WWF Superstars 10/15/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Poughkeepsie, NY

1.)WWF World Tag Team Champion Shawn Michaels & Diesel defeated Reno Riggins & Gary Scott
2.)Bob Holly defeated Mike Bell
3.)Doink the Clown defeated Cory Student
4.)Owen Hart defeated Mike Park
5.)Lex Luger defeated Tony DeVito
6.)Yokozuna defeated Jason Storm

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Vince McMahon is in the ring with Arnold Skaaland, the former manager for Bob Backlund. Skaaland talks about meeting Backlund for the first time and says he a lot in him. He considers Backlund to a son of his. Vince brings up how Backlund lost the belt to Iron Sheik in 1983. Skaaland explains his actions early eleven years after the fact. He was looking out for Backlund’s future. Arnold hasn’t talked to Skaaland since the match. Backlund runs out and yells at Skaaland for lying about wanting to save his career. Backlund says losing the championship felt like he was dying. McMahon’s face during this is great.. he really sells the fact that Backlund is insane. Skaaland apologizes for throwing the towel in. Vince wants to know why Backlund doesn’t respect Skaaland! Backlund puts the chicken wing on Skaaland when he turns his back! McMahon and several officials try to get Bob off of Arnold! Bob Holly has come out to the ring as well and is trying to help pull Bob away. Backlund is looking at his hands while Holly is yelling at him. Backlund just leaves the ring.

2. Yokozuna continues to be afraid of the dark and the gong of the Undertaker after his squash victory.

Final Thoughts:
This show was mainly just one segment to continue to promote Backlund as a top level heel. As I watched the show and looked at the crowd reaction, it is apparent that the angle isn’t getting over. The crowd was dead and uninterested. The atmosphere really killed the segment, in my opinion. As a result, this show gets a thumbs down since that was the main point of the program this week.

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