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WWF Smackdown 10/25/2001


We start with video from last night, when Vince announced the WWF vs. Alliance, winner-takes-all match at Survivor Series. Then we get video of Tajiri winning the Cruiserweight Belt, then Angle and the US Title, Bradshaw and the European Title, and finally Jericho and Rock winning the WWF Tag Titles.

Alliance Interview
-The video rolls and the pyro explodes, and we are underway LIVE form Omaha, Nebraska. Shane’s music hits, and he leads Steph, Regal and the rest of the Alliance out to the ring. Last night, in this very ring, Shane’s own mother had the audacity to call him a wuss. Who does that bitch think she’s talking to? He is the owner of WCW. Would a wuss put everything on the line at Survivor Series in one match? It’s all about control. That one match will determine if the Alliance or the WWF is in control, and when the Alliance is victorious, then the WWF will either be working for them, or they’ll have to retire. But until then, they will not allow the Alliance to fall apart. What happened last night is unacceptable. They didn’t lose one, two, or even three Title, but four Championships. They need momentum on their side. One thing he has learned form his parents is the concept of tough love. Let’s start with Billy Kidman. Last night, he lost the Cruiserweight Title to Tajiri. Kidman shrugs. What was he thinking? Shane smacks Kidman down, and Regal stomps away on him. Shane orders the Alliance to beat him down and then toss him from the ring. Shane screams about tought love, when Chuck Palumbo tears the mic from Shane’s hand. This isn’t right, Palumbo explains. They’re trying to boost moral. Steph pulls the mic from Palumbo and asks who the hell Chuck thinks he is. If it weren’t for Shane, Palumbo wouldn’t even have a job! What has Palumbo done with his opportunity? Nothing. That’s what Palumbo is: nothing. And since tonight is for action… he’s fired! Steph fires Palumbo and demands he leave her ring. Shane announces that the HurriSignal is calling Hurricane front and center. Helms lost the European Championship to Bradshaw. To quote the Hurricane: wassupwitdat?!? More importantly, what’s up with this? Shane goes to smack Shane, but Helms blocks the punch. Again, everyone beats him down and tosses him from the ring. Now, to the US Championship… Rhyno comes out and gets ready to Gore Shane. Shane tells everyone to back up. Shane says that he just wants to tell Rhyno that he’s pathetic. It’s pathetic that he lost to Kurt Angle. He disgusts Shane. As of this moment forward, Rhyno is indefinately suspended! Shane forces Rhyno out of the ring and to the back to serve his suspension. Steph introduces the Dudleys and makes them step forward. Everyone knows that she has no love for the Rock, but she absolutely hates Chris Jericho. Last night, the two of them had the opportunity to take out both of these hated men. And what did they do? They lost. Not only did they lose a match, they lost the WWF Tag Titles. And Shane has one thing to say about that: Get The Dudleys! The ring erupts in a brawl, with the Alliance members beating the hell out of the Dudleys and knocking them from the ring. They set up a table outside, when the glass breaks and Stone Cold storms down the ramp! Austin walks right by the Dudleys and enters the ring, showing off his newly retained belt to the fans. Austin demands everyone to leave his ring, except Stephanie, Regal and Shane. What the hell is going on here? What does Steph think she’s doing? What does Shane think he’s doing? Taking care of business, Shane says. They have the Alliance fighting amongst each other and that’s business? Austin demands that Steph shut up and Regal get off his back. Going into Survivor Series, they don’t need anyone fighting. They need unity. He stops and checks his watch. It says that it’s time for Stone Cold to once again lead the Alliance to greatness. Austin successfully defends his Title, goes away for one day, and they lose four belts. That’s pathetic. Austin says that RVD won his match, but he didn’t impress anyone. He barely squeaked past the Big Show, and frankly, he sucked. Austin says that, tonight, they’re going to take back what is theirs. They will start with the WCW Title of Chris Jericho. That mealy-mouthed bastard makes Austin sick, and he will go on record as saying that if he didn’t have those twelve stapels in his head, he would personally win that Title back. But instead, he asks who will step forward and take on Chris Jericho. He’s sick of everyone brownnosing him for titleshots and not coming through. So tonight, there will be an Alliance Battle Royal tonight, with the winner facing Jericho tonight for the WCW Title. Since Austin can’t officially make the match, he is relying on Regal to make it official. Regal agrees. Then it’s settled. Every man for himself, and the winner had better kick Jericho’s ass. That’s the bottom line, because the WWF Champion said so! Fade Out.

