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WWF Smackdown 9/27/2001


Dayton, Ohio
September 27, 2001

The Undertaker and Kane defended their WCW Tag Team Championship against Booker T and Test as the Sept. 27 episode of SmackDown! kicked off from Dayton, Ohio! Kane looked to have the match won after a chokeslam on Test, but Shane McMahon pulled referee Nick Patrick out of the ring just as the ref was about to count to three. Undertaker gave Shane a right hand for his troubles! Moments later, Test and Kane battled into the crowd, while Booker and Taker fought it out in the ring, where Patrick was soon knocked out. Shane then handed Booker a chair, but Taker ducked and countered with a chokeslam! As Taker prepared for the Last Ride, Shane floored him with a vicious chairshot. But Taker recovered and hit Shane with the Last Ride! But right after hitting the Boy Wonder with the Last Ride, Booker smashed a chair over Taker’s head and covered him, and Test and Booker T became WCW Tag Team Champions!

During the break, Shane McMahon left the arena in a limo along with Nick Patrick, Booker T and Test.

Lilian Garcia interviewed Commissioner William Regal, who said he had a big announcement to make. Regal said that since Shane was wielding his power as WCW owner, Regal would be exercising his power as World Wrestling Federation commissioner — so he made a match for SmackDown! with the Dudley Boyz defending the Federation Tag Team Championship against Kurt Angle and The Rock!

Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam and U.S. Champion Rhyno were talking in the locker room about Stone Cold Steve Austin, when Kanyon came in and said he’d heard that the Rattlesnake had trashed his hotel room after Unforgiven! Kanyon then thanked RVD for his advice on Monday night and for being there.

In tag action, the Hardy Boyz — accompanied by Lita — took on Rhyno and Kanyon. Kanyon continued his flirtation with Lita during the match. At one point, he went to kiss her, but she hung him up on the top rope, and Matt then finished him off with a Twist of Fate to give the Hardys a pinfall win.

X-Pac barged into the commissioner’s office and said he wanted a rematch against the commish, after Regal had defeated him on RAW. Regal said that X-Pac would instead be facing Big Show on SmackDown!

A limo pulled into the arena, and Paul Heyman questioned if it was Stone Cold … but it was actually Christian, the Intercontinental Champion! As he walked into the arena, a kid asked him for his autograph, and Christian said no way!

In a battle of David vs. Goliath, the Big Show took on X-Pac, who was accompanied to ringside by Albert. The Big Show used his 300-pound weight advantage to manhandle X-Pac, leading Albert to interfere on more than one occasion. Ultimately, Big Show caught X-Pac in midair and chokeslammed him for the pinfall win.

After the bout, Albert kicked attacked Show, and Spike Dudley ran down to the ring and gave Albert the Dudley Dogg! X-Pac then snuck up behind Spike and knocked him out cold with a title belt.

RVD was stretching in his locker room when Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley entered. RVD said that maybe she should knock next time! Stephanie said she had a philosophy that once just wasn’t enough, and RVD said he had heard that about her! Stephanie said she had made a Hardcore Title rematch between RVD and Chris Jericho for SmackDown!, and that she would once again be in his corner. RVD said that after what happened on Monday, she shouldn’t do him any favors — and Stephanie said she happened to be very good at doing favors!

The Rock and Kurt Angle talked in the locker room about their match against the Dudleys later in the night, saying it was the first time the Federation Champion and the WCW Champion had ever teamed up. Rock congratulated Angle on his title win at Unforgiven. Angle suggested that after they won the Tag Championship that they should go out for some strudel — and The Rock said that he didn’t like strudel; he liked pie! Angle said that milk goes great with pie, and said he could really go for a couple of big jugs right now … of milk. In fact, Angle said he was going to head to the cafeteria and grab the first big jugs he could find!

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley provided color commentary for the Hardcore Championship match between Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho.

