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WCW Thunder 7/1/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Here comes DDP and he has the mic. He is the greatest former two time champ in the world. The fans will never forget him and he is even from Jersey. The tobacco chewing, coupon clipping rednecks are not from Jersey and they know it.

Match 1: DDP v. Saturn

They play grab ass for nearly two minutes by running around. Saturn is caught with a clothesline and back in the ring he is stomped on. DDP misses and he is T-Boned. Kanyon is knocked off the apron. Saturn clotheslines DDP to the floor and heads after him where he pounds him. DDP is run into the railing and then back into the ring where he is chopped. DDP reverses the whip but Saturn turns it into a dropkick nailing Kanyon. Saturn goes after Kanyon but DDP uses the opening to take him out and he clobbers him. Kanyon joins in the fun. Saturn is rolled back into the ring and he is nailed with a spinning sideslam. DDP stomps on his hand and then kicks him in the gut. Saturn is hung over the ropes and pounded.


DDP slams him and drops the elbow getting two. DDP clotheslines him and then jaws with the fans. He pulls him up and puts him in an abstretch and Kanyon adds leverage and the ref is getting suspicious. Finally Kanyon is caught and the ref kicks the hand. Saturn tosses DDP and then kicks him in the skull. He follows up with an atomic drop and gets two after a crossbody. He rolls him up for two more but DDP counters with a powerbomb and he motions for the DC but he is shvoed into the ref. Kanyon is in the corner, wrapping the belt around the buckle. Saturn comes over and mounts and pounds him but is dropped down on the belt facefirst. He rolls DDP on top and finally the ref comes to and he makes the count and Saturn barely gets the arm up. Benoit runs down: Diving Headbutt! He rolls Saturn on top and Kanyon pulls out the ref but not before the hand hit!! The fans counted it. The announcers try to disguise it and call it a DQ but the ref gave the win to Saturn and motioned the three count!

**** Awesome opener. Nice win for Saturn.

Benoit suicide dives into Kanyon sending him into the railing. Bigelow blindsides him and now Benoit is doubleteamed. DDP lays out Saturn. Bigelow is flung into Benoit crushing him. Double DC now! They are still stomping a hole in the faces.

Match 2: Disorderly Conduct v. Swoll and Brad Armstrong

Swoll is a big dude. Konnan and Rey do their thing. Rey tries a Hoodie-Hoo….not much effect.

Swoll easily manhandles DO. He is mostly doing armbars etc. But he does have a wrestling background. Armstrong does the wrestling duties.Swoll levels him and gets the win.

** Not too bad.

Match 3: La Parka v. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie has some serious crowd support as he lays into La Parka. Parka reverses a whip into the corner but eats all corner. Eddie charges but is launched into the buckles. This time his charge connects with a lariat. He slides Parka to the floor. Eddie slingshots on top of him. Eddie struts a bit and runs Parka’s head into the steps. Back in the ring Eddie misses the slingshot dive. Parka struts but he is clotheslined and this time the dive connects.


Eddie works him over in the corner. But he walks right into an enzuguri and Parka cannot follow up fast enough and only gets a two count. Parka kicks him right in the ribs. A running kick. Eddie is whipped into the corner where is sandwiched. Parka puts him in a chinlock. The fans chant for Eddie as he bites Parka’s finger in order to free himself. He follows up with a spinning backbreaker. But Eddie is knocked to the floor and Parka uses the end of the chair, driving it into his gut. He runs his head into it and then measures him for a big kick to the head. Back in the ring he gets a two count. He works over the neck in a kind of clutch. The ref warns him off. Parka chops him in the chest and then uses the ropes to choke him out. Parka goes up top and misses the moonsault. Eddie does not miss the Frog Splash.

***1/2 Another great match!

Savage is pacing and cursing looking at his phone. He wants a phone call. Nash calls and he is getting a massage. He will kill Nash if he touches her. Macho is cursing over and over and Nash gives him 30 minutes to get to a phone booth and Savage has no idea where it is. Now he has 15 minutes. Nash talks to the girl and Savage wants to know who he is talking too and is freaking out and will be there in 15 minutes despite not knowing where he is going. He curses some more as Nash drinks wine!

