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WWF Smackdown 2/21/2002

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-Earlier, Vince made an announcement. The actions of the nWo was reprehensible. They should be prosecuted under the full extent of the law. All parties will be satisfied by the punishment. Vince thinks that community service is an appropriate punishment. The nWo will apologize to the Rock and the fans tonight.

-We’re here in the Rockford Metrocenter in Rockford, IL with Michael Cole and the King. Tonight, Triple H will take on the Undertaker.

Kurt Angle vs. Kane
Kurt Angle comes out and gets on the mic. He yells at the crowd first, telling them not to start with him. He’s not in the mood. Last Monday was a travesty. He was robbed of his title shot. He’s dying to take out his revenge on anyone. He’ll stand in the ring until someone is stupid enough to come out. And he’ll give him the kind of pain that only an Olympic medalist can give. He’ll go Olympic on his ass. Kane comes out to meet the challange. Kurt takes it to Kane. Kane battles back. Kurt reverses the scoop slam and hits a German suplex. Kurt gets a chair. 1, 2, 3 chairshots to the back of Kane.
Here is your winner via DQ- Kane
Kane spears Angle out of the ring. Kurt goes into the steps. Kane sets up the table. Kane goes for a chokeslam, but Kurt hits a low blow. German suplex through the table by Angle. Another German onto the remains of the table. Some guy gets in the way, and Angle hits a belly to belly on the guy. Chairshots to Kane’s ankle. Anglelock! Several referees later, Angle finally lets go and leaves.

-Flair talks to Anderson about how everything’s out of control. Taker comes in about the Wrestlemania match he proposed on RAW. Are they going to fight? Flair says he has a lot on his plate right now. Taker doesn’t give a damn about that. Yes or No? Flair says no. Taker implies that he’s a coward. That’s the last no answer he’ll take. He thinks that on RAW, Flair’s answer will be yes.

Commercial break.

-Cole and King discuss the nWo’s actions over the scattered remains of the announcer’s table. We see a video package of the nWo’s actions at No Way Out and RAW.

-The nWo arrives.

Commercial break.

The nWo comes out with a piece of paper. They’re ready to make their apology, but read nonchalantly from a script. Nash starts by apologizing to the fans. He hopes they accept his “heartfelt” apology. They realize that their actions were heinous and inexcusable. Hall wishes the Rock a speedy recovery, and hopes that he’s 100% for Wrestlemania. They are deeply disappointed with themselves. They’re not apologizing because they have to. They’re apologizing from the heart. Hogan thanks the DA’s office for filing a lesser charge, even though Rock attacked him first. He He thanks Vince’s lawyers for the community service punishment. Hogan thanks Vince for his support. He hopes Rock forgives him, since he forgives Rock for attacking him first. Hogan says he’s not going to be sorry for what he does to Rock at Wrestlemania. Austin comes down to the ring in his pickup truck. Austin nails them with a tire iron. Austin beats on Hall. Austin gets back in the truck and tries to run Hall over. Hogan and Nash get Hall to the back.

Commercial beak.

-During the break, the nWo tried to leave, but the tires on their limo were slashed, and “What?” was spraypainted all over it. They try to run some more.

Edge vs. Christian
Edge comes out. Christian comes out next, but gets pissed when his pyro fizzles out. Reverse backbreaker by Christian. Christian poses for the crowd. Edge takes it to Christian. Clothesline by Edge. Edge tosses him over the top rope, but Christian lands on the apron. Edge baseball slides between his legs, then yanks him down. Christian gets back in the ring and hits a low blow on Edge, who is on the apron. Christian shoulderblocks Edge off the apron. Edge goes into the steps. Back in the ring, Christian suplexes Edge onto the ropes, 1-2-kickout. Spinning heel kick by Edge. Clothesline and facebuster by Edge, 1-2-kickout. Back body drop by Edge. Christian counters the Edgecution and hits a reverse DDT. Edge counters the Unprettier and hits a Spear. Edge locks in his new figure four/anklelock submission. Christian taps!
Here is your winner- Edge
After the match, Christian gets on the mic. He says that the fans probably expect him to throw a temper tantrum. They probably think it’s funny that a former Intercontinental, European, and 7 time Tag Champion can’t win a match. He’s not going to cry. He quits!

