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WWF Superstars 4/29/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Des Moines, IA

1.) Psycho Sid defeated Aldo Montoya
2.) Allied Powers defeated the Brooklyn Brawler & Black Phantom
3.) Hakushi defeated Kwang
4.) Jean Pierre Laffite defeated Gary Scott
5.) Bret Hart defeated Jimmy Del Ray

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. So, they make Aldo Montoya come across a little stronger and then send him into a match with the new top heel in the company. I’m not sure what a squash here really does to help Sid since Aldo is virtually a jobber in the fans eye. Montoya hit a top rope cross body early on and sends Sid to the floor. On the floor, Sid catches Aldo and drops him across the apron. Sid finishes Aldo off rather quickly with a powerbomb. (*. A quick match and expected as Sid is being presented as a monster in the company.)

2. A vignette with Hunter Hearst Helmsley is aired. Hunter is playing the smug role extremely well.

3. Hakushi didn’t waste any time going after Kwang. Hakushi worked over Kwang with a series of kicks to the chest, but Kwang fought back with several of his own. Hakushi regained control after a distraction by his manager. A handspring back elbow in the corner by Hakushi. Kwang avoids a somersault leg drop attempt. That allows Kwang to deliver a series of chops. Hakushi is sent into the ropes and driven down to the canvas with a side slam. The fans are giving Kwang a rather good babyface reaction. Kwang hits the corner missing a spinning heel kick and Hakushi takes advantage by hitting a senton splash from the top to win the match. (**. A good pace match that saw these two put together an enjoyable five minute match. I can’t complain with it. This would be Kwang’s final appearance but the man playing the role would be back on television in just a few weeks.)

4. A vignette promoting the debut of Man Mountain Rock is aired. He was previously known as Maxx Payne in WCW.

5. Early on, Hart controls Del Ray by yanking Jimmy out of the corner and delivering a head butt to the lower midsection area. Hart blocks a side kick and takes Del Ray down to the mat. Hart atomic drops Del Ray after catching Jimmy in midair. Gigolo hits a suplex and taunts the fans instead of following up on Hart. Del Ray comes off the top rope but misses a great looking moonsault. Bret hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Bret continues his offense with a back breaker and a forearm drop from the middle rope for a near fall. Bret blocks a monkey flip in the corner and locks in the Sharpshooter to win the match. (**. Another decent little five minute match though Del Ray was clearly presented as being inferior to Hart with Bret countering nearly all of his moves, but in this instance that’s acceptable considering it is Bret Hart. A fun little TV main event for a main event star.)

6. Next week, the debut of Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Plus, the WWF World Tag Team Champions Yokozuna and Owen Hart take on The New Headshrinkers.

7. Bret Hart tells us that he will confront Jerry Lawler on Monday Night RAW!

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the show with there being three matches involving talents that aren’t jobbers. Hakushi/Kwang was the best of the three with the fans clearly caring about the Bret squash match. Looks like next week is a strong show as well.

Thanks for reading.


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