As RVD hit the ring, he questioned why Stephanie was at ringside, after he had asked her to stay in the back. The match was fast and furious, just like their first match at Unforgiven, and the fans chanted “RVD” and “Y2J” all the way through. RVD soon came off the top for a dropkick, but Jericho caught him and locked him in the Walls of Jericho. Stephanie then got in the ring and was about to nail Y2J with a chair, but Jericho caught the Billion-Dollar Princess and trapped her in the Walls of Jericho! That allowed RVD to nail Jericho with a savate kick. Y2J battled back, crushing Stephanie and the referee in the corner and hitting a bulldog onto a steel chair, and then nailing the Lionsault. But a groggy referee was unable to count the pinfall. Moments later, Jericho went for a flyinf forearm on RVD, but he ducked, and Y2J nailed Stephanie instead! RVD then snuck up behind Y2J and hit him with the Van Daminator, allowing him to score the pinfall win. After the match, a number of Alliance members ran to ringside to check on Stephanie, who seemed to be unconscious at ringside.

Moments later, Stephanie complained to the Alliance members backstage, sending some of them to get her water and then whining that she needed a specialist.

Edge arrived to the arena and said he wasn’t leaving until he found Christian and made every inch of Christian’s body look like the damage done to his eye at Unforgiven.

Elsewhere, a worried Christian watched the footage and ran out of his locker room.

Bradshaw was in the APA office when Christian entered and said he needed protection. Bradshaw pie-faced Christian to the floor, and said that he refused to protect someone who treated his brother like Christian did. He said he was going to go to Commissioner Regal and ask for an Intercontinental Championship match against Christian on SmackDown!

In women’s action, Molly Holly took on Ivory. The two women bumped heads, and Molly was knocked out cold. That allowed Ivory to score an easy pinfall. After the match, the trainer headed to the ring to help Molly, as did The Hurricane. Hurricane carried Molly off to the back, and out to his Hurri-mobile, where the two of them drove off!

Kurt Angle returned to The Rock’s dressing room and said he couldn’t find any jugs, but he had something better — a copy of his new book, “It’s True! It’s True!” Angle said that the best chapter in the book is the one about him beating Rock for the Federation Championship last year at No Mercy! Rock said he assumed that the chapter — or the two or three chapters — about the Great One winning the title back from Angle at No Way Out were also interesting. But Angle said there was just a paragraph somewhere in the book about it. Rock then sang a version of “SmackDown! Hotel,” and Angle improvised a song of his own about kicking Steve Austin’s ass!

Next up, Christian defended the Intercontinental Championship against Bradshaw. The men battled into the backstage area, where Christian jumped into a waiting limo, which began to speed off. Suddenly, the limo stopped, and Christian tried to get out of the limo, but someone kept pulling him back in. Finally Christian got away, and Edge got out of the limo and watched as his brother ran off.

The main event on SmackDown! was history in the making, as for the first time ever, the World Wrestling Federation Champion teamed up with the WCW Champion! Indeed, Kurt Angle and The Rock stood side-by-side as they attempted to take the Federation Tag Team Championship from the Dudley Boyz. Prior to the bout, Angle said he was glad he won the Federation Championship, but the more he thought about it, the more something didn’t seem right. He said that one of his three I’s was integrity, and he said he realized that when Stone Cold tapped out at Unforgiven, the Rattlesnake’s other hand was under the bottom rope. So he told Stone Cold that if he wanted him to give the title back — he could kiss Angle’s red, white and blue ass!

Right before the match began, another limo pulled in to the arena. Rock and Angle looked to have the match won with a double submission — Angle had Bubba Ray in the ankle lock, while Rock had D-Von in the sharpshooter — until Shane, Booker and Test ran to the ring, ending the bout in a disqualification.The members of the Alliance pounded on Rock and Angle, using their five-on-two attack their advantage. As the fight wore on, the Dudleys got a couple of tables, and put Rock and Angle each through one with two devastating 3-D’s! The Alliance celebrated their actions as SmackDown! went off the air.

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