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WWF Superstars 5/13/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Des Moines, IA

1.) Razor Ramon defeated Todd Becker
2.) Rad Radford defeated Jerry Lynn
3.) Doink the Clown defeated the Brooklyn Brawler
4.) Men on a Mission defeated Buck Zumhoff & Tommy Ferrara
5.) WWF World Champion Diesel defeated Henry Godwinn to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Bam-Bam Bigelow shared some pre-tape comments about Ted DiBiase. He says giving 100% for DiBiase wasn’t enough. Bigelow wanted to quit the Million Dollar Corporation anyway when he got fired. Bigelow promises that everyone in the Corporation will be dealt with.

2. This is the debut of Rad Radford in the WWF. He didn’t have any vignettes and has a grudge looker to him. He comes out to music that the Headbangers would have two years later. Yes, Jerry Lynn is the same guy from ECW fame. Radford manages to win his first match with a northern lights suplex.

3. Another vignette promoting the debut of Skip and Sunny who are yelling at the overweight WWF fans.

4. Diesel starts the match working over Godwinn’s arm with a few elbow strikes until Henry reaches the ropes. Diesel comes off the ropes and drops Henry with a leaping clothesline. Diesel continues his offense with two running clotheslines into the corner and hits Godwinn with elbow and knee strikes in the corner. Godwinn clotheslines Diesel to the floor to gain advantage in the title match. Henry rams Diesel back first into the apron a few times. Godwinn drives Diesel back first into the ring post and slams the champion on the floor. Back in the ring, Henry scoop slams the champ and nearly wins after an elbow drop. Diesel blocks a right hand with a knee lift. Henry slams Diesel face first into the canvas for a two count. Henry is trying to get a submission with a camel clutch but Diesel is refusing to give in. We see Sid watching the mathc backstage and he yells as the cameraman to leave. Henry keeps cutting Diesel off on his comebacks as we go to commercial. Diesel gets to his feet with Henry on his shoulders and drops Godwinn with an electric chair slam. Diesel drives Henry down with a side slam but can’t get a three on the cover. Diesel drops Henry face first across the top turnbuckle. Henry comes off the ropes and walks into a big boot. Diesel hits a powerbomb and wins the match. (**1/2. A good TV match that saw Henry get a lot of offense in against the champ. It has been awhile since I’ve seen Diesel compete with so much energy and not being otherwise lazy. It sure was odd seeing Diesel get beaten down by Godwinn, though.) After the match, Ted DiBiase and Sid come out to the aisle way. Diesel is telling Sid to come down to the ring to square off but Sid just rapidly blinks and gives a crazy stare from a distance.

5. Ray Rougeau talks to WWF World Champion Diesel backstage. However, there is zero sound. Instead, Dox Hendrix translates for us and says that Diesel admits to being scared and admits that Sid will beat him. Hendrix does a hilarious job doing that.

Final Thoughts:
A good show before In Your House. Radford surely does have some talent and could be a good hand in the ring. Bigelow’s face turn is in the early stages, so it’s hard to see how he will get over with the fans. Last couple of shows for Superstars have been entertaining.

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