-Hogan and Nash jump into a room and close the door. They realize that Hall isn’t with them. Nash says they need to get him. Hogan says no, because Austin is probably out there. Nash says that Hall is resourceful.

Commercial break.

-Austin walks in the back into a freezer. Hall is there, duct-taped to a chair with duct tape over his mouth. Austin asks if he’s cooling off. He hopes Hall doesn’t mind if Austin has a beer. Hall doesn’t impress Austin. Austin asks if Hall has something to say to him. He wonders where his friends are. Austin grabs two beers. He starts drinking one and offers the other to Hall. He sets a beer on Hall’s shoulder. Hall is goingto learn not to screw with Austin. Austin leaves, saying he’ll be back in a while.

Hardy Boyz and Rob Van Dam vs. Lance Storm and Dudley Boyz
The Hardyz come out with Lita first. RVD comes out next. Storm soon follows. The Dudleyz come out last with Stacy. Jeff and D-Von start. Front dropkick and flying forearm by Jeff. Tag to Matt. Double suplex to D-Von, 1-2-kickout. Matt goes for a Twist of Fate, but Storm hits a knee from the top rope. Storm hits a clothesline, 1-2-kickout. Standing dropkick by Storm, 1-2-kickout. Tag to D-Von. Spinning elbow by D-Von. Tag to Bubba. Scoop slam and elbow drops by Bubba, 1-2-kickout. Bubba goes for a superplex, but Matt knocks him off and hits a moonsault, 1-2-kickout. Tag to D-Von. D-Von stops Matt from making a tag. Reverse DDT by Matt. Tag to RVD and Storm. Heel kick to Storm. Storm misses a heel kick, and RVD hits another heel kick. Enziguiri to D-Von. Dropkick to Bubba. Springboard Martial Arts Kick to D-Von. RVD goes up top, but Stacy pushes him off. Lita gets in the ring, but D-Von grabs her. Matt stops him from hitting her and goes for the Twist of Fate. D-Von counters the Twist of Fate and hits a 3D with Bubba, 1-Jeff breaks up the count with a Swanton Bomb. Bubba accidently clotheslines Storm. Jeff hits a low blow on Bubba. Superkick to Jeff. Litarana to Storm. Five Star Frog Splash to Storm, 1-2-3.
Here are your winners- Hardy Boyz and Rob Van Dam.

-Hogan says that he and Nash should go look for Hall. Nash says they need weapons. They cautiously leave.

Commercial break.

-We see clips from RAW where Triple H regained his title shot.

-Flair talks on the phone when Steph enters. Steph thought Flair was fair. Why did he make the Angle/Triple H rematch? Angle rightfully won the match at No Way Out. Now, Triple H is going to Wrestlemania. Steph is happy to slap the smile off his face. She hears the toilet flush. She assumes it’s Anderson, but Triple H steps out. Triple H says it’s a sad story. But you know what they always say, Life’s a bitch, then you marry one.

-Austin wonders if Hall wants to take a ride with him. Are the letters on his shirt supposed to impress Austin? (it’s not going to do a whole lot-it’s just a shirt) Hall’s going to pay for costing Austin the title. Austin wheels Hall around.

Commercial break.

-We see a clip from No Way Out where the APA win the Tag Team Turmoil match.

-Hogan, with a shovel, and Nash, with a bat, look for Hall. They see the beer on the ground, and leave.

Tazz and Spike vs. Billy and Chuck- Tag Team Titles
Tazz and Spike come out first. Billy and Chuck soon follow. Chuck and Tazz start. Chuck tosses Tazz away, but Tazz goes at it with him. Billy argues with the ref, and Spike jumps onto Chuck’s chest. Billy hits Tazz. Tag to Billy. They double team Tazz. Tag to Chuck. Elbow by Tazz. Chuck goes for a DDT, but Tazz hits a belly to belly. Clothesline to Tazz. T-Bone by Tazz. Tag to Billy and Spike. Back elbow by Spike. Spinning DDT by Spike, 1-2-kickout. Billy goes for a powerbomb, but Spike punches him until they both fall over the top rope. Tazzmission on Chuck. Billy breaks the hold and tosses Tazz outside. Spike goes for the Dudley Dog on Billy, but Billy tosses him into a Superkick by Chuck. Fameasser to Spike, 1-2-3!
Here are your winners and NEW Tag Team Champions- Billy and Chuck
-Chuck jumps on top of Billy, who spins him around. He falls down on top of Billy, and they try to regain their compusure.

