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WWF RAW 8/30/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

I still have not figured out why the ratings were a 4.2 and Nitro rose to a 4.0. I thought it was preempted. I like the direction the WWF is going unlike WCW. I have a lot more to say but too tired. Next time!

Rock comes out and he is not happy. He should be champ. He calls HBK a Jabroni and makes fun of the fact that he thought he calls himself the sheriff and he is going to take his pistol and shove it up his candyass. He wants a piece of HHH and threatens to go after him if he does not come out at the count of three. He does not come out so the Rock goes after him. He looks in the back and in the Ladies Room knowing he pees upside down. HHH ambushes him along with Chyna and Shane. Mankind enters the fray as officials try to break it up.

Here comes Shane with the Posse. Cannot get rid of that guy. Rock and Mankind will get a shot at HHH tonight, but first they have to get by their respective opponents. Rock will have to face the Undertaker. Shane brags that he beat Mankind and he has to face all the Posse in a Handicap Match. Oh the UT/Rock match is No Holds Barred. Mankind comes down with a ref. Of course Shane dismisses Teddy Long as he will be the ref. Shane reminds Mankind that he cannot touch him or he will get DQ’d.

Match 1: Posse v. Mankind

They swarm him but two are clotheslined. The fans chant Foley as he beats down two of them. Abs is knocked to the floor. Pete Gas gets is neckbrace torn off and he gets his head rammed into the top buckle ten times as Rodney wallows in the corner. Pete is clotheslined and Rodney is crushed with a running knee. Abs wallops Mankind and then clotheslines him and stomps a hole in him. The Posse bring in trash cans and unload on Mankind and Shane takes them away admonishing them….Mankind is suplexed and nearly pinned. Shane is knocked down and a snow shovel comes into play and the Posse is laid out. Shane refuses to count and turns right into a Socko! HHH runs down and he is greeted with a flurry of punches and he is clotheslined to the floor.

**1/2 Not a bad start.

Lillian Garcia declares Mankind the winner and Shane runs over to her and demands her to change the verdict because Mankind touched him. She acquiesces and Shane runs off.

Cole is with UT and Show. Cole tells us the obvious that UT and Rock are facing off. UT swears and Rock is going down.

Rock is walking in the back…..

Match 2: Undertaker v. Rock

Undertaker is going off about the Rock’s stand up routine. UT tells Show that he will face the Rock, and tells him to like it when Show is about to protest.

Rock hammers him from the outset and clotheslines him to the floor. Rock knocks him around and gets two on the ramp after a Russian sweep. Show has had enough and clotheslines Rock and rolls him back into the ring. Rock greets the incoming Show with a few blows to the head but Rock is whipped into the ropes and nearly pinned after a powerslam. Show works him over in the corner and thrusts him into the other one. He misses the charge but he is able to drop the Rock who rolls to the floor. Show has the Rock up but the latter slides behind and shoves Show into the post. Rock jaws at the Undertaker and decks him but UT blindsides him and Show chokeslams him through the table getting the pin!

**1/2 That was sudden and classic.

HHH has run down but so does Mankind who gets pummeled. HHH was nearly destroyed by Show and Undertaker.

Al is with Cole who is sad about Pepper. There is moaning going on behind them.

Big Bossman calls out Snow as he has something to say to him. Bossman acts contrite and apologizes. He assures Snow that there will be no tricks and all he has to do is go to Bossman’s hotel room.

Rock is pacing around.

Match 3: X Pac v. Taka Michinoku

Not a bad three or four minute match. It went back and forth and Pac gets the win. WWF needs a Cruiserweight Division.


X Pac huffs and puffs to Cole that he a lot has been going on and he wants the big guys.

Some sort of melee in the back with lower carders in the back.

Match 4: Tag Tournament

This was a brawl from the start with Edge and Christian and the Hardyz and others. The lowercard guys came out and after about a minute the bell rang and the match was tossed.

*1/2 Okay brawl.

