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WWF RAW 10/4/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

First RAW without Russo. Let’s see what happens. Ratings dipped but still were a 5.9 across the board while Nitro fell to a 2.9.

Road Dogg comes down and the hot crowd gets hotter as he riles them up.

Match 1: New Age Outlaws (c) v. X Pac and Kane v. Holly’s v. Acolytes for WWF Tag Titles

Gunn takes out Hardcore and press slams him and after a neckbreaker gets two. Hardcore runs him over but is tossed to the floor and Gunn goes out after him and is whipped into the steps and the Hollys and Outlaws are brawling and are both counted out. Not for tag titles…..What the fuck is it with elimination tag matches right now. Most have sucked too.

Pac is getting annihilated by Farooq and after a backbreaker is nearly pinned. Bradshaw in in and misses a short-armed clothesline and Pac dorps him with an enzuguri. Pac did not want to make the tag and so Kane runs in anyway and takes out both Acolytes. All four are going at it and the ref lets it go. So much for enforcement. Bronco Buster and then a chokeslam. Farooq is covered by Kane but Pac is covered by Bradshaw after the Clotheslines from Hell. Acolytes win.

** Disappointing. Oh, Pac and Kane are having a lover’s quarrel again. Stupid.

Bulldog is walking in the back.

After the break he comes out and is called an asshole by the crowd. He yells at Vince and wonders why his daughter is there with wrestlers. Davey would never do that to his daughter. He is also pissed about Vince turning his country against him but he does not give a damn about them or this country. All he cares about is the WWF title. He is facing the Rock at the PPV and will then get his title shot. Chyna comes out. Jesus, is she a face or heel? She makes dog jokes and challenges him. Bulldog thinks that is amusing. She repeats the challenge and will see him tonight.

Mankind is knocking on the Rock’s dressing room door. Rock is on the phone as Mankind pours his heart out about breaking up the Rock and Sock and Rock is still on the phone and then wonders who Mankind is talking to and calls him half retarded.

Hayes is with a distraught Test who talks about her concussion. Hayes asks about the wedding and Test responds that she does not even recognize him.

Moolah and Mae are attacking Ivory pulling off her clothes and they are finally pulled off.

Mankind talks to Stevie Richards and he does not want Rock to have that look of loss again after the break up. He then briefly brings up Steph and hopes she is okay.

Terri bounces down. She looks like a troll. A strangely hot one.

Match 2: Edge and Christian v. Hardyz

Edge and Christian assault them from the get go, and Matt is doubleteamed and flapjacked. Christian gets two. Jeff runs in and is backdropped. Now Jeff is slammed by both and nearly pinned. Jeff is up and reverses the whip, and the fight spills to the floor and Jeff slide kicks Edge as Matt pounds him. Edge is rolled back into the ring and now he is doubleteamed. Matt gets two. Edge is thrust into the corner and pummeled with punches and kicks. Matt gets the tag and unloads on him too and drops him throat first on the top rope and gets two. Jeff goes up top and hits the swanton after a suplex from Matt. Jeff gets two and whips Edge into the ropes but misses the dive as Edge ducked. Matt is tagged in and prevents Edge from doing the same. Matt springs into a boot and now Christian gets the hot tag and unloads on both but he is nailed and rolled up. He kicks out and now all are going at it. Edge spears Matt in mid air as he was leaping off the top and gets the win.

**1/2 Much better than last weeks. But the ending was a bit muffed as the spear looked awkward.

HHH is strolling in the back.

Pac screams that he is going to prove to everyone that he belongs. Four corners match at the PPV. Who cares.

HHH has come out, and in 13 days Austin will stand in the center of the ring, face to face one more time. Austin will see the fire in his eyes, the same fire he saw when HHH laid his ass out. HHH threatens Austin some more. HHH wants JR in the ring to do the interview and promises not to hurt him, and apologizes for what he did; he is in control this time. HHH gets him a chair and sits him down and they roll some footage. It says RAW: Last Friday. I did not know there was a RAW on Friday. The interview was with Austin and JR and the former is rehabbing but will be ready to kick his ass. HHH knows that JR and Austin are close and assures JR that it is okay to tell the truth and wants to know how Austin feels about him. JR responds that Austin thinks he is an asshole. HHH soaks in the boos and agrees that is probably the case. HHH knows that he is the champ and man and wants to know what JR thinks of him. JR thinks he is a sorry, lowdown, SOB. HHH clotheslines him off the chair and kicks him in the gut and throws in some stomps for fun. HHH is taunting him as he stomps on him and finally some refs intercept him as he attempts to drill JR with a chair.

Terry Taylor is with JJ, Ivory and Kitty and they are accepting a challenge from Mae and Moolah.

Mankind is playing poker with some workers.

Match 3: JJ and Ivory v. Moolah and Mae Young

JJ shoves Kitty into the old bags and heads the announce table and just wants the women to beat each other as he discusses the demerits of women. Kitty escapes and tags in Ivory. Kitty is back in and we get a lot of panty shots as she is pinnned by Moolah.


Ivory beats up Moolah. JJ gets in the ring and argues with Kitty and so he shoves her back and puts her in the Figure Four!

Mankind is getting some make up on. Maybe those were actors he was playing cards with as they leave with him.

GTV: Droz is puking in D’Lo’s bag, I am not fucking kidding….that shit fucking happened.

