rumble. Bam-Bam Bigelow comes over and tells Michaels that he is going to win. Jeff Jarrett thinks he is going to win it. Crush steps into the picture and believes he has what it takes to win. Adam Bomb voices his opinion that he will win. Rick Martel credits his fitness to win the Rumble. Michaels says that Diesel is going to step over the ropes to win the Rumble for him. Diesel tells Michaels that he isn’t going to do that and they begin to argue.

Final Thoughts:
The Booger/Luger match wasn’t all that awful, surprisingly. There wasn’t much happening on this one, though. I guess when you have Virgil winning a match in 1994, you have run out of ideas to fill television time.

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