Rock is still walking in the back. He comes out and he is not happy and mocks Show and Undertaker. What happened earlier was nothing, as it will take more than that to keep him down. Now the Rock directs his ire towards the Undertaker and makes fun of his tats. He wants a piece of both. Mankind comes out and knows he and the Rock have had differences. The people want Mankind as Rock’s partner and he would like to be the Rock’s partner. Mankind gets the crowd all riled up about them teaming up and he uses the Rock’s catchphrases, modified for himself of course. Finally the Rock interrupts him and is none too pleased. He warns Mankind to never use his phrases ever again. Mankind starts to say “Can You Smell….” and the Rock stops and reminds him of what he just said. Mankind backs off and pumps his fist as the Rock finishes! Classic!

Meat is coming down with Terri. She hits on the Rock and the Rock does his thing about her wanting him. She follows along even as the Rock tells her to go to the SD Hotel! He finally tells her to bubble her ass on out of here!

Match 5: Meat v. Chazz

Fight starts and now both girls are beating on each other. Match is tossed.


Kitty tells Debra’s make up artist to beat it and here they come with Jeff Jarrett.

Match 6: Jeff Jarrett and Mark Henry v. D’Lo Brown and Mr. Ass

Chyna is on commentary. Brown is knocking JJ around. JJ returns the favor and here comes Henry who slams D’Lo and then drops the elbow. He gets two. Henry squashes him and gets two and then slams him again but misses the big legdrop. The match breaks down and of course Chyna who literally sucks on commentary, accidentally knocks out Ass with the guitar….he and Brown lose.


Test is with Cole and the former call out Patterson and Brisco. He wants them to be the best men and they are happy to oblige.

Match 7: Ken Shamrock v. Gangrel

Hardyz interfere and they are sent to the back. Gangrel manages to get in some offense. Gangrel works him over in the corner. Shamrock finally counters and gets two after a sideslam. Shamrock goes on a long offensive and gets two after a snap suplex. Shamrock ducks a blow after a reverse whip and he drops Gangrel with a back elbow but runs right into a powerslam and is nearly pinned. Shamrock trips him and finishes him with the Ankle Lock.

**1/2 The extra half star for a long match and clean finish.

Finkel tells Shamrock to focus on the TitanTron and then he runs off. The Countdown! Jericho taunts him about being the most dangerous man, and after watching his match, he may be dangerous around heavy machinery. He is not going to unleash his fists of fury tonight and will do so on SD.

Mankind wants to do the elbow and Rock chastises him for that. He cannot use his moves either and when Mankind discusses Socko he just leaves!

Here comes Ivory. She tells Cole to stop ogling her and then rambles about nonsense. She is attacked by Tori.

Match 7: Mankind and the Rock v. UT and Show (c) for WWF Tag Titles

Show is doubleteamed. Now it is just Mankind and Show and Show lifts and drops him with ease and then chokes him out and stomps on him. Mankind is knocked to the floor and UT whips him into the steps and beats on him. He rolls him back into the ring and Show gets two after a powerslam. He puts him in a bearhug. Mankind tries to escape but he is shoved down and pushed to the floor where UT measures him with some heavy blows. He is knocked over by the announce table and the Rock comes over and UT retreats. Show slams UT onto a table or announce table. Missed it. Bearer comes out and UT leaves. Show hammers Mankind in the corner but Mankind back kicks him in the nuts. Mankind makes the tag and they try to doubleteam him but they are run over. Show chokeslams the Rock and kicks a chair back into the face of Mankind. He slowly covers the Rock who kicks out. Show goes for the mighty elbow drop but misses. Mankind has Socko and it is applied! Show drives him into the ref and Show turns into a chair shot to the skull. They do the double People’s Elbow and get the win!

**1/2 Pretty classic.

***1/2 I am going to rate this a bit higher because I thought the promos were classic and it started really strong. Mankind and the Rock played of off each other and it was pretty sweet. I wish there was more Jericho and of course less Chyna but she is in the IC hunt…..Ivory bugs me as does Meat and Chazz but they are minor parts of the show. RAW is slowly overtaking Nitro…..


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