Alliance Battle Royal
-Austin tells everyone to catch their breath, and then Shane calls for the bell, and the Battle Royal is underway! It’s an all out brawl… um, Hurricane is elimated! JC works on Kanyon, while Booker and Test double up on Tazz. There’s a whole heap of people on the other side of the ring, , with Hugh Morrus and Stevie double teaming on RVD. Booker beats on Lance Storm in the corner, while Chavo and Tommy Dreamer go at it on the side. Tazz tosses Stevie Richards over the top, but then D-Von knocks the celebrating Tazz over. Spinning heel kick to Storm by RVD, but BuhBuh takes him down. BuhBuh and Morrus try to get RVD over the top, while JC and Storm work on Kanyon, but neither man goes over. Scoop slam to JC, and Hugh Morrus hits the No Luahging Matter, only to be flapjacked by D-Von. Booker T tosses JC over the top, but RVD starts going after the star. 3D to Morrus, who is soon eliminated. Raven and Tommy work on Storm in the corner, while the Dudleys work on Booker and RVD. Test eliminates somebody and goes to help his teammate Booker T. Chavo, Raven, and Kanyon are all trying to get Miek Awesome over the top, but it just isn’t working. Superkick to Storm by Booker. Booker tosses Storm over the top, but Lance grabs the ropes and slides back in. Kanyon and Chavo battle up top, with Chavo hitting a missile dropkick, only to be eliminated by RVD. Booker and Test work on RVD, but D-Von takes Test to the corner for some choking. Awesome and Tommy are fihgint, as are Raven and BuhBuh, and Kanyon and Storm. Those are your final ten. Awesome picks up Tommy Dreamer and powerbombs him over the top through the table outside! The Dudleys take offense to him using their table and start beating him down. Aesome goes to do the same to RVD, but RVD floats over and superkicks Awesome over the top. Raven hits the Evenflow on Storm and tosses him over the top, while Booker and Test rest in the corner. Raven goes to work on BuhBuh, while Booker and Test beat on Kanyon, and D-Von and RVD battle. Jumping calf kick to Kanyon, then a few stomps from Booker. Test with a hard clothesline to Kanyon, but he boots Edge and goes up top , only to be punches out of the air. Pump handle slam by Test, who tehn tosses Kanyon over the top. Everyone grabs a little rest, while Booker and Test, The Dudleys, and RVD and Raven each talk strategy with each other in the corners. They looks around and run at each other, with Booker on RVD, Test on BuhBuh, and Raven on D-Von. Raven ducks D-Von and back body drops him over the top, but Test Boots him over. We’re down to just Test, Booker T and RVD. Booker whips RVD into the corner and RVD flips over the turnbuckle to get to the top, but Test Big Boots him off the apron! Booker runs and nails his partner in the back, knocking him off the apron as well! Booker T celebrates the victory, while Test looks at him, pissed off. Booker hits the Spinarronie in celebration of his victory. Fade Out.

A recap is shown of Booker T winning the Alliance battle royal.

Mighty Molly vs. Trish Stratus
-Molly poses for the crowd, allowing Trish to blind her with her own cape and push her down. Trish sidesteps Molly and tosses her to the outside. Baseball slide by Trish, and Molly hits the ground hard. Molly gets on the apron and shoulder thrusts into Trish, then nails a clothesline. Snap suplex by Molly, then a couple elbow drops. Snapmare by Molly and a punch in the face. Trish scores with the sunset flip, but Molly fights out and catapults Trish hard into the ropes. Falling neckbreaker by Molly, who goes up top and misses the 450 splash. Trish pops up and nails a couple clotheslines and a hard flapjack 1-2-shoulder up! Trish goes for the monkey flip in the corner, but Molly blocks and drops her, using the ropes to pin 1-2-kickout. Molly slams Trish’s face into the mat a few times. She whips Trish off the ropes and goes for the midscissor slam, but Trish counters into a hard bulldog 1-2-3!