-Austin takes Hall for a ride. They end up in a maintenance room. Austin says that Hall is just bait.

Commercial break.

-Lillian congratulates Billy and Chuck. Billy says that it’s the best night of his life. Chuck is the best partner he’s ever had. The APA come to congratulate Billy and Chuck. Bradshaw says that they can get used to being close, because at Wrestlemania they’re going to kiss their asses and belts goodbye (“get used to being close”…huh?).

-Hogan and Nash find Hall, but Austin ambushes them and locks them in the Maintenance room. Austin wheels Hall away.

Commercial break.

Triple H vs. Undertaker (well, kind of)
Steph comes out. If you (unlike me), weren’t very busy staring at Steph’s chest, you would have heard the following. Before Undertaker kicks Triple H’s ass, she has an announcement. Triple H will win the title over her dead body. Jericho comes out and takes the mic. They haven’t spoken much since he’s become the champ. He wanted to tell her something face to face. He used to call her filthy, dirty, disgusting, a trashbag. He never meant it. He was just tryign to get a rise out of the people so they would like him. That got him nothing and nowhere. He was wrong about how he thought about her. He actually admires her. Now that he’s a Living Legend, he sees her for who she really is- a brilliant, calculating, caniving genius. Without her, Triple H is nothing. She never thought she’d say this, but Jericho is right. Triple H is nothing without her. She’s the reason he was the four time WWF Champ. Jericho just gave her one hell of an idea. Jericho wants to beat Triple H more than anything, and she wants him to lose. She knows Triple H better than anyone. With her in his corner, they’re an unstoppable force. He’ll never, eeeever lose that title with her. She wants to be more than friends. She wants them to be business partners. Jericho says that Triple H’s worst nightmare just came true. They shake on the agreement. The two go over to the announce table and sit down. Triple H comes out and goes over to the announce table. He grabs the water on the table, takes a swig, and spits it on Steph and Jericho. Jericho goes after HHH, but Trips takes it to Jericho. He tosses Jericho in the ring and hits a running knee strike. Steph slaps Triple H. Triple H goes to Pedigree Steph, but Jericho hits him. Triple H clotheslines him outside. Trips then clotheslines Jericho over the barricade. Taker comes down to the ring. He gets on the apron, but Triple H hits him off. Taker gets back on his bike and rides to the back.

-Austin tells a knocked over Hall to get up. He grabs him and tosses him into his truck.

Commercial break.

Austin drives to the ring. He tosses his cooler in the ring. He gets Hall,clocks him, and drags him to the ring. He drinks some beer, then hits Hall with the can twice. He gets on the mic. Hey yo. Hall wants to play with Austin. Is he supposed to amuse him? Make him laugh? Make him smile? (Is Austin trying to be Joe Pesci from Goodfellas, or what?) No. Austin thought they’d have a beer. Hall doesn’t want to drink with him. Austin is going to express himself. Everytime the crowd says “What”, Austin will stomp Hall. The crowd goes nuts, and so does Austin. Ausitn is the last SOB Hall wants to mess with. Austin’s tired of whooping Hall’s ass. They should have a beer (no, this isn’t going to lead to a Stunner). Stunner to Hall (I’m shocked and dismayed). Austin listens to his watch, and grabs some spraypaint from his truck. Austin paints 3:16 on Hall’s back.

End Show.

Man of the Night- Kurt Angle. He kicked some ass tonight. Let’s see more of this aggressive Angle.

Match of the Night- Hardy Boyz and RVD vs. Dudley Boyz and Storm. It’s good to have the Hardyz back, even though it’s hard to report their matches.

Quotation of the Night- “That’s a nice skirt. Think I could talk her out of it?”- The King, re: Stacy.

Sign of the Night- “Bill Nye”- it was on the recaps from RAW, but it was still great. Bill Nye should be on the WWF. He’d rock.


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