Match 3: Lucha’s v. Rednecks

Damian, Silver King, El Dandy, Villano.

Rednecks have controlled most of the match. Dandy finally drops Hennig and now everyone is in the ring. It remains broken down for the final two minutes. Kendall gets the win with a bulldog.


Macho has found the phone. He is on a cell phone. Macho is screaming and Nash wants him to get decaffeinated. Nash tells him that his girl is strong. Macho is freaking out and Nash is giving him more random directions. Macho does not like his games. Nash will be there when he is ready. Macho does not like that and is cursing up a storm!

Brad Armstrong is doing some Road Dogg.

Match 4: Blitzkrieg v. Rey Mysterio Jr.

They tussle back and forth for a bit and Blitz gets two after a spinning backbreaker. Rey follows up with a spinning headscissors, sending him to the floor and then he strikes with a baseball slide.

Cruiserweight Title is on the line. I forgot he was the champ!

Rey leaps right into the powerbomb and Blitz strikes with a springboard moonsault. Blitz hits two standing moonsaults and gets two. He keeps him grounded with a chinlock. Blitz keeps after him and works him over. He misses the knee drop off the springboard. Rey shoots him into the corner where he splashes him. Blitz regains the offensive and he is choked out in the corner. Blitz has him up for a powerbomb but helps Rey take himself over the top rope and he crashes to the floor. Blitz is on the apron and Rey is inside the ring and the former goes up top and leaps right into a dropkick. Blitz is slammed and nearly pinned. Blitz reverses a whip into a chop and then flies into a cartwheel back flip thingy and misses. Bronco Buster time! Rey places him up top and gets the win after the Frankensteiner from the top!

***1/2 Another solid match. It is like Christmas.

A limo pulls up and Savage wants him to get out. They are in a sketchy part of town. Savage does not like being treated like an idiot just waiting for him. Nash talks about his girl and Savage proclaims him a dead man. Nash has already gone to Heaven!! Savage is not too happy. A dude is walking over and Nash tells him to get back. I think it is Sid, it is. Nash wants the belt and Savage tells Sid to go and get it. Sid charges and misses by a mile. He is tossed onto the hood. Savage waits, like an idiot and he too is plastered. But Sting runs over and breaks a bat over him. They find a girl in the trunk and after stomping on Nash a bit more put her in the Hummer and take off.

Match 6: Rick Steiner (c) v. Buff Bagwell for WCW TV Title

Rick does his thing about bite me on the mic. Buff gets cheers as Rick flips off the crowd. Buff though has his back turned and gets clobbered from behind and tossed to the floor. He peels back the mats and piledrives him right into the concrete. Buff eats the safety rail and Rick breaks the count before driving Buff into it again. Back in the ring Buff counters with a dropkick. He kicks him and then strikes with a swinging neckbreaker but leaps right onto some knees.


Buff is out on the floor and he Rick is using his chain to choke him out. Rick stomps away. Buff is rolled back into the ring and put in a chinlock. Rick is using the ropes for leverage. Rick is keeps after him with a chinlock and choke hold. Rick gets a one count. Buff is up and elbows out of the chinlock. Steiner is rocked by a flurry and he is slammed and then clotheslined. Buff dances around and right into a boot. Rick hangs him upside down into the corner and then places him up top but is knocked back. Buff calls for the Blockbuster. David Flair runs down and tazes Buff and Rick gets the win.

**1/2 Decent brawl.

Savage is driving along in the Hummer and they stop and he gets out and he asks if George is okay and it is Torrie. Savage is really pissed and wonders if he is being ribbed. He yells at her and Torrie mocks him saying Nash is much smarter than he thinks he is.

****1/2 I really liked this show. A lot of wrestling. Clean finishes. Great stuff. Now Buff losing again….as long as it leads somewhere but I question that. I liked the Savage vignettes. I thought they were really good, a bit convoluted but it shows Savage as really unstable. I hope Nitro follows through with a great show….

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