In the back, Vince finds Linda and they discuss the changes taking place in the Alliance, when Jericho walks in. They congratulate him on the belts, but Vince talks about tonight. Jericho has no alternative but to win tonight, or else things might never, ever be the same again. Vince says that Jericho has let him down before, just don’t do it tonight. Vince walks off to find Rock. Jericho tells Vince to say hi to the Rock for him. Fade Out.

Earlier today, Foley came into Regal’s office again, and set up his section of the desk, when Christian came in and talked about all the stuff Kurt Angle said about him. He’s had a rough week, but he realy wants a US Title match tonight. Regal says that Christian deserves it and makes the match.

In the back, Tazz has Nidia backed against the wall, and he thanks her for costing him his match against Maven. He starts going off on her about not being able to cut it. Al steps in front and talks about how Tazz tried to bully everyone on Tough Enough. Let’s see him try to bully Al tonight. Al tells Tazz that he had better not bully any of his kids again.

In the back, Vince finds Rock in his dressing room. Vince asks for a favor. He knows that Rock bleeds WWF, and they must gel for Survivor Series. So tonight, he needs Rock to rip out the heart of the Alliance: RVD. A victory over RVD would send the Alliance into a tailspin. RVD is the only thing they have going for them tonight, so if Rock wins the Hardcore Title, the Alliance will be down and out. Rock is looking forward to a match like that, but he has one question: does Vince really think Rock winning will make that big a difference for him? Vince says that it will. Rock says that Vince can wipe a monkey’s ass with what he thinks. Rock sends Vince out of the room. Fade Out.

Booker T vs. Chris Jericho [WCW Title Match]
-Booker comes out first, then the Y2J Countdown hits 0.00 and out comes the Ayatollah. Shoulder block by Jericho to start, then a crossbody and some mounted punches. Chops by Jericho. Booker goes for the jumping calf kick, but lands on the ropes. Jericho with a springboard dropkick to send Booker outside. On the outside, Jericho rams Booker into the talbe and the barrier, but Booker flapjacks him onto the railing. Booker rams Jericho groin-first into the ringpost and tosses him into the ring. Back inside, Jericho chops away on Booker, but Booker nails him with a spinning heel kick 1-2-shoulder up. Chops by Booker. Both men come off the ropes and both go for the flying forearm, hitting each other and knocking the other down. Chops by Jericho and a back elbow, then a shoulder block and a snapmare. Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but Booker rolls away. Flapjack by Booker, followed with the Spinarronie. He looks for the Book End, but Jericho spins and hits a Northern Lights Suplex 1-2-kickout. Jericho looks for the Walls, but can’t get it, so he catapults Booker into the ringpost. He hits the Lionsault, but Booker gets his knees up in time. Vicious whiplash slam by Booker 1-2-shoulder up! Jericho floats over a back suplex and rolls up a stunned Booker T 1-2-3!