Here comes Mankind and they are “B” list actors. Never heard of the show. The show is G v. E or some shit. Mankind hypes them up and then talks about how he does not like getting his testes touched by Val and he never did like it even when he was an Altar Boy! He sends them to the floor and wants a composition played and the crowd can guess who it is. Here comes the Rock! Rock berates him for last week, and for losing his jacket. He is about to say something about the Rock and Sock, but Mankind cuts him off by saying he knows that Rock did not want Rock and Sock to break up. Mankind thought long and hard and he wants to work on the legendary status of their tag team. He does not want to go down in history as a three time champ and Hardcore legend or the guy who flew off the top of the Cell. He wants to be known as one half of the Rock and Sock Connection and the fans chant it after Mankind starts it. He is sad about the postponement of Test’s and Steph’ wedding but the crowd gets one right here. Rock is irate that Mankind propositioned and does not want his poontang pie, and Mankind responds that he is no Biology major but he has no poontang pie. Rock silences him and gets the crowd to chant his name. Mankind does not want to be like other tag teams and keeps using Skip and Zip as an example. He wants to be like the Three Musketeers, and this sets off the Rock about swords and right before he tells him to stick it up his ass Jericho comes out! The fans fucking EXPLODE! Damn. Jericho thinks that Rock should accept the marriage proposal from this retard and he could be the woman! He makes fun of the Rock’s effiminate habits, and his excessive fixation on sticking objects up male anus! They can join together and ride off into the sunset so they never waste the time of all the Jericholics again. The fans chant for the Rock and here comes a fan who stands in the ring and Mankind takes him down and they pan away to Jericho who smiles and states “case and point” and Rock finally responds for Jericho to keep his dad out of the ring, and tells Jericho to know his role. Rock makes fun of Jericho for being down South and beating Jabronis named Juventud. Jericho yelps that he took off his mask! Announcers act like he does not know who Juve is….Rock does his thing and finally gets down to the nuts and bolts and he has nothing to do tonight and so he will go one on one with the great one. He has 20 minutes and he means, and Mankind finishes for him and is told to never to do that again!

Holy shit that promo was four hours long.

Mankind is with Stevie and those two will have a go as a team or against each other. Dudleyz run in and destroy both.

Match 4: British Bulldog v. Chyna

Um, Chyna mauls him for a minute. JJ runs in and blasts her with a giant coffee pot and leaves. He told Chyna that women have no place in the WWF and he places her over his shoulder and gives HHH ten seconds to come out and give his title shot or he will plant her ass. He counts to four and plants her anyway!


Dudley’s talk about not stealing the jacket as they found in the trash. Devon has a commandment and that is to not mess with them.

Match 5: Mankind and Stevie Richards v. Dudley Boyz

JR comes down and heads to the announce table.

The Boyz get pummeled and here comes Val Venis and he is pulling Rocko out of his pants making it look like a penis. Mankind heads after him and they fight on the stage. Dudley’s come up and assault Mankind. The fight heads back to the ring and Val is on the announce table. Mankind goes after him but gets blindsided by Devon and destroyed by Val. Back in the ring all four are going at it. Mankind plants Bubba Ray and clotheslines Devon to the floor. Val gets on the apron and gets Socko. Stevie is finished by the Dudley Deathdrop. Now Mankind is assaulted, but he ducks the double clothesline and DDT’s both men. Val has Rocko and leaves.

*1/2 Wrestling sure sucks ass tonight.

Vince has arrived….after the break he comes to the ring. He does not want Davey to apologize to him or the fans but to Steph and demands him to come down. Bulldog comes out and refuses to apologize as it was Vince’s fault. Vince challenges him right now, but Bulldog begs off and declares that no one can beat him and Vince is lucky that he has taken the rest of the night off and leaves.

Jericho is walking in the back.

Now the Rock.

Match 6: Rock v. Chris Jericho

Rock mocks Hughes and Jericho and is going to stick something but their asses.

As Jericho comes out Hughes assaults the Rock from behind and Jericho runs down and stomps a hole in him. Jericho sandwiches him in the corner and kicks him in the chest over and over as Rock sags in the corner but he has had enough and explodes out with a lariat. Jericho is run headfirst into two corners and then smacked around. Jericho returns the favor and drops him with a spinning heel kick. He suplexes the Rock and places his foot on the Rock getting two. Rock blocks a blow and fires back but is kicked and given a double-armed backbreaker. Jericho gets two and applies a rear chinlock. Rock is up and back suplexes Jericho. He hammers him but Hughes trips him up and Jericho takes him down and places him in the Walls! Rock finally gets to the ropes but falls to the floor. Jericho flies into him and knocks Rock over the barrier and heads after him. Rock attacks and clotheslines him back over. He goes for a whip but Jericho counters with a short-armed clothesline. He uses a cable to choke him out. The lights go out and there is a spotlight in the ring, and Jericho wallops the Rock with the bell and gets two. Rock is whipped into the corner and Jericho misses and now Rock unloads on him with a flurry of rights and sprinkles in some stomps. He follows up with a DDT and Hughes pulls out the ref, and now the lights are back on. Jericho and Rock collide and both are down. Curtis slides a chair to Jericho but both are still down. Both are up and Jericho goes for the Rock but is caught and Rock Bottomed onto the chair and then decks Hughes. Elbow time! It is over.

*** Good match. Not sure why they jobbed out Jericho like that. I see they were trying to repeat the Goldberg situation, perhaps. Not as well done that is for sure as that teased out for a bit at least before the shitty conclusion. This could have been built for months and then settled at a PPV. Bad move. If anything save the match or have a DQ or get Jericho over with a cheap win.

Bulldog comes out and he and the Rock go at it. Bulldog makes to leave but is kicked and rolled in by an angry Vince…..

** Disappointing. No more Russo, I think last week was his last. You can tell they are scrambling with the wedding and the asinine Jericho loss. Not that it matters that he loses but it should have been saved. The long promo near the end was funny but far too long. In fact RAW was a bit disjointed but I am sure they will settle down. Hopefully.


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