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WWF Superstars 3/26/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Bethleham, PA

1.)Lex Luger defeated Duane Gill
2.)Diesel defeated John Chrystal
3.)Kwang fought Tatanka to a double count-out
4.)The Smoking Gunns defeated Jason Headings & Rich Meyers
5.)Owen Hart defeated PJ Walker

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. IRS shares a reason we should pay taxes. Because everyone has to pay. People are tax cheats because people are dishonest and corrupt. What will happen if he catches you cheating on your taxes? He will put your kids to work and take their allowances! NO!

2. Kwang controls Tatanka early on with a standing spin kick to his chest. Tatanka avoids a spin kick and begins to chop Kwang with overhand strikes. Tatanka followed up with a dropkick. Tatanka hip tosses Kwang and follows that up with a scoop slam. Tatanka goes up top to hit a leaping overhand chop for a two count. Tatanka continues his offense with a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Kwang sends Tatanka to the floor with a spin kick over the top. We go to commercial with Kwang in control. Kwang has maintained control with a simple nerve hold. IRS has appeared on the aisle way and says that Tatanka is running out of time to pay for his gift tax. IRS is looking to take the headdress! Tatanka sends Kwang to the floor and attacks IRS! They are trading right hands until officials run out to break up the brawl. Both Tatanka and Kwang have been counted out. (**. Not too bad of a match, actually. Kwang can provide some fine offense outside of the nerve holds. I’m kind of liking the feud between IRS and Tatanka, actually.)

3. Jeff Jarrett came out to the announcers to hype up his match with Sparky Plugg next week. Jarrett is going to make Plugg feel like he crashed into a wall.

Final Thoughts:
Most of the show was done to promote the IRS/Tatanka feud, but I thought the featured match was alright and the feud has my interest at the moment. I’m going to consider this to be an average episode of Superstars this go around.


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