Kurt Angle vs. Christian [US Title Match]
-Christian…Christian! At last, you’re making your way down the ramp for a US Title shot! Er, I mean… Christian hops into the ring, while U.S. Champion, and Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle makes his way out. They pound away on each other to start, with Angle chopping away on Christian. Christian reverses and pounds on Angle, who hits a fireman’s carry and a drop toehold into the Anglelock, but Christian gets to the ropes. On the outside, Angle chops away on Christian and then breaks the count. He slams Christian’s head into the stairs and then chops away some more. Back in the ring, Christian attacks the entering Angle, but Kurt hits a back body drop. Chops in the corner by Angle, but Christian gets up a big boot, only to be hit wtih a belly-belly 1-2-shoulder up. Christian low blows Angle and hits the driving reverse backbreaker, followed with some mounted punches. Stomps by Christian and a boot choke. Christian with a powerslam 1-2-kickout. Christian locks in a sleeper, but Kurt uses the fans to elbow out, only for Christian to clothesline him back down. Mounted punches by Christian 1-2-shoulder up. Angle awakens and starts throwing punches, but Christian again locks in the sleeper. Angle turns it into one of his own, but Christian jawbreakers out and hits a dropkick 1-2-shoulder up! Christian again goes to the sleeper, and again Kurt uses his repore with the fans and his heart to fight out. Angle rams Christian, but Christian moves and Angle nails the ringpost. Christian rolls him up and uses the ropes, but still can only get a two count. Angle clotheslines Christian down, then again. Angle picks Christian up and tilt-a-whirl slams him down 1-2-shoulde rup. Belly-belly by Angle. He goes for another, but Christian floats around for the Unprettier, but Angle drops low and trips up Christian into the AngleLock for the submission victory!

In the back, Austin tells Booker how that match made him sick. Booker took advantage of a situation tonight, and now he’s going on to face Y2J. Austin’s watch is telling him that it’s time for Booker T to become the six-time WCW Champion. The watch tells him that it’s time for someone to step forward and be a real son of a bitch. Booker digs that. Fade Out.

In the back, Foley celebrates Jericho’s victory and goes back to his game of Twister, telling Foley that Al Snow is going to do the same to Tazz next. Fade Out.

Tazz vs. Al Snow
-Tazz attacks Snow just as he enters and chops away on him, but the Snowman reverses and starts kicking away on Tazz. Head-and-leg suplex by Tazz, who starts clubbing away on Snow’s neck. T-Bone suplex by Tazz, who goes for some chops, only to have Snow take him down with a clothesline and a dropkick. Scoop slam by Snow, who goes with the mounted punches. Al goes up top for the moonsault, but Tazz gets his legs up in time. He looks for the Tazzmission, but Snow blocks it and nails the Snowplow 1-2-3!

In the back, Vince and Linda celebrate, when Slaughter comes in, saying that Shane wants to meet Vince for a Street Fight in the parking lot right now. Vince thinks about it and says he’s been looking forward to this since WrestleMania. He and Sarge go off, making sure Linda stays put. Fade Out.

In the back, Rock congratulates Jericho on his win. Jericho says that he did his part for the WWF tonight, and he just wants to make sure the Rock does his part. Rock has the chance to win that prestigious Hardcore Title. That way, Rock could be like his partner Y2J, a double champion. Rock tells Jericho that he will always do his part for the WWF. Rock says that Jericho knows about hardcore matches, what with him needing chairs to get his wins.

Outside, Vince and Slaughter search for Shane, but he is nowhere to be found. Vince says that he can smell Shane, so he’ll just sit tight and wait for Shane to stop being such a wuss.

We cut to Linda, who is being confronted by Shane and Steph. Shane says that this Monday Vince can get his ass kicked, but right now, he has to deal with Linda. Shane grabs his mother by the arm and screams who the wuss is now. Linda slaps her son in the face. Shane holds his mother, and Steph gives her a slap that sends her to the floor. Fade Out.

During the break, Shane and Steph hopped in their limo and drove off.

We come back and Vince tries to find out what happened. Vince asks what happened to Linda’s face. Linda says that they were upset and Shane grabbed her and Steph slapped her. Vince can’t believe it. He has Sarge take Linda to the car, while he contemplates just what to do next.

Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz [WCW Tag Team Title Match]
-In the arena, the D-Bombs drop, and out come the Dudley Boys with their gal Stacy. The Hardys come out with Lita, and this Title match is ready to go. D-Von and Matt start off, with Matt scoring a headlock and a shoulder block. Falling fist to D-Von, who is able to tag in BuhBuh. BuhBuh gets elbowed back, and Matt hits a flying clothesline. Tag to Jeff. Double back bodydrop to BuhBuh, then a headscissors. Tag to Matt. BuhBuh whips Matt, and D-Von pulls down the ropes to send him flying outside. After a few cheap shots, they hit the Wassup Headbutt and D-Von tags in. Diving elbow by D-Von 1-2-kickout 1-2-kickout 1-kickout. Tag to BuhBuh. Double flapjack to Matt and D-Von tags right back in. BuhBuh goes second rope, but Matt flips over D-Von and pushes him into BuhBuh. Matt tosses BuhBuh off the top and crawls towards the corner to tag Jeff. Jeff goes up top and hits a double front dropkick. Cltoheslines and elbows to both Dudleys. Double legdrop to BuhBuh and the Whisper in the Wind to D-Von 1-2-broken by BuhBuh. Poetry in Motion to D-von, and Matt hits a neckbreaker to BuhBuh. Jeff dropkicks BuhBuh outside and they hit Poetry in Motion on D-Von. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on D-Von, while Jeff goes up top. Stacey gets up and does her ass shake in front of Matt. He gets mesmorizes, allowing BuhBuh to nail him into the ropes, thus ‘buckling Jeff. D-Von goes up and they hit a Super 3-D to Jeff from the top 1-2-3! The Dudleys win! Fade Out.

Rob Van Dam vs. Rock [WWF Hardcore Title Match]
-Rock starts with a sideheadlock, then after some go-behinds, RVD gets in one of his own. Shoulder block by RVD, but Rock hits an overhead belly-belly. Monkey flip by RVD, followed with Rolling Thunder 1-2-shoulder up. Rock sidesteps RVD and tosses him to the outside. They battle towards the ramp, with Rock slamming RVD’s face into the railing. They march up the rmp, with RVD throwing punch after punch. On the stage now, Rock hits a short clothesline to keep from being whipped over the edge. Rock runs at RVD, but gets a spinning heel kick for his troubles. Backflip splash by RVD 1-2-kickout. Rock slams RVD’s head into the stage, and he rolls down the ramp. Rock stomps him down and slams his head into the barrier. Rock goes under the ring and pulls out a chair, but RVD attacks and whips him hard into the ringpost. RVD tosses the chair and a trashcan into the ring, before kicking Rock in the face a few times. He gets another trashcan, but Rock attacks and whips him back into the ring. Inside, Rock pounds away on RVD, but RVD hits a standing dropkick to fall the Rock. RVD gets the chair and hits the running dropkick into it 1-2-shoulder up! RVD sets the trashcan in the turnbuckles, but Rock reverses the whip and cltoheslines RVD down. Rock takes the trash can, but gets Big booted. RVD goes up top, but Rock pulls him down onto the trashcan 1-2-shoulder up! RVD floats over Rock, who ducks an enziguri and locks in the SharpShooter. RVD tries to crawl towards the ropes, but Rock pulls him back to the center. Suddenly Shane, runs in from the crowd, pulls out Hebner and clotheslines Rock in the back. DDT to Rock, and Shane yells for RVD to get up. RVD goes up top and nails the Five Star Frog Splash. Shane rolls Hebner in as RVD crawls around in pain 1-2-shoulder up! It took too long! Shane gets back in and demands that Hebner leave the ring. Vince appears on the stage, and he cahses Shane out of the ring, back through the production set-up. Meanwhile in the ring, RVD grabs the chair and toses it to Rock. Rock ducks the Van Daminator and DDTs RVD onto the chair! Rock finally rolls over to cover 1-2-kickout! Test runs in and hits the Pump Handle Slam on Rock. He waits to hit the Big Boot, allowing Jericho to run down and bulldog him. Jeicho clotheslines Test out of the ring, but an entering Booker T scissor kicks him out of the ring. Rock attacks Booker and knocks him out of the ring, then hits the spinebuster on RVD. Rock tosses the pads to the crowd and goes for the People’s Elbow, but Booker trips him and nails him in the head with the trashcan. RVD rolls up the stunned Rock 1-2-3! Booker and Test hit the ring, taking out their frustrations on the WWF Tag Team Champions. Rock awakes and spinebusters Booker T, while Jericho hits a facebuster on Test. Rock Bottom to Booker T! Booker and Test escape the ring, but not after already costing the Rock the Hardcore Title. End Show.

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